Reposting WITHOUT Consent?

Let me just start off by saying…I’m a little upset. Unless you don’t want to see us stop posting, you better not post our content without credits. If we see ANYTHING else posted without credits and/or without consent, it is highly probably that we will STOP posting.

Perhaps I should just make it clear that ALL content on this site is copyrighted, whether it be our novel translations, our drama synopsises, or my english subs on YouTube. Thus, you should be crediting the right people and you should NOT be reposting full chapters that rightfully belong on this site.

We work very hard to make translations possible, so any copying or pasting of our content is not appreciated. If we find any duplicate chapters anywhere on the web, we will stop translating immediately. We do NOT appreciate people who copy/paste our content without thinking of the people who actually worked hard on it. Credits might not seem like a big deal, but to people who have worked hard and know how much time we take out of our lives to translate, this is a big deal because you are passing off the copy and pasted section as your own work.

Excerpts are allowed, but you should probably be crediting or putting the name of the translator somewhere around your excerpt. I would like to emphasize that our translations and all our content IS copyrighted. It is illegal to take any of our fan translations and monetize them, or even repost them without credit. You may ONLY repost chapters or synopsises if you have consent from the owner. It is fairly easy to contact me and I will say yes as long as you CREDIT us.

ONLY excerpts are allowed. No “full” chapters posted anywhere else besides volaretranslations are allowed.

We volunteer time to do translations and we hope you guys really appreciate it because people’s motivations can often die down over time, especially when met with such a heavy blow like reposting content elsewhere without permission. I don’t understand why people think it’s okay to not credit other people’s hard work, but it’s not pretty.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my fiery rant and I wish you guys a happy weekend.


23 thoughts on “Reposting WITHOUT Consent?”

  1. I totally agree with you . All you guys are doing a great job and should be credited. I also appreciate all your heart work from taking time of you daily schedule to translate theses novel for us fan. People shouldn’t complain about what you are doing and ruining it for all your other followers.


    1. I completely agree with you Sarah. So sorry you guys had to deal with this kind of thing, thank you much for all the time and work you guys put into these translations.


      1. Thank you for your kind words! We hope that this will not happen again and are currently working to ensure that there will be a decreased chance of it happening in the future! Stay tuned :3


  2. So sad, there are and will be peaople who don’t appreciate works of others.
    Hope some of these people read this and change his way…
    Thank You for Your free hard work.

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    1. Thank you so much @MichaelaH for your heartfelt comment! It seems some people didn’t learn the cons of plagiarizing while in school T_T. sigh We’re working on the problem right now though, so hopefully it will stop soon! ^-^ Fighting!


  3. This pirating issues been a predicament to most translators of cnovels. As one of your fan…all I can do is to support you by not browsing on those sites that are stealing others works. It’s sad and upsetting, and thank you.


    1. Thank you for the supporting words! 😉 It really makes my day happier to know that I have such dedicated readers! The pirating issue has been happening to a ton of people (which is a little scary). We’re working now to stop it from happening again (hopefully)!


  4. I keep on wondering why people can’t just link to translators’ websites like what novelupdates does >.>
    I see some folks post their copyright in between the paragraphs (what I usually do but I make it white lol ) or they make an image of their translations with their watermarks on there. I also know some folks that get discouraged with copying and so they put passwords on their translations. Credits should be given when due. There’s no point in copying it since the most translations are accessible through a single click even the ones where people donate to.
    Even if I haven’t read your translations, hoping you the best 🙂 I did read your recaps of PWY and I saw your translated trailer for it and thought you did a wonderful job!

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    1. Thanks @ChocolateCosmos! I’ve seen you around on AVV and on your site and you have quite the online presence! I don’t understand why people don’t give others the (1) appreciation or the (2) credits for their hard work. It’s really unfair to say the least, that some work is being monetized and redirecting ppl away from the original translator’s sites! If it weren’t for luck this time, I wouldn’t have found the duplicate content at all! I really agree with a lot of your points >_< and I really hope people realize that what they’re doing is actually happening to an actual person and not a robot who doesn’t have feelings. Ppl wonder why translators leave… Wow I wonder why!

      Wishing you all the best with your translations too! :+1: I haven’t found the time to join in another story but when I do, I’ll definitely drop a comment! 😀

      Do you have any personal recommendations for any outstanding books?

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      1. Hello tranzgreek! I wouldn’t think of myself as having strong online presence, it’s more like I pick a flower that I like and decided to attach an corresponding image to it ,hence clearer identity. I admit I do frequently comment on avirtualvoyage 😁 Wishing you the best in your translations too! Read Siege in a Fog, and it broke my heart T_T
        In terms of recommendations I do recommend Odin’s Blessing奥汀的祝福 if you want worldly characters and settings inspired (loosely lol) by Norse mythology. The story doesn’t require mythological knowledge. I take the book as it’s own spinoff of the real mythological tales lol. Both male leads are quite well written.
        I’m also reading Drunken Exquisiteness 醉玲珑 because I got curious with the filming of the drama with Liu Shi Shi and William Chan. Feeling a bit lukewarm about it. It’s also a long novel so I’m dragging it out a bit. 佳偶天成 A match made in heaven is an absolute recommend! Such a cute story.
        Always going back to it. Unfortunately the translator did not continue past chapter 2. Would love to translate a snippet if I didn’t have any projects to do already 😛
        Reading A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated for the drama (i got spoiled though but despite that I am still reading it)… I am midway and I feel a little bit upset with the side characters especially the second male lead.
        For a short story I recommend 图璧 -十四阙 with OE. It’s up to each person’s interpretation of the ending. You can also stop at a certain point in the last chapter and end the story in a certain way.

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        1. Lol you seem to comment wherever I go, that’s why it seems like you have a very great internet presence. // If Siege in Fog broke your heart I’m afraid my heart will be broken even more! I have a really fluffy heart 😛

          I’ll check out your recommendations when I can! :3

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  5. Whoever is copying and pasting their stuff without giving credit better stop it because then you will have a lot of persons angry with you as it took a really long time for someone to decide to start translating again after tiffy stopped, so for the love of god and everybody’s sake ask for permission if you must post their stuff and give credit to where it is due.

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    1. Thanks @Davia for all your support! I feel really bad for Tiffy and all of the other translators in the translation community that have gone through this before, and I just gotta say, that the translators that have continued on even though this happened to them are extremely mentally strong and extremely optimistic! All I can hope at this point, is that people will realize that they should have learned how to plagiarize long ago… T_T Habits can become permanent! Lol.


  6. Thank you to the translators, editors and other volunteers who put in their valuable time to translate for us.

    Please know that there are many of us who appreciate all the work you do. Unfortunately there are also a few that only think about themselves.

    Take Viki (drama) for example, every so often there are rude viewers who leave ridiculous comments/complaints because their episodes haven’t been translated. It just freaking aired. Give them time to translate! Really? Will the world stop if you have to wait for a little while?

    Volunteers, thanks for providing us this FREE translation for our enjoyment.

    Um…sorry. One last thing. This is my first time reading a Chinese book. What does EQ mean when they refer to a person who has a high IQ but a low EQ? Thank you.

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    1. Hey @Just me, thank you so much for your support! I agree whole-heartedly with your comments (mini rant is so me right there. Lol.)!

      Low EQ is a little like what you saw Xu Xu have in the beginning of the book where she totally didn’t know she was in love with Ji Bai and it took her (what I would consider) a lengthy amount of time before she was like, “I’m in love.” She has a high IQ, which means she has the brains and analysis abilities, but she has a below average EQ in that it takes her awhile to determine what she’s really feeling.

      Does the explanation above make sense? If you want a better example of low EQ and a good recommendation for another book while you’re at it, I recommend Love Me If You Dare by the same author as WASFIL. The book is a whole lot better than the drama (imo) and Bo Jin Yan is the perfect low EQ high IQ character. He’s so arrogant, yet cute at the same time! 🙂

      If you want to check out the book, you can go to


  7. Omg Jie Jie, I’m so sorry… You spent so much time on this, and I can’t believe that someone would do this. People should respect you, and thank you!! Good luck on future translations!

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    1. I’m so touched maknae!! ^-^ Thank you for the kind wishes! We’re currently running through a lot of ways to prevent this from happening so hopefully it will stop from now on!

      Btw do you happen to be reading any C-Novels right now?


  8. One super appreciative lurker / reader here. I’d smack the darn perpetrators for you but … I is not knowing who they are. The internets. It be both opens new horizons and is also a black hole.

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  9. U dont know me but i feel u * hugs * Please dont give up doing what u’re doing and keep sharing with us, the non-chinese speaking readers, all the work tht u’re doing & will be doing in the future. Thru u and all the other selfless & passionate translators, we all get to share the creative world of the writers & their stories regardless of where we are on the globe.

    Tq again & again and please keep on writing & translating despite all these frustrating setbacks ❤

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