When A Snail Falls in Love| 如果蜗牛有爱情

When A Snail Falls in Love Chapter 41.2

Against all odds, three more translators have joined the team! *cheers* Updates may still be slow as transitioning takes time but everything is going pretty well! I’ve also come up with a new way of organizing the chapters :3

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Chapter 41.2:  Xu Xu Silently Thought: So manly, really very manly


Today at noon, Ji Bai and another Interpol officer disguised themselves as tourists. They crouched down, and observed a nearby Chinese-owned supermarket.

The sun burned fiercely and the white concrete roads were steaming. Ji Bai and the other person wore short sleeves, but inside, thick body armor was hidden. It was so hot that their sweat dripped down like rain. Two hours had passed and their clothes looked like they had been dunked in water, its wetness sticking onto their bodies.

Finally, a van unexpectedly came from around the corner, violently braking in front of the supermarket. The car door was yanked open. Seven or eight men armed with iron bars jumped out as they viciously entered. Quickly, the sounds of smashing, screaming, and crying came out. A few people ran out of the supermarket. They were tourists and locals.

Ji Bai grabbed the walkie talkie, and said in a low voice: “Tizsa, take your men in.”

The moment his voice was heard, a few Kachin soldiers came out from the alley, rifles on their backs. The boys had a look of idleness as they entered the supermarket.

After some time, those criminals rushed out, got in the car, and disappeared into the dust.

Ji Bai and two others went into the supermarket. It was a mess inside. All of the shelves were smashed and broken into pieces. The customers had already run out, and several cashiers were cowering behind the checkout counters. A tall and muscular looking man, that looked over 30 years old and was wearing a silk shirt; had a bloody nose and a swollen face, and was sitting on the ground. His face looked extremely unsightly. All of the supermarkets earnings that were made that day were stolen. Furthermore; cameras, mobile phones, Cordyceps and other highly valuable goods were also taken, with nothing left behind.

The injured shop owner, Zhou Chengbo, was abruptly and secretly taken into a temporarily arranged hotel room by Ji Bai and the others.

Outside of the window, it was dark and quiet. Zhou Chengbo sat in a chair. His wound was already bandaged up but he had an ashen complexion. He, himself, had a tough character, and today, after the robbers broke in, and in order to prevent them from taking valuable goods, he also fought with one of them.

Ji Bai pondered for a moment, and then said: “Mister Zhou, according to this group of criminals’ usual practice, you would not only have lost money, but they would have also kidnapped you and demanded a ransom from your family. You are really lucky to have escaped today.”  

Zhou Cheng Bo’s face suddenly changed. In fact, he had heard similar rumors. There were Chinese businessmen who had been tortured thus losing a huge amount of money as they had to pay ransom before they were released.

However, a rumor was, after all, a rumor. The local investment policy was too preferential. He thought these risks and danger came hand in hand with seeking wealth, and was nevertheless part of doing business in Mai Zha City.

As a matter of fact, today’s situation for the special investigation team (task force) was embarrassing as the Chinese police did not have the authority to enforce the law and neither did the local police. Only at a critical moment, would the Kachin soldiers step in to stop them. The military and the gangs have always minded their own business because at the end of the day, the military were somewhat afraid of the consequences, and therefore never tried to capture them.

Ji Bai looked over at him and continued: “Today, they did not succeed, however, they will certainly come back in the future. You will only need to cooperate with us. We will thoroughly get rid of these people, and then you can continue your business (making money) peacefully.”

Zhou Cheng listened carefully to what was just said and pondered on it for a moment. Bravely looking up at Ji Bai, he said: “I am willing to testify! Throughout my lifetime, I have never suffered such a big loss! Police officer, you must definitely capture all of them!”  

Zhou Cheng Bo was not only willing to testify, but was also willing to persuade his fellow businessmen to expose the crimes of these Chinese gangs, together. This made the task force overjoyed. Sun Po then instructed: ‘Continue to secretly carry out investigations and collect evidence. At the same time, we need to protect the safety of Zhou Cheng Bo and the security of his shop (property). We absolutely cannot let the gangs harm them.’

It was already 8pm by the time Ji Bai dropped Zhou Cheng Bo back to his place (home) and went back to the hotel. There was a gentle evening breeze and the ground was still steaming. He looked up at Xu Xu’s window and saw the soft lighting. He smiled, and went back to his room.

These past few days, he had been running around outside, and his clothes had been both wet and dry a number of times. Taking them off, a white layer and stain could be seen. Ji Bai threw his smelly clothes into the basin and went to take a shower.

Compared to the others, Xu Xu had stayed in the hotel and her work was relatively easy. By the time it was evening, there wasn’t much to do and so she sat on the bed and looked over the information. Hearing the familiar sound of footsteps in the corridor, she knew right away that Ji Bai had returned.  

As the weather was really hot, everyone opened all of the windows and doors to ventilate the rooms before going to bed. Xu Xu carried a plate of fruit and knocked on the door of Ji Bai’s room. She was just in time to see him wearing a T-shirt and shorts, sitting in front of the large basin and washing his clothes, like an ordinary man at home.    

The condition of the small hotel was very simple, basic and run down, and the hotel only had one old-fashioned washing machine. There was a long line of people waiting to use it. Xu Xu felt that it was unhygienic, and decided not to use it. Ji Bai also felt the same way.

Xu Xu squatted down at his side. Ji Bai looked up, kissed her and continued to work. Xu Xu did not move from her squatting position and fed him fruit. After he finished eating, she gave him mouthwash and wiped his mouth. After that, she brushed off her hands and lied lay down on top of the bed to read.

It was a quiet night. The sound of the frogs in the farmland and the low-hum of the insects in the woods could be heard. There was also the sound of Ji Bai washing his clothes. Xu Xu read her book for a little while but could not help but put it down. Staring at the clothes in the basin, she asked: “Is this how you wash it?”

Ji Bai took a quick glance at her: “Is there a problem?”

Compared to other men, the way that Ji Bai was washing his clothes could be regarded as good and clean enough. However, because he is still a guy, he wasn’t washing it as thoroughly as she would like him too. It was also hard to expect him to do better.

“Step aside, I’ll come help.” Xu Xu hopped off the bed and walked over.

Ji Bai put out his hand to decline: “There’s no need, just stay on one side.”

Unconvinced, Xu Xu asked: “Why?”

Ji Bai looked at her, and didn’t reply.

Yea ah, why? Previously at the police academy, he used to see his other male classmates’ girlfriends help them wash their shirts, and was a little envious. He thought that one day, to have such a girl, he would be happy to personally let her wash his own clothes.

But when he really had such a girl, but he couldn’t bear to see her do it.

Smiling with his eyes, Ji Bai said: “You’re free at the moment right? Go and get some mosquito cream and put it on me.”



There wasn’t any mosquito cream left in Xu Xu’s room, and so she had to go downstairs to find the owner of the hotel to ask for a tube. When she returned to Ji Bai’s room, the clothes were already on the balcony, drying in the wind. Ji Bai had just come out from the bathroom after taking a cold shower, and was only wearing beach shorts.

Xu Xu stared blankly as it was her first time seeing his bare upper body, but looked down immediately.

Smiling with his eyes; Ji Bai went over, pulled her to sit on the bed, and with his back to her said: “Put it on.”  


He had tanned quite a bit these past few days, his neck noticeably darker than his back. His waist was narrow and powerful. On his right shoulder was a thin dark red scar, as if it had been there for years. Because they were close, she could smell a bit of the heat that was exuded from a man’s body. This made her face hot, and she immediately dug out a small amount of ointment and smeared it all over.

Ji Bai was facing the balcony, his eyes watching the blackness of night outside the window. Xu Xu’s motions were very light, her cold and soft fingers making all the pores on his body open…

As the night got darker and darker, outside and inside the small building, it was quiet. Ji Bai pressed Xu Xu on the bed, his lips deeply entangling her lips with a kiss. One big hand pressed on her chest, lightly rubbing. There was only the sound of their breathing.

Xu Xu wore a knee-length skirt, very cool, but because it was very conservative, only then did she wear it outside. Ji Bai raised his hand, slipping into her skirt- should he thrust (explore) inside or thrust inside or thrust inside….

His big hand touched her knee when he was kicked. Ji Bai laughed. He was about to speak, when he suddenly heard footsteps from outside.

Ji Bai raised his hand, freezing in place. Xu Xu also looked at the door.

A knocking was heard. It was the team leader, Sun Ting’s voice: “Xiao Ji, open the door, I have to talk to you about some matters.”


Just a moment ago, Sun Ting received a phone call from an informant and was given some new clues. He wanted to communicate the news straightaway to the most competent member of his team.  Ji Bai stood by the door for a few seconds, before opening the door.

The two people sat on the sofa, Ji Bai had put mosquito netting on the bed, the blankets were all squished together, and a pile of clothing was thrown around. It was a mess.

Sun Ting understood- Ji Bai should have fallen asleep by now, and had been awoken by them. But work was important, he also did not care, and began to talk with Ji Bai.


After Sun Ting stayed for ten minutes, he left. The moment Ji Bai closed the door and turned around, he saw Xu Xu’s small head peeking out of the blanket, as she sighed heavily. Even though the two both had propriety, they wouldn’t delay work because of love, but others wouldn’t necessarily think so. They had never told the task force, and there was no point.

Ji Bai laughed more heartily, sat on the bed, and took her along with the blanket in his arms: “ Should we continue?”

Xu Xu pushed him: “It’s almost 10pm. I have to return.” She finished and pushed him away, untangling the blankets and crawling off the bed.

Ji Bai had not planned to keep her, and tomorrow there was still work. Who knew that, when he lifted his eyes, he would see her hips facing him. It was probably when she had curled up within the blankets, the hem of her beige colored skirt fell lopsided at an angle, riding down her waist. It revealed her whole white slender thigh. The soft and smooth lines were incredible, just like jade. Further upwards was an underwear that was red-wine colored, precisely outlining the hip and the buttocks. His two palms could even…..

His throat felt dry, and his hand subconsciously moved to hold onto her ankle.

Xu Xu was obstructed from getting off the bed. She was a little surprised, and was about to ask him to let go of his grip, when she suddenly became aware that…her buttocks and thighs felt cold. Reacting quickly, she swiftly pulled down her skirt, covered up and patted down to make sure it was secured.

Looking again, Ji Bai loosened his hold on her. With a calm expression, and looking deeply into her eyes, he did not say anything.

Xu Xu’s face slowly burned up. She immediately jumped off the bed and bid farewell: “I’m going. Bye bye.” Her voice sounding muffled.

Returning to her room, Xu Xu lay on her bed for awhile, and using Baidu on her phone: “Having sex for the first time ~~~~~ I need to take note of this matter.”

After reading for a bit, she finally calmed down.

It’s too early to panic —— sleep!

Xu Xu decided not to go to Ji Bai’s room in the evenings, as much as possible, in the future. Right now, with both of their mindsets, and if they overstepped their boundaries, she would feel that it’s inappropriate, and Ji Bai would feel the same way too.

But after a few days, the two people had basically no time to be alone together- with the evidence gradually becoming more abundant, the task force had finally begun preparations for the final capture work. Everyone was too busy to sleep. The two people had not even thought about matters outside of work.

After ten consecutive days of hard work, Sun Ting brought along two Interpol officers and rushed to another city to meet up with Myanmar officials to finalize the day of arrest and their action plan. Mai Zha City was left with Ji Bai, Xu Xu, and seven other people. Their work objective was to closely monitor multiple suspects while protecting Zhou Cheng Bo and other key witnesses.


The sky had just brightened, when Ji Bai arrived at Zhou Cheng Bo’s city, and switched night shifts with another Interpol officer.

Zhou Cheng Bo lived in an office behind the supermarket. He just woke up. In this period of time, he had become more familiar with Ji Bai. He threw a pack of cigarettes over: “Taiwan cigarettes, they’re pretty good, strong enough.

Ji Bai caught it, smelling it deeply, and returned it to him: “It is pretty good. Thanks,

Zhou Cheng Bo laughed: “I saw them all smoking. The interpol even has people that don’t smoke? Is it that your wife doesn’t let you?”

An image of Xu Xu’s quiet face materialized in Ji Bai’s face. His heart softened, and he smiled lightly without a word.

Zhou Cheng Bo saw him acquiesce silently, and nodded: “I thought it was so- my wife also loves to manage this.”

The two people talked, when someone knocked on the door outside: “Boss, here’s a package.”

It was a rascal whose skin was black, wearing a postal uniform, his two hands holding some boxy parcels, carefully putting it on the counter.

Zhou Cheng Bo took out a pen to sign the receipt and whispered; “You’re still pretty early! Yangon? Oh right, it’s my uncle…..”

  • Yangon is a place in Myanmar

The delivery man was silent as he took the receipt back and walked away in big steps. Ji Bai stood up, as he stared at his back, quietly thinking. At this time, Zhou Cheng Bo tore the package while he asked: “Officer Ji, what work does your wife do?”

The task force and the other people were all out today. Only Xu Xu stayed in the hotel, busy sorting out all the evidence.

When the explosion came, she was looking out the window as she thought about the case. When she heard a roaring sound, she saw a cluster of thick black fire far away in the city.

That position was very familiar. It was near Zhou Cheng Bo’s city.

Xu Xu took out her phone to call Ji Bai’s phone. One ring, two rings, three rings……it didn’t connect.

She went downstairs and ran. When she reached the stairway, she stopped and turned back to run to Tisza’s room.

Today, Tisza stayed in the hotel to rest. When Xu Xu entered, he had just hung up the landline handset (would this just be a phone?
Yup, like the hotel landline phones). He had already received the news, so his face looked extremely bad. He used broken Chinese to say to Xu Xu: “Zhou……Ji…… explosion!”



Translated by: Mel and Tranzgeek

Editors: Mel

Proofreaders: Kim, Liane

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