Status Update: Next Steps


The results…voila!

Yay! I’ll be going along with the popular vote which was to complete Les Interpretes. When A Snail Falls in Love will also be ongoing because I have just gained four more translators. *cheers*. I advise you don’t get your hopes up because…we plan so far to post one chapter on Monday and a bonus update on another day of the week although it is still TBD. Plus, even if we have four translators there’s still the question of transitioning (which is usually slow)

I posted a “Schedule” page under the “About” tab and that’ll get you a good grip of what’s going on. Most of it All of it is tentative so far and will be determined only after I get back from finals.

In my perfect world this is what happens: (This is more of a rant where I pretend like I know what I’m going to be doing :P)

Complete Les Interpretes by December-ish. Fighting~ Stockpile for Siege in Fog (I’ll get at least a few chapters down. *half-heartedly assures myself*)

I somehow find time to recap Princess Wei Young and Siege in Fog T_T (there goes my life)

Btw I do got a translation spree on December 14 for Fleeting Midsummer in honor of volaretranslations’s anniversary. (I’m not trying to kill myself…this is just a little thing that volaretranslations as a whole is doing) So I’ll be stockpiling for that… my ideal is 10 chapters for the translation spree and maybe an extra 10 chapters stockpiled (These are hopes as tall as Mt Everest we’re talking here, folks)

Then, I can peacefully work on Siege in Fog in January while multitasking on When A Snail Falls in Love.

I’ll be set for at least a month before I have to work on Fleeting Midsummer again…since I’ll post one chapter per week regularly. Then, I’ll just binge translate again (without getting tired or sleeping or eating)…Oh my poor editors. >_<

If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to finish translating the whole book as impossible as it may seem. *gulp* (I literally heard my throat at this point)

And then… Siege in Fog should take me 26 weeks if I translate a FULL chapter per week. That means that I’ll be done with that by June-ish depending on how many random releases I do from here til Jan.

Hmm as for WASFIL, it should take us about 30 weeks to get through that if we translate a FULL chapter per week. Hmm that sounds do-able. Maybe less time since we’ll do bonus updates (once in a while) for our good audience ^-^

So that means my plan is set for a good six months. Hmm next year is my test year so I’ll probably leave this site in the hands of my good translator pals to post translations, review columns, etc.

As for future translation projects, I already have a plan for that! Won’t spoil it for now, but it’s a great book that fans of Ding Mo would also like ❤ Of course, that’s only if no one picks it up from now til next year. *the hope in my eyes fades away*. Lol. No worries, I have a full folder just full of fluffy books, black-bellied leads, great OTPs, beautiful prose & bad/sad endings (Siege in Fog fans anyone?), and xianxia/wuxia novels that I only wish I had enough time to translate. Lol.

I guess most dreams stay dreams, but here are mine! If I start vomiting blood you know why! *staying positive no matter what*



7 thoughts on “Status Update: Next Steps”

  1. Thank you as always for this notice…my eyes just popped out when you mentioned another ding mo’s for your next project😍😍. Please consider picking up “glamorous Time”, this one haven’t updated for almost a year Tsukigomori. Here I am again…bugging you, lol.


    1. The book I have in mind is a great book that all Ding Mo fans would enjoy! 😉 Since the translator for Glamorous Time hasn’t given up on her books, I won’t blunder into this recklessly again. Lol. That’s not the book I have in mind. The book I have in mind is…a surprise! happy dance


  2. Firstly, all of your hard work is greatly appreciated! Secondly, I am wishing really really hard that your next project is Our Glamorous Time. But I doubt it TT-TT since you didn’t actually say that the book is by Ding Mo 🙂 Again, thank you so much for all of your time and effort!!! I am really looking forward to reading WASFIL and your future projects!


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