Translation Schedule Poll

Since many of you guys are so anxious for different translation projects I have a few propositions for my new translation schedule. You can vote~

I am still recruiting. As long as you know a little Chinese and you are passionate about C-Novels or really digging deeper into the language, please sign up! I can help you along the way and we can work together. No commitment required at all!

Future Translation Schedules

(1) I complete each book one by one as they come and I follow the schedule I have listed previously.

(2) I switch books in and out frequently.

  • One week I do When A Snail Falls in Love, another week I do Siege in Fog, another week I do Les Interpretes, another week I do Fleeting Midsummer. There will be 1-2 updates per week per book.
  • Each week, I only focus on ONE book.

(3) I focus on one main translation project but I translate some chapters on the side.

  • I will have 1-2 updates per week for the main translation project. For side projects, I will be translating longer updates but it will be posted every two weeks or every month.
    • It is unclear what the main translation project will be as of now. We can take a vote later.
    • For Siege in Fog, I will release a full chapter every month
    • For Les Interpretes, it will be one chapter per two weeks

(4) I have one “main” translation project but I randomly post some other books too whenever I want.

(5) Other (Please state in the comments)

Please vote below~

This poll will be closed on November 26 at 7:00 AM (US EST). Meanwhile, I will be stockpiling chapters for Fleeting Midsummer and doing drama recaps on A Virtual Voyage for Princess Wei Young with my pal, @drama_addict28. Sorry but I need a little break from translating, plus the end of the semester is looming. *Panics*

I will pop back in after the poll is over to see the results and discuss what the next steps will be for this blog. Please note that I will not base ALL of my future plans on this poll.

Just a last note, but finals are coming up in mid-December. I will stay on this site until the end of November and pop in again after December 16 (US EST). 

For all you Fleeting Midsummer fans, please keep in mind that there is an upcoming “translation spree” on December 14 in commemoration of volaretranslation’s anniversary. I will be scheduling all posts so you guys can enjoy your dose of reading without me having to be there. Sorry for being on hiatus for all this time, but I promise I will try to make a comeback for missing all those days! 


7 thoughts on “Translation Schedule Poll”

  1. let me give my two cents about schedule from my perspective as a reader, i think you should just finish one projects at tiime (if you want to make side projects it is okay too), so it is probably easier to focus and easier to schedule. good reader waits anyway because we are thankful and know how hard translation can be.

    rather than translation spree, imho, you should just make scheduled post. like WASFL only in every tuesday and friday, and let reader know, so we wont miss that post (in fact, reader will probably excited to see your blog the moment they wake up on the day scheduled 😛 hahaha),

    so even if you are doing translation spree on your side, i still think you should scheduled it (automatic post is okay too), it helped reader to keep down their anxiousness since they know when will you posted the story they read, and if your schedule allowed to take more projects, you can make it to side project like let’s say les interpretes on saturday, or other novel every two weeks on sunday (well, something like that)

    and if your translation spree is faster than what is on automatic scheduled post, you can insert bonus chapter somewhere, we dont mind hahahaha

    but that is just my suggestion, since you said many are anxious about the story they read, so i think it is probably because we dont know when you will post it. if you take so much projects, and want to focus on one first, you can tell in your posted, what story is being on hiatus etc etc

    good reader can honestly wait, although we say “ah i cant wait to see what happened next” XD
    it’s okay, no rushing, we are thankful enough that you don’t drop it and keep translating even if it means one chapter per week, two weeks or even per month. 😀

    thankyou, hopefully this can enlighten you 🙂

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    1. oops, i think i type longer than i should hahahaha im sorry i cant help you in translating because my chinese reading is just as limited as i love you 😐

      and thanks again for translating with passion. thank you!


  2. Your words make a lot of sense! Hmm the main problem for me is that I have yet to find a balance in my schedule between academics and translating, hence my two week hiatus.

    I do agree about the scheduled post thing. I should definitely set some days for when I update. I never really thought about that before. Having a set day for when you update can really help readers, can’t it? Hmm thusfar I’ve only done scheduled posts for my translation sprees (binge translate and schedule all the posts for a particular day) and for some of my posts. Instead of translation sprees I should just schedule posts. That’s a good idea.

    Haha thanks for all your help! Don’t worry I wouldn’t consider your comment it too long, although my eyes totally boggled when I first saw it. Lol. It had a lot of insightful thoughts that I will definitely implement after I come back from hiatus!


    1. nah, between academics and translating, that i cant help it either because i was having trouble with it too hahahaha

      im at shocked when i posted that comment, didnt really expect it to be that long xD

      yes, because i read from many other sites too, other stories, and they have scheduled their post even if they have the file translate more than half, it is to keep reader at bay because you know, we, reader, can marathon all of chapter if we want it, and the writer will be at risk for publishing more if reader need it, so i guess, scheduled post can help

      im glad i can give you insight! hehe
      wish you can have fun in real life as well on your hiatus day!


  3. I agree with starletjul.
    Good readers will understand you can’t do all at once. But having a schedule can make things easier for the readers.
    Besides with so many projects and school work, you could burnout easily. It happend to me, and I’m still trying to find my way back to blogging.
    In any case do what makes you happy, we as readers are thankful for your hard work.


  4. Hi, I am Riz and I used to edit and proofread When a snail loves when tiffy was translating it. I would love to join as a editor/proofreader. If you feel that I can help you guys, please email me at or just send me a reply to this message. I would really like to help out though. I don’t mind rough translations too… If you want to check out the work I have done, check the chapters edited by proofreader no.5 😊


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