Status Update

Sorry guys, no update the next few days.

I failed to take into account the fact that I would be all over Princess Weiyoung this week. I’m involved with A Virtual Voyage, a (very prestigious) drama group so unless you see a miracle in which I revive full of energy tomorrow, ready to translate, nothing will be coming out. Today, I was recapping furiously, thus neglecting my HW so tomorrow is my makeup day. Lol. Noice. If you want some Princess Weiyoung recaps, you can find them here: I’ve recapped until Episode 3 but it’ll be a while until it’s all posted.

My energy level is dipping low because I have literally been a zombie for the past week. I’ve undergone a huge academic raise the past week so I’m happy. Unfortunately it cost me my sleep so I’ll be the walking dead until I make that up.

Anyways, hope to update LI soon and start on WASFIL. Are there any kind souls who would be willing to help out (if there’s any chance)? I would personally like some more hands on board for translating because I’m having trouble keeping up with the workload both academically and translation wise. Thanks for all your support and your patience! Many thanks to all lurkers, regular commenters, and regular likers. I love you guys and hope you guys stick with me throughout this tumultous journey.

Signing off for now.



3 thoughts on “Status Update”

  1. Thanks for the status update, I don’t like to be too serious but please prioritize your studies and do one translation one at a time…don’t worry about us (as long you won’t forget When the snails…., lol) we can always wait and always grateful for what you share. Thank you for touch base with is even you are too go and shut down your mind and eyes for 12 hours straight the pick up where your left off…we don’t like you to get sick then no translation at all😜😜


  2. No worries. Thanks for keeping us informed. Catch up on your missed hour’s of sleep and much needed test.
    We will miss your translations on WASFIL but certainly that can wait till you are recharged. Cheers!


  3. Thanks for informing us about your situation i wish you can have time to sleep full day 😊 to rest and make your energy full again and i wish to you success in your studies and we supporting you 😁 don’t forget . Rest as possibly as you can that how we catch your amazing translations 😇😇😁😁


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