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Les Interprètes Chapter 58.1

Just 10 more chapters to go guys. The chaps are getting longer and longer as we go so…that’s fun. Hoping to post 1.5 more chapters by the end of this weekend, if not more. Qiao Fei still has a lot on her shoulders. I can understand the boundaries between them but at the same time…guysssss are you going to get together or what?

Chapter 58 Part 1

Translated by Tranzgeek

If you are not reading this from tranzgeek.wordpress.com then this has been posted without the consent of the translator.

  Qiao Fei

I returned from Chengdu. The day I got off the plane, it rained very hard. The plane hovered slowly for a long time. Some famous car came to pick up Cheng Jia Ming. He asked me: “What about it, would you like to go with me? Be careful that you’ll be waiting for a long time until the buses can get out of the airport.”

I said alright and got on his car.

In the car, the smell made me think of Jia Yang. How long had I not seen him?

Returning to this city from the warm and humid south eastern city, the weather suddenly became cold. I thought of Jia Yang, I thought of that night. I hugged him as he slept under my blankets, my heart very warm.

Cheng Jia Ming answered the phone, said: “Hello? Jia Yang.”

I turned around to look at him. He winked.

“Yes, that’s right. I went to Chengdu for a conference.

How do you also know?

Yes, it’s the conference hosted by the Ministry of Health.

Haha, it was alright, not tiring, right, the plane was a little late.

Me ah, I don’t know either. Tonight, I may go back,

Can I call you back later?

I have to first send a friend back home.

Mm, maybe you also know her. She is an interpreter who was sent out from your side.

I watched Cheng Jia Ming finish the call and glared at him.

“What’s wrong, Qiao Fei? Are you unhappy?” He put his phone away and looked at me, “Did I say anything wrong?”

When he asked me, I also could not reply. Had he said something wrong?

But I knew his big brother’s matters. I didn’t want Jia Yang to know either. Even though there was nothing abnormal about it, this made the circumstances seem more complicated.

“What’s wrong?” Cheng Jia Ming patted my shoulder, “You shouldn’t go to far right? Didn’t you and my little brother end it? Why do you have to be so nervous?”

“That is true.” I said. The car already passed the international radio station. I said to the driver, “Shifu [1], I have arrived. You can just stop by the side.”

  • [1] Shifu- A respectful form of address for older men

Cheng Jia Ming said: “Didn’t you say it was inside the Academy of Social Sciences on Yuquan Road? It’s still raining. Lao Wang, drive in.” (TL: Lao Wang is the name of the driver)

I said: “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Cheng Jia Ming said: “Go in, go in.”

Very quickly, the car entered the courtyard. I saw Jia Yang’s car underneath my house.

I was secretly conflicted. Cheng Jia Ming said: “Why aren’t you getting off the car? That’s perfect. We can go eat dinner together.”

“I’ll go, I’ll go.” I really surrendered to this uncle, but I feared that I would not have complications.

I lugged my luggage off the car myself. Inside, Cheng Jia Ming said to me: “Qiao Fei, after a few days, let’s go out together. Give me some time.”

“Regarding this matter, you can discuss it with my secretary.”

He laughed and told the chaffeur to drive away.

I walked towards the staircase, as I waited a bit to think of what i would say to Jia Yang.

I saw him get off his own car, braving the rain to come help me grab my suitcases. I said: “Eh? How come you are here?”

He didn’t speak, only taking my suitcases, walking up the stairs in big strides. I followed behind him.

XIao Deng opened the door, softly telling me: “He’s been waiting for you for a whole afternoon.”

I said: “I brought some spicy beef jerky. Try it.”

“I won’t be tasting it. Save it for me, Fei Fei. I’ve made an appointment with a friend to eat dinner.” She wore her jacket, grabbed an umbrella and left, turning back to wink at me.

Jia Yang put the suitcase down and said to Xiao Deng: “I’ll send you off. I also have to leave now.”

“Don’t don’t don’t.” She said hurriedly, “There’s no need. Thanks though, it won’t be far.”

Very quickly, only Cheng Jia Yang and I were left in the room. We were shut in by the rushing Xiao Deng. I turned back to ask him: “What’s wrong Jia Yang? Why did you wait for me? Do you need anything?”

“It’s all right.” He said. His face looked very bad, but he expressionlessly asked me, “Is there any water?”

I went to go get him some water to drink but I found the water dispenser was empty.

I could only use a kettle to boil some water for him: “I’m afraid you’ll have to wait awhile.”

“You know my big brother?” Jia Yang said, “I saw his car just now.”

“Yes.” I said.

I took a towel to wipe my hair. I looked at him, and gave him another towel: “You’re also wet, wipe it a bit.”

He took it, wiped his face, his motions slow and warm.

When Jia Yang, this person, was thinking of things, even little children could tell.

I sat on another chair, slowly wiping my hair, thoughts flying through my head. No matter what, Cheng Jia Ming was Jia Yang’s brother. Knowing these two siblings, was just a coincidence. I did not tell him the clear circumstances. When I made it more mysterious it really made it more boring.

“I have a friend who was your brother’s patient. When he came over to see me, we ate together. Isn’t is so coincidental?”

“Oh.” He put down his towel and watched me.

You can believe it if you want, but the circumstances are like this.

I never lied.

At least, I rarely lied before.

The water began to boil. I went to the kitchen to close the oven. I put the water into a small bowl, pouring it into two bowls so that it could cool quickly.

“I’m a little tired. Tomorrow I’ll report to you and senior sister about work.” I said, “Drink some hot water, and leave.”

I hadn’t finished speaking when Jia Yang hugged me from the back.

My hands were still holding those two bowls, and I only heard the rain sounds outside the window get louder and louder. It got so loud that it seemed to overshadow all the other noises in the world.

Jia Yang’s chin lightly fell on my shoulder, his face sticking onto my face, his breath warm and gentle, his arm around my waist.

In this moment, I immediately lost my ability to think.

He held me like this for a long time, and finally slowly spoke into my ear: “Fei, where are you rushing me to? Where do you want me to go?”

If I was not Qiao Fei, if I was a compatible maiden with him, I would grasp this warm hug and happiness with him. If I was not Qiao Fei, even if I was poor, I was innocent, and a physically and mentally healthy girl, even if I loved him, I would do my part to fight for any possible future. If I was not Qiao Fei, if I was not be so hard and selfish, afraid to entertain any thoughts about him. At least I had to turn back and kiss him.

But someone like me, my household, my background. My heart’s wounds and my physical pain, made me bear all my lessons in my mind, letting me know, as a person, I needed to play my part, I could not break the rules, I could not become defeated, but I had to value myself more.

I spoke, spoke very warmly, but very clearly: “Where do I want you to go? Jia Yang, I cannot understand these words.” I straightened my body. I wanted to leave this embarrassing embrace, “The water has cooled. After you drink it then leave. I want to sleep, I am tired.”

I could not look back to look at him. I was afraid he would disintegrate my disguise, but I felt Jia Yang’s body grow stiff.

I put the small bowls down, and left him, going back to my own room to organize my luggage.

Jia Yang didn’t leave immediately. I heard him sitting on the chair in the kitchen.

I changed into different clothes and lay on my bed, looking out the window sideways.

Jia Yang entered my room.

I closed my eyes.

“Are you sleeping?”

Of course I didn’t speak.

Not after too long, he lightly slipped away.

He carefully closed the door to my house.

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