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Les Interprètes Chapter 57.2

Cheng Jia Ming and Qiao Fei bond over some food. Cheng Jia Ming has the worst backstory!! Can’t say why I like him so much in the novel but he seems to be the only one who is actually rebelling against his parents even if he can’t do anything. Step it up Cheng Jia Yang!

Chapter 57.2

Translated by Tranzgeek

If you are not reading this from tranzgeek.wordpress.com then this has been posted without the consent of the translator.

Qiao Fei (continued)

When he said this, my stomach grumbled. The food on the airplane was hard and salty. When Cheng Jia Ming mentioned the cuisine, I was unable to control myself.

I held it in.

I didn’t have time to go out alone.

I reached my room, bathed, and became to prepare the new documents for the meeting.

Not after too long, someone knocked on the door.

I opened it. It was a server. He held an exquisite box in his hands.

“Do you need anything?”

“Miss, someone bought you desserts. It is the local favorite, Three Big Bang.”

“This can’t be.”

I could already smell it, so fragrant.

I took it, opening the box. Inside, it was a crisp yet soft, fragrant yet sweet Three Big Bang. There was even jelly, a sesame ball, and steamed chicken with chili sauce*.

  • *This is literally called saliva chicken.

Cheng Jia Ming, I forgive you.

I looked at my documents while eating.

The second day the big meeting started. The one who was partnered up with me was an interpreter from the Foreign Liason Bureau of the Ministry of Health. He was a very young boy who stood up to shake my hand, called me senior sister. Frankly, even though my age had been called a little older by him, the embodiment of respect was very useful. The representatives of the Belgian Medical Association took the floor, I prepared, and energetically I successfully completed the task.

In the afternoon there was a buffet. Later in the afternoon, there was the French representatives’ statement. I didn’t eat much, otherwise I would become drowsy. I drank less champagne, and when I got wine, I saw the other end of the restaurant where Cheng Jia Ming was speaking to the Belgians.

I walked over. Cheng Jia Ming was speaking English extremely fluently. It was only that these Belgians only knew French and Dutch; they did not know English. The two people barely communicated.

“Do you need help?” I asked.

Cheng Jia Ming laughed: “All right maiden. You came at the right time. Concerning their computer-assisted fluid analysis of liver and gallbladder treatment currently in Europe that they spoke about in the morning and the specific implementation, I still have a question…..”

The two people later began to talk happily, leaving their contact informations to each. In the future, they would ask each other about joint research topics.

Cheng Jia Ming said: “You’re pretty great. This morning, your simultaneous interpretation was very good.”

“Thank you for the snacks yesterday that you sent.”

As we spoke, his interest rose: “Let me tell you, take-away three big bangs is worse by so much than big bangs that just get out of the oven.”


“Tomorrow when we finish our meeting, let’s go and stroll around. What do you think?”

“I basically agree.”

That day after we finished out meeting, I made an appointment with Cheng Jia Ming at about 6:00. We were supposed to go out to stroll, but after 40 minutes the person still hadn’t appeared.

I wore my windbreaker and went to find him. What was the matter. If he couldn’t come I would go alone.

I hadn’t knocked on the door when someone opened the door.

A very tall woman.

Her face was thin, but she was very delicate, her makeup very bright.

She looked at me, laughed for a moment, sneering.

In the end, she left in bit steps.

The cleaning auntie pushed her work cart forward, a mysterious expression on her face.

What scene was this?

I used my knee to think, but I also knew this scene was very common in movies: The current girlfriend would meet her predecessor, that woman’s heart would say, you will be his ex-girlfriend sooner or later, the guy would say, sorry, I forgot to meet with you, and as of now, there would be someone passing by, going back to tell his own school-age children to not learn the game of love between guys and girls in the city.

Cheng Jia Ming saw me from inside: “Sorry, really sorry. I’m coming immediately.”

“There’s no need,” I said, clear and imposing, “I will go out to stroll, Doctor Cheng, if you want to eat anything, I’ll buy it for you and come back.”

Cheng Jia Ming quickly put on his jacket and come out.

His left hand pushed my back outside: “Oh, there’s no other way, when we get to the end of the world, these feelings will become a debt, one by one.”

My heart thought, This person really had the guts to open his mouth.

When we reached the elevator, who knew that he would continue with: “That woman just now was my child’s mother.”

What did this have to do with me?

But this really made me very curious.

“You have a child?”

“She had an abortion.”

My heart pounded for a moment.

“Is that why you can’t marry?”

“You could put it like that.”

We exited the hotel, walking along the road in front of the door.

“What do you mean? What does ‘you can put it like that’ mean?”

“You’ve known Jia Yang for a long time and you know our background. That woman, she is not from our group. The unfortunate me was discovered by my parents and I had to put it all in order.”

“Why does it feel like blood splattered everywhere?”

“Not at all.” Cheng Jia Ming said, “It was just some money. The girl agreed to break up, leave me, return to her hometown. Ah, she was was someone from Chengdu, her skin was very good.”

We saw a teahouse, Cheng Jia Ming said: “What about this place? I’m pretty familiar with it, the food is good, and its programs are pretty good.”

“All right.” I entered with him.

The usher took us upstairs, we had some refreshments, my interest was attracted by the story of Cheng Jiaming, waiting for him to continue.

But he said: “Quickly taste it, 棒棒兔, is good.” (TL: I’m assuming the Chinese is a food… but it could also be an expression. Anyone know?)

“Don’t interrupt.”

But this person kept his listeners in suspense. After eating some things, he wiped his hand and looked at me and said to me: “How do you see money?”

“You even need to speak, it’s good stuff.”

“Can it compete with feelings?”

“No no, how could it compete?” I said, upset.

“Everything has a price.”

“……she, your girlfriend, how much money did she take from your parents?”

“Not a lot. I could have given it to her. Really not a lot.” He drank some wolfberry soup, “This is only an excuse. She should have left me originally.”

“Was there a problem with your feelings?”

“Look under there, Qiao Fei.”

I looked downstairs. There were a lot of people, most of them were pairs of guys and girls, sitting there listening to songs, dating, hand in hand.

“If it was an average guy or girl, their love would be trustworthy, even if there was a little half-heartedness, but it would definitely not be a big problem. The person he loves, would ask him, would fight for him, and sooner or later they would take out all the stops to defend this feeling. It is really a disappointment that we ask for some things from the past. Problems occur over an ‘eye for an eye’; but that’s all.

This type of relationship had excitement and flavor, at least it was sincere.”

He paused, looked at me, his eyes full of a gentle smile.

“But if this person, had a bit of money, his background would be more complicated than the average person. Then that would be bad.

Have a bit of sentiment, she thought, He had so much originally.

Be more passionate, her heart thought, How long would his enthusiasm last?

Giving a little more, but there were more misgivings, and he cannot hurt her pride.

If you have a temper then come at me. Someone you cannot easily attack, isn’t this pressuring someone and bullying her?

So, she left me. That was right; my parents, they were also right. It was only that it was the perfect moment to become a catalyst. Me, her, we didn’t do anything wrong. Someone like me, including my little brother, we are not qualified to have true feelings.”

Cheng Jia Ming slowly lowered his eyes: “The wrong was that he was my child. He shouldn’t have been my child.”

I felt my throat get dry. This type of a person, living so happily. It turned out he also had this past.

“I said so much to you, are you bored? I feel, Lao Huang said to me before, Qiao Fei, you are not an ordinary child.”

I slowly said: “So, Doctor Cheng, your heart is also bitter right?”

He didn’t lift his eyes. He put down his teacup, turned his head to me and said: “There is a song playing, listen to this one, it is very good.”

A woman wearing a green emerald qipao brought her yueqin up, warmly singing a small song. I didn’t understand the lyrics, but only felt her voice was very clear and sad, like tears falling upon glass.

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