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Les Interprètes Chapter 56

Cheng Jia Yang is being peer pressured! And by his own mom no less! So evil! Peer pressure is the worst!!

But good things happen for Qiao Fei! Let us cheer her own as she goes her own way through the workplace.

Chapter 56

Translator: Tranzgeek

If you are not reading this from tranzgeek.wordpress.com then this has been posted without the consent of the translator.


  Qiao Fei

Jia Yang’s arm’s bandages had been removed. His hand hung about as he watched me.

I stood up, asked him: “Do you need anything, senior brother?”

“Yes.” he said, “Please help me find a report on the NATO military forces in Yugoslavia on the world newspaper.

This was very old news, I opened the the computer to check.

I found the newspaper year, date and archive number, according to the number of the fifth shelf it was on the second level of newspapers.

I gave him the newspaper, then I logged it.

Jia Yang took it, watched me: “How is it,” He looked like he was looking for suitable topics to talk about, “Are you you busy?”

“You saw it.” I said, “I originally wanted to go take an afternoon nap.”

“All right. Thank you. I’m leaving first.”

“Ah, no problem.”

Jia Yang had just left, when i received a phone call from a high level interpreting company, they wanted me to go for a trip. I asked for leave from the old interpreter, he held scissors cutting the newspaper, didn’t raise his head as he said: “Go early, come back early, if anyone else borrows a newspaper, I can’t find it.”

It turned out to be an international meeting. There were not enough interpreters in the Ministry so they temporarily transfered people from other offices, to help out with the meeting, recpetion, escort, and so on. The senior sister in charge of this time’s interpretation group read out everyone’s job. I estimated I could accompany the representative’s wives watch the conference. I could do this. The English interpreter Zhao Peng Yuan greeted me from far away. I smiled to him when the senior sister came to my name.

“Qiao Fei.”


The senior sister saw me sitting by the window and slowly said: “On the second day of the meeting, November 15, you are going to participate in the morning, 9:15 to 11. In the afternoon, 14:15 to 16:00 as the meeting’s French simultaneous interpreter.”

After she finished, I dumbly stayed there. I recovered my senses after a while. What kind of a job opportunity was this? This was too great, my situation had improved, my, Qiao Fei’s luck had changed!

I looked at the many jealous looks besides me. I suppressed my smile. Their hearts were just cursing that I was a fool. Well now watch. I prepared the work well, and I would definitely complete the task exceptionally. Just watch.

After she finished arranging the assignments, the senior sister adjourned the meeting. I was called back by her and stayed back.

She gave me a huge pile of files: “Qiao Fei, this is your first job. You must prepare well.”

I said: “yes yes yes.”

She looked at me, puzzled: “Such a good child, why did you want to go to Cote d’Ivoire back then?”

I said: “Aren’t we doing things for the civilians?”

“All right, prepare well now. Help our citizens in China and it’ll be okay.”

I took the files the senior sister gave me and began my fierce battle. This sudden assignment seemed to give me new energy. I ate a lot, exercised a lot, and slept well.

One night when i was eating with Xiao Deng, the TV was playing “The God of Cookery”.

The newly arisen Stephen Chow said to the bad guy played by Ng Man Tat: “You have to admire me, I’ve risen again!”

I fiercely shook my head.

Xiao Deng said: “Did you put yourself into the movie again?”

Embarrassed, I said: “No, quickly, eat fish. It’s good.”

However, I was so full of energy and high spirits about the meeting that morning. When I put on my suit and attached my interpreter card to my chest I found my heart suddenly beat suddenly accelerated.

My team leader didn’t notice when I walked out of the rest room. I saw the different representatives of the different countries had already entered.

I looked towards the meeting area. I had seen this venue before. At the time, I saw the outstanding performance of Cheng Jia yang, and today, this would be the first place I worked at. The first time, I did simultaneous interpretation.

No, I must go smoke.

I was just about to go find a smoking room, when Cheng Jia Yang’s voice came from behind me: “Qiao Fei.”

I turned around to look at him.

Cheng Jia Yang wore a black Western suit, the same color as his shirt and tie, a white face, a white skinny face, with meticulous clothing, he was really very handsome.

At this moment, I had many things to say to him, but I didn’t know what to say and what to not say. I only looked at him.

He warmly extended his hand, helped me adjust my nametag in front of my chest- slowly, gently saying: “Don’t worry, Qiao Fei,  no one is better than you.”

I nodded: “I am not anxious.”

He could not help but laugh.

“What are you doing? Are you going to interpret today?” I asked Cheng Jia Yang.

“”I will accompany the United Nations leaders, after a while, there will be talks and interviews.”

I continued to nod my head.

“All right, you can go. Do you remember what I said to you?”

“Of course,” I used my finger to point at myself, “I am very exceptional.”

A senior brother and I will be partnered together. Before we sit down we will shake hands and make our greetings.

When my hand held the pen, when I pressed the open/close button for the professional interpretation, when I heard the first sentence in French, and I simultaneously used fluent Chinese to say: “Our sustainable development of economic and social development, as people admire longevity … …”

It was very clear. I, Qiao Fei, was very exceptional.

  Cheng Jia Yang

After the meeting ended, we sent the great leaders of the United Nations on their way, and there was not any important tasks for a while.

I heard Qiao Fei’s work recording, and felt she could be rated at an 85% now, even though it wasn’t chic enough, she had already prepared well. Over more time, she would become the greatest interpreter of all time.

When I thought of this, I was sitting in front of the computer, playing pool. I couldn’t’ find an opponent so I could only play with the computer.

Xiao Hua helped me pour milk. When she saw me playing pool, she laughed.

“How do you have the mood to play with yourself?”

“Not really,” I took her milk, and drank a sip, “I used to have a pretty good opponent but I don’t know where she went off to.”

“Really? You also have an online friend?”

“Why can’t I?” I looked at her.

“Guy, girl? You won’t be having a love fling over the internet right?”

I laughed: “Don’t be so crude.”

Speaking of this, I really had not seen the “I do not believe I cannot register for it” who had changed her name to “Pear Concedes to Kong Rong”. It seemed that everyone had what they had to do, what they had to be busy about, and no one would have time listen to your talk.

Xiao Hua said: “If you’re about done then rest. Don’t be too tired.”

“Ok, you sleep first. I’ll bathe and then come.”

Qiao Fei who excelled in the conference was promoted to an elite translator by the director, and worked in the neighboring office from then on.

On the second day, the deputy director of personnel management brought her to the offices that had similar duties, meeting colleagues, when we were introduced to each other.

We shook hands. Qiao Fei said to the deputy director: “I know Senior brother Cheng. We were classmates.”

The deputy director hit her forehead: “You see, I forgot. Right, your training was also overseen by Jia Yang.

I said: “Work hard.”

Fei said: “Thank you.”

In the afternoon, my mother called me. It was her secretary who had the phone: “Jia Yang, wait a while. The chief has to talk to you.”

“Jia Yang.” My mother’s voice.


“In the afternoon let’s eat together.”

“All right.”

“We’ll get in my car to go to a Western restaurant. I’ll wait for you at the door.”

“All right.”

I put down the phone, sighing.

It was almost the afternoon, a little empty. The brother sitting opposite me made a long distance call home. He said into the phone: “Mom, really, I already ate breakfast, can I not eat…..”

I wore a windbreaker to go downstairs. When I was in the hallway I saw the English interpreter, Xiao Zhao standing behind Fei saying: “Really, that time, I was really worried about you. I even said, how can a maiden go there. But, you really are great. I heard them say that your business is quite outstanding…..”

I stood next to them waiting for the elevator, Xiao Zhao saw me and greeted me: “Senior brother.”

“Hi.” I said.

Qiao Fei laughed along: “Going to the canteen?”

“Ah, no, I’m going somewhere else to eat.” I said.

When they reached the floor for the canteen they went off the elevator.

Xiao Zhao was behind Fei half a step. He was quite protective of Fei.

My mother’s Chinese car was in front, waiting for me. I got in. She was still holding files in her hand as she looked at them.

When we reached the restaurant, she put down the work in her hands.

She watched the me who was eating foie gras: “How are you so skinny now?”

“I’m not.”

“You don’t feel it yourself. You’ve thinned quite a bit.” She drank a sip of juice, “Recently I have to go out for a trip with your dad, it will be quite a long time.”


“Before we leave, I want to make an appointment with Xiao Hua’s parents to see them.”

I lifted my head to look at her: “All right. You won’t need me to accompany you right? You know, I will not entertain the elders.”

My mother sighed: “Jia Yang, you are no longer small. I was thinking to settle you and Xiao Hua down.”

I was not that surprised. I basically felt this day would come. I used my napkin to wipe my mouth: “Why hasn’t anyone pursued Jia Ming like this, and he hasn’t married?”

“Jia Ming?” My mother disapproved, “If he loved a compatible girl so well like you and XIao hua I would have thrown him a wedding by now.”

This sentence had two points: One, this was a “compatible” girl; Two, she felt Xiao Hua and my feelings were “so well”.

My mother spoke in a light tone, not knowing how high the standard was.

I didn’t speak.

“Jia Yang, what objections do you have, tell mother.”

“……I have no objections, mom, what do you want me to do? I did what you did already. Do you want me to propose to Xiao Hua? Ok. I’ll mention to her tonight; will you get an appointment with Xiao Hua’s parents or will I do it. Tell me. If you want, we can get married quickly and get children quickly.

Mom, I don’t have any objections. Why don’t you tell me what you hope I’ll do?”

My mom was a little thrown off. I continued to eat.

“Jia Yang,” she slowly said, warmly smiling to me, “What is it, Jia Yang. Mother is doing this for you. I thought you had been together with Xiao Hua for so long, and there should be this ending. You guys are not little anymore.”

The steak was very hard.

I called the waiter: “The steak doesn’t taste good. Please change it to fried noodles.”

He was conflicted: “Sir, we only serve Russian food here.”

My mom looked at me.

“Please change it to fried noodles, and cucumbers.”

“Jia Yang.”

I looked at my mother: “Mom, can I choose what I want to eat myself?”

“What you wanted just now, was what you picked yourself.”

“That’s right, because you only brought me to this restaurant.”

I threw down my napkin, walking to the door in big steps.

I walked in the bustling streets, watching people pass by me.

I only felt life was a secret network. I was like a secret intersection, tied to countless clues.

I wanted to calm down. I still needed to work in the afternoon.

At night, my mother called me again. She asked me, if I was busier lately, and if my mood was bad.

I said, Mom, sorry, I shouldn’t have left first in the afternoon.

My mother said, what she spoke of in the afternoon, if I had not prepared for it, she could put it aside, but when the time came I would have to explain to Xiao Hua.

I hung up on my mother’s phone call. Xiao Hua called again, to ask why I had not returned if it was so late.

I suddenly felt very irritable, but I could not attack Xiao Hua so I controlled myself and said: “Wait for me to finish my work and then I’ll be done.”

I didn’t wait for her to reply, when I hung up.

I should have returned to Xiao Hua’s place, but I drove down the street crazily, driving while pouring beer into my mouth. It passed a long time, when I realized I parked in a familiar place.

The persimmon trees, the old styled buildings. I looked around. This was the downstairs of Qiao Fei’s house.

I only felt my heart get a little wet, like a drowning man, struggling, and I finally ran onto the beach.

Now, I really wanted, really wanted, to see her.

I could say anything, was there anything I couldn’t do? I was this coward already.

I knocked on her door. A strange girl opened the door.

I saw Qiao Fei’s shoes at the door.

I said: “I am looking for Qiao Fei.”

Her voice came from inside: “Jia Yang.”

I entered her room with her. She opened the door, I closed the door.

She sat on the couch, as she watched me.

She looked like she had just bathed, her hair was very shiny, her body had the smell of a child.

I sat next to her, I looked at her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked me.

“Fei,” I called her name, my tears flowing, I put my head on her shoulder, “I am tired.”

Her warm hand hugged me in her embrace.

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3 thoughts on “Les Interprètes Chapter 56”

  1. well, it’s not that his mother that evil. he the one who caused misunderstanding between two families. if he just insist not being with WXH despite her pitiful appearance for being madly in love to him. just because QF leaves him, he accept anyone who wants to be with him, he should be looking for someone that he loves even just little bit


  2. Hi Thank for your hard work 🙂
    It’s been a week since I finished drama. It is so different. I wanted more, even though I think it has happy ending in drama, I still was craving more of them. I was so happy when I found that you translated novel and I started reading and though that this is not the same, just names and plot are similar. Still I like both version. I really love drama CJY and QF, they were so cute together, and I love them in novel, just im in pain that they don’t want to push everything aside and be together They love each other, why not be honest with themselves. So, I hope that they will be together as soon as possible. Thank you again for translating this amazing thing.
    Sorry for mistakes.


  3. Thanks for your support! I totally ship CJY and QF pretty hard. I hate the author for making us suffer through so much only to put them back together at the end. Happy moments please?


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