Les Interpretes | 亲爱的翻译官

Les Interprètes Chapter 54

Really sorry about the earlier chapter that was leaked today! Thus, here’s the chapter brought to you by Jeslyn and me. Yup I’ve decided to take a break from studying and post this… but also because I am really really sorry to the many people who clicked on Chap 55 and didn’t find anything!

Also pls thank Jeslyn for taking the time to translate the first half!!

Ugh I was actually feeling sorry for Xiao Hua when she ***** Cheng Jia Yang, but now all she can do is cry!

Chapter 54

Translator: Jeslyn –>

       Qiao Fei

I grabbed the phone and called Jia Yang. Apart from his handphone number, my mind was completely blank. What manners, self-esteem, self-knowledge? I threw them all aside. I just wanted to make sure that Jia Yang was safe and all right. No matter how far apart we were and no matter who he was with, it was fine with me as long as he was okay.

However, I was unable to contact him. After the tone, the call was unable to go through.

My stomach was still hurting. I curled up in my own bed, and dialed his number over and over again. I heard repeated beeps over and over again. I was only thinking about Jia Yang in my mind.

He loved me and treated me so well. He wanted me to be happy and carefully suffered his grievances all by himself. But what did I ever do for him? It was not easy for him to come Paris for work and I was already at the lobby of the guesthouse, yet I did not go see him. I even told him that I was with another boy.

It was not like that, Jia Yang. I did not tell you, but ever since I met you, there was no one else in my eyes and in my heart. Did you know how painful it was to learn, and be an intern, and yet I still continued to be silly and pretended to be happy everyday. What supported me for so long? What made me persevere on and not give up? It was you, Jia Yang, and only you. I want to be with you, work together with you, live together with you. I have never been willing to do anything else.

Jia Yang, you need to be fine. I want to see you and I still have a lot of things that I have not said to you. Nothing must happen to you, Jia Yang, I do not have much of anything left already. Even if I have to look at you from a distance that is all right. But if I lose you, what reasons do I have to live on?

I was confused.  Xiao Deng snatched my phone away, and forced some chinese herbal medicine into my mouth. I choked until I was a mess, however my stomach pain seemed to have slowly become better. But I started to have a severe headache, and fell asleep in a daze.

When i woke up, it was dawn. I picked up the phone to continue dialing Jia Yang’s number however it still could not be connected, it still could not be connected ……

Xiao Deng heard me and ran over from her room and snatched away my phone.

“Please give it back to me, I beg you.”

“Are you out of your mind?”

“I have a friend that seems to have gone missing.”

“Then go around and ask people. Being like this is not solving the problem.”

She was right, I really must be not thinking straight. I cannot find him but I can go look for Cheng Jia Ming. I have his name card that he gave me yesterday in my pocket. I trembled as I dialed his phone number.

After ringing 3 times, Cheng Jia Ming answered the phone.


“Hi Dr Cheng, I am Qiao Fei.”


“I, I want to ask you……”

I was incoherent, and could not even continue talking.

On the other side of the phone, Cheng Jia Ming said: “Listen to me, Qiao Fei. I am in the hospital now. My colleague just operated on Jia Yang and he is resting now.”

He went for a surgery? What exactly happened to him?

I could not care less and asked: “How is Jia Yang?”

“He was having a vacation on the island, and his hotel caught fire. He was hit in the back by the lintel, but fortunately he was rescued by his companions.

“What kind of injury does he have? Is it serious?”

“He broke his shoulder bone, he needs to recuperate.”

After hearing what Cheng Jia Ming said, I could not say anything. I just felt that my whole body and limbs became empty.

After a while, Cheng Jia Ming said: “Hello?”

“Yes, Dr Cheng, it’s me.”

“Jia Yang is in a stable condition now. His family is taking care of him. If you wish to visit him, you will have to wait for another few more days, and come visit him together with your colleagues. Do you understand what I mean?”

“Yes, I understand. Thank you, Dr Cheng.”

I put down the phone and placed all my weight on the bed as I lay on the bed.

Xiao Deng asked me: “So how was it? Do you know of the situation now?”

I frowned and said: “Xiao Deng, do you believe that there is really telepathy between people?

“I believe.” Xiao Deng sat beside me, “If two hearts come together, the body will also feel the telepathy.”

“Really?” I muttered.

“Is his injury serious? Do you want to go see him?”

“His shoulder bone is broken. I will go see him in a few days. I’m not very worried about him. He has a lot of people who will take care of him.

Then, go take a shower and sleep for a while, Fei Fei. Look at how you are tormenting yourself.”

“Thank you, Xiao Deng.”

I turned my body over and rested on the bed.

            Cheng Jia Yang

I woke up and felt my body in pain.

I heard someone say: “He is awake. Jia Yang woke up.”

I just felt the glaring sunlight, and slowly opened my eyes to see my mother in tears.

I heard the doctor say: “Cheng Jia Yang?”

Translator: Tranzgeek –>

“That’s me.” My throat was so dry.

He used a flashlight to shine into my eyes, and nodded to the people around me.

I became like a panda surrounded by people. It was hard for me to see my parents and my brother at the same time, and my uncle and aunt on my father and mother’s side. So many relatives. I slowly opened my mouth and asked: “Xiao Hua, where is she?”

The scene in the past still flickered in front of me. In the fire, we fled panickedly, outside. I pushed Xiao Hua, but I fell myself on the lintel, falling to the ground, unmoving. Xiao Hua cried out my name: “Jia Yang, Jia Yang, let’s go, quickly, move a bit.” Her hands pushed hard on the hot red lintel. I heard some sounds, I was pressed underneath, but my head was still clear and sober. I said: “Xiao Hua, go, quickly go. We cannot be here together!”

“No, no, Jia Yang, what did you say to me? Didn’t you promise me that we would be together forever?” She cried and refused to give up. Using her hands, feet, using all of her strength to push aside the object pressing down on me, already wounded, “Jia Yang, don’t continue to be on the ground, I’m begging you, promise me, okay?!”

I heard her crying sounds, my body slowly loosened. I moved out. Xiao Hua grabbed me. I only felt a tear on my shoulders and legs, like a sharp pain. I was pulled under from the lintel by her.

The last thing I remember was that we fell heavily on the bench, looking for a window, jumping down from somewhere. The last thing I remember was that we heavily fell on the sandy beach, and then I lost consciousness.

I said I wanted to see XIao Hua. They were anxious for a moment, but not after too long, Xiao Hua finally came. Behind her were her parents. I saw her, and felt very scared. Her hands were covered with heavy bandages and she was pushed in by a wheelchair.

I thought of it, but I could not move. I reached out my hand towards her: “Xiao Hua, are you okay? Why are you like this?”

She reached over to grab my hand: “No, don’t worry. My legs hurt, and it is only a mobility inconvenience,” as she said this, she began to cry again, “But you, Jia Yang, you must stay in bed to recover.”

“Sorry.” I said.

“What are you saying?” Xiao Hua used her handkerchief to wipe her tears, at last she couldn’t control it and they dripped down, “It was I who shouldn’t have, I shouldn’t have mentioned going there for break.”

I did not really experience life and death. When I saw people burst into tears after a catastrophe, it would feel less realistic, such sensational scenes, like a drama. I just thought, in this profoundness, the plot of a drama seemed to be all the same. I was dependent on this destined woman, the one that had been through life and death with me.

For this sudden accident, there was even a more important meaning.

Xiao Hua and I had formerly had different identities, respectively meeting each other’s parents.

Under this tactic of love unto death, it made the elders feel moved.

I didn’t know which elder whispered: “These two children ah, they are naturally supposed to be together.”

My wound was very sensitive, I didn’t know which step had been mishandled, this day had become burning hot. I did not hurt, but it became swollen and swelled. I began to have a fever, the heat was comfortable. Many people turned me around and around, only caring about injecting needles or another tube. My heart still felt fortunate. If it wasn’t for this fever, soberness, I would have to painfully die. Some people cried. I struggled to open my eyes. It was Xiao Hua. I wanted to tell her, Xiao Hua, you don’t need to cry anymore, don’t always cry for me, I should still sleep for a while more.

Sometimes I would dream.

When i dreamed of Qiao Fei, I would pinch myself. Warm and soft, I was really dreaming.

Then there was nothing to fear and I said the words to her straightaway: “How did I offend you that you would do this to me?”

She did not rebut, she watched me, good temperedly listening to my lecture.

“I am not sick, I am about to die. I feel like I have to train you. Sometimes when you do things, especially towards me, it is really not right.

When two people love each other, will they separate the money so precisely? So what if I want to buy something for you? What cynical, stuffy life do you live ah?

I said a sentence, a phrase, origin, my unintentional sentence, You almost sent me to my death.

What studying abroad, work matters, let me tell you, you also don’t need to thank me, I am doing this for myself. I know, your thanks, is also unreal, your heart still hates me, right?

So I have known you for a long time, I do not need to be afraid to tell you, I actually have a lot of interest in you. You pretend to be bold, but you are usually generous, you will consider everyone, but you just don’t care about me. I am not the same, I don’t care about anyone else, I just want to ask you.

All right, you don’t need to apologize, say something happy. Can you two be together?

Give me some happy words.”

Why did speaking in my dream also require physical strength.

I was so tired enough to choke. Really disappointed. I hadn’t dreamt of Qiao Fei’s “give me some happy words” yet when I woke up.

When I woke up again it was Xu Dong at my side. His hand was on my face: “Jia Yang, why did you toss and turn into this state?”

Jia Ming sat at the side: “Xu Dong you are right. He almost did not get leukemia.”

“What happened to me?”

“No, you’ve been in a coma for two days and nights.” Jia Ming said.

“Did anyone come see me?”

“Family. You guys chat, I’m going to go tell Xiao Hua you have woken.” Jia Ming said as he went out.

“Isn’t the person you want to see most, here?” Xu Dong’s hand was still on my face. This guy, at this moment, accounted for my cheapness. I hit him with my injured hand.

Xu Dong made his move: “I have seen your skills for a long time, rascal, your big brother even said you have been extremely sick.”

“Cut the crap.” I said, “As for you, I haven’t seen you for a long time, how are you?”

“Can I smoke or not?”

“Open the air conditioner, give me a cigarette.”

Xu Dong lit a cigarette and put it in my mouth, watching me deeply breathe it in, he said: “I am going to be a dad. My wife is pregnant.”

I was thrown back for a moment: “Which wife?”

“First wife.”

“You got it?”

“Within the plan.”

I didn’t mention Wu Jia Yi. Seeing Xu Dong smoking, his back to me, I was silent for awhile: “You know, Jia Yang, some women are used for life, some people can only be used for love.”

The door opened, Xiao Hua walked in.

I said: “This is……”

This is……”

Xiao Hua laughed to Xu Dong as she said: “You came over to specifically send cigarettes right? I know you guys are childhood friends, so only you know him the best, right?”

Xu Dong laughed, lighting his own cigarette, taking my cigarette also, pinching it out, the traitor.

“He’s all right, let’s eat together.” Xu Dong said, “I’ve only seen your show before, the actual person is a lot prettier than on the TV.”

“Thank you.” Xiao Hua was very happy.

Xu Dong hadn’t sat down for a while when he said the company had some matters and left first.

Xiao Hua sat by my side, watching me: “You almost scared me to death.”

“Oh,” I said, “Who knows, I have never gotten sick, but now I have gotten a huge illness.” I shook my head.

“Right,” Xiao Hua said, “Your single colleagues called, they said they wanted to come see you, I didn’t let them.”

The me who was laying down immediately sat up, enduring my pain on my back as I asked her: “What time?”

“When you were muddled.”

She looked at me: “Jia Yang don’t worry. Aren’t you better now? I’ll let them see you tomorrow or the day after that okay?”

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