Status Update, November Goals, Next Two Years-Long Term Plan

This post will cover all the translation project schedules from Siege in Fog to Les Interpretes to To Our Youth That is Fading Away to Fleeting Midsummer to When A Snail Falls in Love (which was requested, really). I want to add an international forum to the site, and also this post will cover my own schedule for the rest of the year and the next two years (or at least until…June 2018?) We’ll see. 

Hello again guys,

Right off the bat, I’m going to be taking a two week hiatus due to tests and such. I’ll be back next Saturday. Jeslyn will be translating the next chapter of Les Interpretes so make sure you support her! It will hopefully be out by this Friday/Saturday.

My goals for November:

  • Finish Les Interpretes
  • Restart Fleeting Midsummer

Sorry to all To Our Youth That is Fading Away fans, but due to my time commitments I’ll have to push it to the back for now. I would like to finish Les Interpretes so I can focus completely on To Our Youth That is Fading Away and I would like to finish To Our Youth That is Fading Away by January.

As for Siege in Fog, I have decided that I will be picking it up. This will begin next year after everything else is behind me. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it by the time the drama comes out!

Also I did get a request to translate When A Snail Falls in Love. I’ll have to think about it a bit. Maybe…maybe. Of course, a team would be way better. Any volunteers to help translate? If there are any volunteers at all to help translate, I can start it immediately!

Short Story Behind WASFIL Translation: I was reading the comments on Tiffy’s Part 54 (Tiffy’s most recent post) after getting the first request from family682. At this point, I had not been reading WASFIL yet and so I came upon the situation like a little naive bunny. Someone said something about her being sick so I assumed that Tiffy was out temporarily so I volunteered to translate temporarily until Tiffy got back. It was only later when I found out that the comment had been posted  months ago. Well it was too late by then because all the netizens began to flare up about translating it >_<. As for me, though I feel guilty, I’ve gotten over (most) of my guilt *bursts into a cold sweat*, because I really don’t know where Tiffy went! I’m still trying to get in touch with her about it all, so the situation is just… a little complicated. If Tiffy doesn’t respond by December, (about a year’s hiatus), I’ll assume that she’s disappeared from the web. People do that a lot actually. But some people don’t drop notifications so you don’t know where they went! I really do hope Tiffy comes back because I miss her supreme translating! My translating is probably not on par with that but y’know I’m learning, step by step. Just to make it clear, but I’ve reached her via twitter. If she posts anything on her site at all during the time I translate it, I will immediately give the project back to her.

The drama/adaptation section of the site will not be stopped… but it will no longer be as frequent as before since I’ll probably do all my ranting on A Virtual Voyage. Lol.

Also, a new addition to the site is being announced. I want to create a forum for people who understand Chinese to recommend Chinese books and people who understand English to recommend English books because then, people will be able to learn Chinese/English on an international scale by reading interesting books! It sounds really exciting and I hope a lot of people will contribute! (but most of the details are unknown at least for now…) In any case, people can also ask questions about some of the vocabulary they are seeing in their book and other people can help them. So an international community/forum will hopefully be fully stabilized by December!! ^_^

On a long term scale, since I’ll be busier in the next two years due to many huge tests (akin to Gao Kao I suppose), I may be posting a lot less than what you’ve been seeing this summer and this fall. However, even if updates may be slow these next two years, I will also be helping out at other sites and recommending books for you all to read. The only book I plan to continue translating even after December is Fleeting Midsummer (Peking Uni’s Weakest Student) as I really want to make it up to my poor viewers!

New banners for my site will be introduced (hopefully soon!). I will post a feature on the artist, who is also my good friend and we just recently began to talk again. It really does feel good to talk to friends from long ago (and I suppose it wasn’t that long but it feels like forever!). Anyways, I won’t spoil who it is now, but she is a budding artist and also very active on deviantart so I hope that all of you guys will support, especially if you love the banner!

That’s all for now.

If you would like to contribute in any way, shape, or form, help is always appreciated! In any case, help would do a great deal in my situation now! Contact form below!


6 thoughts on “Status Update, November Goals, Next Two Years-Long Term Plan”

  1. Please consider “When a snail….” to translate…a lot of fans are really waiting for an update..thank you for sharing your status update. You are very responsible, at least you don’t leave us in the dark❤️❤️


    1. Haha thanks! I like to do these also for myself since I like to plan things out. I have also been in those situations when someone just disappears virtually and it’s not fun, believe me 😦


    1. Thank you so much for the good wishes! I can always count on you for those words of encouragement 😉 I’m also excited to continue with Siege in Fog! Hope you continue with me through the whole translation journey to the end!


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