Fleeting Midsummer (Peking University's Weakest Student)| 北大差生

Fleeting Midsummer Chapter 5.2

Sorry for the long wait! I’m going to go on hiatus for this book (Fleeting Midsummer ONLY) because I want to get some things cleared up here on my site and complete some translations, begin some others, finish those, before I begin this book again. If some of you guys who were reading this book from the beginning recall, I initially picked up this book as a teaser so there was not really any set schedule or anything. Well after I finish things here, that will change. Plus, I will hopefully be able to post a whole chapter instead of half of it!! Hopefully my hiatus will only be a few weeks to a month… Anyways, I will suggest to later readers now, to not start reading the translation until I start up my set posting schedule. Otherwise… you’re in for a long wait. Sorry to the ppl who stuck with this novel from the beginning >_<

Of course, I will update a little throughout this hiatus, for you guys, but it won’t be weekly like before. 

Lol. I thought Lin Lin thought Fang Yu Ke didn’t look like Won Bin. She was so against it with the dimples and everything!

Here’s Chapter 5.2


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