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When A Snail Loves New Trailer, Stills, GIFS w/ the same helping of fluffiness from Memory Lost!

3 sweet days until the two dramas come out! I’ve attached more stills and GIFS because (the last post had no spaaace). If any photos disappear after I post this I will really vomit blood!!!!! >_<

Ok now it’s back to translating… Lol. 

Aww cutie Wang Zi Wen as the snail and hot Wang Kai as the lion. Love the chibis! Plus, the BTS GIFS are so funny (if you can read the Chinese)! Well, most of the GIFS are pretty funny without subtitles so I didn’t translate any. If it’s possible, I would recommend enlarging the GIFS to enjoy the gift of the additional hilarious Chinese. Haha if you click on the GIFs, you can enlarge them. Same for the next Memory Lost collage!

Can’t help but love the chemistry between Johnny and Yang Rong! Their BTS GIFS are so adorbs and the other stills are so perfect!

And the trailer that you guys have been waiting for!


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