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Les Interprètes Chapter 46

Pro interpreting skills!

Translator: Tranzgeek

Chapter 46

  Qiao Fei

The whole way, I anxiously sent this hurt Chinese person to the emergency room. He was awake the whole time and used Chinese to say “Help”.

The French doctor asked me: “Are you the patient’s family?”

I said: “No, I am also a Chinese, I came to see if there was anything I could help with.”

“Thank you, Miss, that’s good, please continue to talk to him.” The doctor commanded.

“Hello*.” I said to the patient.

*In Chinese, Hello is literally translated to “You Good” “您好”, which explains the patient’s reply.

“Not good”

“Who are you?”

“Huang Wei De, Chinese advisor to the Michelin company. My passport is in my jacket pocket.” as he said this, his breath thinned and blood came from his mouth.”

I heard the doctor at this side say: “the wounds are not serious,  but there is quite a bit of blood lose. That’s not good, the blood has increased.” they looked at the conscious Huang Wei De and said to me: “miss, please ask the patient if has had abdominal surgery before.”

I interpreted these questions and asked him.

His finger kept pointing to his jacket’s pocket, and then he fainted.

The nurse opened his pocket and really did find his passport.  There was also a closed plastic health data card. It clearly stated his age, weight, blood type, history; a sentence was written underneath: Last September I received liver segement resurrection surgery, the attending physician was the chief physician of Union Hospital of hepatobiliary surgery, MD Dr. Cheng Jia Ming, phone number ******

I froze for a second. I knew this name.

I told the circumstances to the nurse. She consulted the doctor who was treating Huang Wei De. The doctor ordered them to push Huang to do the operating room. When he saw me I said, the patient’s condition was complicated. Please contact his Chinese physician, we need his help.

“Miss, are you willing to help?”

“I will do my best.” I said. A life was important. Even though I was facing things I had never experienced before, a stranger’s face, my heart had some apprehension, but I knew, now I was not the same from that year, “Where should I call? Doctor.”

“Operating Room.”

In the lens below, it looked like the American drama “ER”.

I was in the electronic control room in the operating room. I was calling Dr. Cheng Jia Ming while quickly scrolling through all the vocabulary I had learned before.

The phone went through. It only rang for three times when someone answered: “Hello?”

In front of me, the French doctor had already opened Huang Wei De. I saw a huge amount of blood. But in my ear was a bunch of sounds that sounded just like Cheng Jia Yang.

“Is this Dr. Cheng Jia Ming?”

“It’s me.”

I made an OK sign to the doctor.

“This is the Sheng Xin Hospital of Paris, France. We just received your patient, Huang Wei De. He now appears to be bleeding inside. The doctor just opened his abnominal cavity, and is in the process of surgery.”

At the other end, he seemed to ponder. It hadn’t passed half a minute when Cheng Jia Ming said: “Yes, I have already opened the patient, Huang Wei De’s information. I am ready to answer any questions.”

Through the network, the Chinese and French doctors communicated about common treatment, I did an alternate interpretation.

French doctor: “Organs bleeding, but no wound.”

Cheng Jia Ming: “When the segment is removed, the suture is at the left side of the central vein. Please check this.”

French doctor: “The wound has healed completely here, without rupture.”


The words of the doctors was like the military orders. No matter if it was French or Chinese, there was not a word that repeated. I threw everything I had into it.

I heard in the operating room, the assistant reported Huang Wei Da’s blood pressure and heartbeat. My heart also beat like drums now.

French doctor: “Internal bleeding continued.”

The assistant helped the patient replace his blood back as he continued to lose blood.

Cheng Jia Ming had not replied on the other end.

“Dr. Cheng?” I said.

“Yes. I am remembering.” His voice was very cold, a moment, “Please examine the left lobular. Three weeks ago, the patient came to my office for a physical examination. There were signs of cysts but it was not yet confirmed.

I interpreted this for the French doctor.

After a moment he said: “The left side has a lobular lump. The back side has a rupture. We found it bleeding, and are preparing to stitch it up. Thank you, Dr. Cheng.”

I interpreted the French man’s words for Cheng Jia Ming, feeling like these two doctors had solved the gist of the huge problem. I also sighed in relief. It hadn’t taken a long time or many words, but I seemed to run out of energy, my body full of cold sweat.”

“I am honored to help.” Cheng Jia Ming said, “Please help me ask Mr. Huang Wei De. In addition, Mr. Huang is suffering from diabetes. After the surgery please use saline.”

I interpreted this for the French doctor, his assistant recorded it.

“Thank you, Dr. Cheng, the condition is under control.” I said.

“Your interpreting is very outstanding. Are you a Chinese doctor?”

“Thank you, I am a professional translator.”

“I seem to have heard your voice before.” Cheng Jia Ming said.

I froze for a moment.

“It is possible, but there are too many similar sounds in this world.

Good bye.”

“Good bye.”

  Cheng Jia Yang

I added another ‘x’ in front of another name, closed the folder, and gave it to my Personal Department colleagues.

He looked at me: “Why can’t this one do it either?”

“His professional work doesn’t pass.”

“If you continue to pick like this, no one will even be going to Europe.”

“Better have nothing than something bad.” I stood up and walked to the window.

This was the Foreign Language Institute, and another summer. The me who was in charge of new translation training and choosing talented new recruits came here, courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

The students would be assigned to corresponding departments. The most talented would be picked to go to overseas embassies and consulates. After undergoing our training and exercises, they would become the translation industry’s top elite in the nation.

“We’ll just go to here.” I said, “You guys return first, I’ll go see Teacher.”

“That’s not good. There’s not even one in French? Today you Bureau doesn’t want anymore people?”

“Who said I didn’t want any? I won’t allow anyone to account for that place.” I looked at him, “You forgot, the one we sent out.”

I went to see the Head, Professor Wang. He welcomed me in, and asked: “Jia Yang, how is it? Did you choose some people?”  

I shook my head: “Do you have any news of Qiao Fei?”

“I don’t know any more than you do.” The head said, “After she left the school, she didn’t contact me afterwards. I don’t know when she returned to school. They are almost about to graduate. This child is too self-willed.”

“Right, self-willed.”

I said. I completely agreed.

After I came back from Belgium, I found out that the Lyon’s train station had exploded. The embassy came to determine the news. Qiao Fei had gotten injured in the explosion. That day was 4/17. That day, I was in France. But as for her, in the phone the Qiao Fei who had told me she was testing in Montpellier, she was also in Paris.

I bought another ticket. I wanted to immediately return to Paris.

When I was driving to the airport, I suddenly felt it wasn’t anxious, and my heart wasn’t pained.

I thought of the story in the Arabian Nights. The demon was enclosed in the jar, and thrown in the sea. He hoped to be rescued and was willing to thank the person who thanked him. As time passed, the reward increased. The initial little treasures changed into immortal life, but still no one rescued him. A few hundred years later, a fisherman finally opened the jar. From the non, the demon’s repayment was to kill him.

I thought of the time when we were together. I had given happiness and pain to this woman. She didn’t say anything to me. And she was often missing, fabricating reasons; after we broke up, I had tried to see her many times, I had come to school, I had chased her to her house, I had went to Paris, but I just couldn’t see her.

What had made her reject me like this?

But she was still here, slightly injured, God help me.

At the time, I turned the car back again, and returned to the Ministry to continue working.

I was pretty certain, Qiao Fei, she would come back and see me. I could not lose to this mess.

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