Les Interpretes | 亲爱的翻译官

Les Interprètes Chapter 41

Happiness always comes ’round Christmas time!

Translator: Tranzgeek

Chapter 41

Qiao Fei

While busy learning, the days passed quickly.

Growth was subtle, for both people and animals.

The small white dog grew a year older, and his hair on his forehead blocked his eyes. I tied it into a pigtail, and now it was a very hippy style.

In this high intensity learning environment, as a classmate, my grades also had a definitely improvement. Right now, every time I practiced with the recording,it wasn’t as miserable. Teacher Wang said: “Thank God and the heavens, Qiao Fei, I finally can’t hear your pet phrases (TL: aka QF’s native dialect).”

I replied and said: “ ‘Inside whatever’- Teacher Wang, I really didn’t mean to say ‘Inside whatever’ but when I get panicked I speak in the Northeast dialogue.”

Teacher Wang’s classes ended before Christmas time. I got 13 points and passed. A big portion of my classmates were pretty satisfied with their grades. We all took part in treating Teacher Wang to a very prestigious restaurant to eat.

From Christmas to the New Year, French schools have two weeks of break. The foreigners and Hong Kong classmates all returned home to celebrate. The Taiwanese classmate went to her boyfriend’s home in the Alpines. The dormitory was very empty. I called Xiao Dan and Bo Bo who were in China, and went to the supermarket to buy sufficient food for two weeks, preparing to celebrate it by myself.

Montepellier was pretty cold at this time. The tree leaves were all over the ground. Small cool winds brought moisture, but I felt it was cold. Most of it was because I was alone because of the holidays. When I held a small package and went back to the dormitory, I was angry at myself: Next year when I celebrate the holidays, I must be prosperous, the halls full of children and grandchildren!

At this time, it began to snow lightly. It floated onto people’s faces, bodies. I looked up. They even stuck onto my eyes, and when it melted it flowed out, warm.

Suddenly someone said: “What are you doing? It never snows here. What did you say you did? Making this place snow?”

I looked ahead, and my chin almost dropped. I said to this person: “How does the republican government raise you guys, like small students? You guys have so many breaks?”

Zu Zu Ferlande took the package in my hands, and watched me: “I escorted a sick comrade here and got a day off. Tomorrow night I’ll return to Paris on duty.”

I nodded, and looked at him: “Merry Christmas.”

He really was awkward. His hands held my stuff, and he even hugged me.

The cuddling monster said: “Merry Christmas.”

I organized it a bit, and went with Zu Zu to their house to celebrate. I met Aulde and her boyfriend, Corsican, and their adorable parents.

The Ferlande family had a religious tradition. So before we ate dinner, I prayed with them.

My prayer, was really some of my heart’s wishes. I hoped that the people I liked would have peace. My father, mother, my neighbor, the Ferlande family in front of me, my best friends Xiao Dan and Bo Bo, my small dog- I hoped that he would grow very quickly, taller, and Cheng Jia Yang. I hoped he would be happy.

Cheng Jia Yang

The foreigners began to have break. During this time we had a break that was hard to find.

On Christmas day, I went with Xiao Hua to see Ming Fang’s child.

I carried him and carefully studied his small face- his delicate skin akin to water, and his curly hair on his head. The child’s body was warm, and when I shook him from side to side, his mouth that hadn’t grown any teeth yet laughed.

Ming Fang grabbed some fruit. When she saw this she was very happy: “The child laughed with you; this year, Jia Yang will have a lot of luck.

Her husband, Zhou Nan said: “What more luck can Jia Yang need?”

Ming Fang looked at me, and then looked at Xiao Hua: “Not on work, what about life? Throughout this life, what else can people ask for?”

Sounds came rom the baby’s mouth. I didn’t know if he was uncomfortable lying down so I immediately held him and patted him.

“Look, his posture is so standard. Don’t be an uncle anymore, be a stay-at-home dad for our child.”

Zhou Nan said: “What will the salary be?”

I couldn’t help it, and laughed.

Xiao Hua said: “I’ll say, big sister, brother-in-law, recently have you seen my show?”

“Oh right. I forgot to congratulate you. Right now, this style is a lot more relaxing than the original one.” Zhou Nan said.

“Thank you. Next year, we have plans with Taiwan, and my column has been pushing the project. Oh, I don’t know how busy I’ll become.”

The baby and I looked at each other. His eyes were a clear brown. I didn’t know if they could be such a good color even after he grew up, like that person.

We ate at Ming Fang’s place. She ordered a chef from a Western restaurant to make an excellent steak. The children slept early. I didn’t have the heart to bother them, so after I sat for a while I left. After the show, we went to a night club to reunite with friends, sing and dance, spending time.

I sang a song with Xiao Hua “Clearly Understand My Heart”, I didn’t know whose face it was, but it had actually gotten cheers from the full house.

TL: This is the song they sing together.

I wanted to go outside to feel the cool air. In the hallway I ran into Liu Gong Zi who I had not seen for a long time. I didn’t want to say anything, but I was blocked by this man who was full of an alcoholic air.

“As for, Cheng Er, from a small age to now, why do you still not say anything.”

I watched him, what as for, as for. I had never been willing to acknowledge this person.

“I still have some things to ask you. You’re great, right? Shipping that maiden to France?”

If he hadn’t mentioned this this would not have mattered. When he brought it up, I instantly boiled up with anger. I didn’t know why but I just couldn’t control myself. I punched Liu Gong Zi’s face, and he had not prepared for it. With a “boom”, he sat on the floor. I still wanted to add some kicks, but when I saw him so drunk, I just let it go.

Liu would not surrender and wiped his own face: “The matter with that maiden, I know. She’s been framed by someone, right? Do you know who to blame? I’ll tell you. It was me. Cheng Jia Yang. It wasn’t you. Living so assumingly, who can direct it at her?”

I loosened my tie and walked forward. Every time I walked a few steps, I would see Xiao Hua standing by the hallway, watching me.

At night, we went to her house. The whole way we didn’t say anything. I felt she had heard Liu Gong Zi’s words. I waited for the woman to ask. I would honestly tell her that there was such a girl who had dumped me. I didn’t plan to lie or hide it from her.

But Xiao Hua didn’t ask about anything. She didn’t say anything.

We entered her room. She turned her head to kiss me.

This night, she was very passionate. We touched each other, climbed, thrusted, for two times. Afterwards, she went to go bath. I sat down, smoking.

She came out from the bathroom. I just happened to be wearing my clothes.

She looked at me: “Why don’t you stay over at my place?”

“I am going to return to my place. Tomorrow it will be more convenient for work.” I said.

She sat on the bed, her back towards me, using her towel to wipe her hair. After a long time, she didn’t say anything.

I arranged my clothes and prepared to leave. I said: “I am leaving.”

Xiao Hua didn’t say anything.

I walked over: “Tomorrow I will pick you up from work.”

She still didn’t’ say anything.

I put my hand on her shoulder. I said: “Xiao Hua.”

She turned her head. Her face was actually full of tears. I froze there.

The woman was choked with sobs as she said: “Jia Yang, what kind a person did you take me for?”

I was afraid Xiao Hua would be like this. I was afraid taht she would cry. My heart had been made sour and soft by her tears. I sat down, and slowly hugged her over, patting her back. It was like the child that I had coaxed today. I slowly said: “Don’t cry, Xiao Hua, what have I taken you for? You are my girlfriend.”

She became more intense, and cried until sounds came out. I could only continue to say soothing words, my head thinking confusedly, Right, inside movies, novels, the woman is already like this, her tears are really very useful. At least it is with me.

That night, I didn’t leave.

Later, Xiao Hua quickly prepared pajamas for me at her place, documents, and complete sets of daily necessities. We were living together.

Tranzgeek: Actually after I thought about it again, Cheng Jia Yang or Qiao Fei aren’t really being unfaithful to each other because now that they’ve let each other go before (when QF went to France), it’s normal to live their own lives. Hmm…even though they haven’t really let each other go for real.

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4 thoughts on “Les Interprètes Chapter 41”

  1. Up to now, this novel is very different from how the drama was. I actually prefer the drama more than the novel. I actually hope that Qiao Fei choose Zu Zu over Cheng Jia Yang. I don’t like the Cheng Jia Yang in the novel. Haha. Anyway, thank you my dear for the wonderful translation.


    1. Haha same. I really hate CJY in the novel. That’s sorta why…I’m trying my best to get past all this to the good part… haha. I hope I can actually finish the novel translations by October 17 although…probably not. I just want to be done with it all now! Haha. At the same time though, I feel like it’s normal for ppl to live their own lives after a breakup and they separate…a million miles away. I think the person responsible for CJY’s demise is Wen Xiao Hua! Definitely her! Why does she HAVE to have CJY? Does no one else work for her? She’s just as annoying as in the drama.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha…. totally agree with your comment on Wen Xiao Hua! I hated her in the drama and hated her in the novel. Selfish and she actually does not truly love CJY. Well, we know that the novel have the ending of CJY and QF. So it is how they were lead back to being together again. CJY in the drama is definitely way better. As once he started dating QF, it was her all along even when they broke up. Though Zu Zu did not exist in the drama


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