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This time’s special film is L.O.R.D. with a BTS and extended trailer! Of course, we can’t forget about more rankings! I’ve added a special music corner for all those Luhan and kpop fans as well as more entertainment updates.

Wang Kai and Hu Ge are sure getting the best treatment! Lol.

I’m still trying to come up with a creative title for the post…haha… any ideas?

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#baby怀孕# Angelababy is Pregnant

Huang Xiao Ming acknowledged #baby is pregnant# and will give birth next March! Congratulations, baby will have a small baby!



Most Popular Male and Female Celebrities TOP5; This was a voted ranking.

On the guys side:

  1. Hu Ge
  2. Wang Kai
  3. Wu Xiu Bo
  4. Chen Bao Guo
  5. Wang Lei

On the women side

  1. Liu Tao
  2. Zhao Li Ying
  3. Tong Li Ya
  4. Ma Su
  5. Zhang Xiao Meng

Dramas and Movies to Check out!

#灰姑娘与四骑士# Cinderella and the Four Knights

Eun Ha-won (Park So-dam) is a high school student who dreams to be a teacher, but she needs money for her education. One day, she meets the Chairperson of the Kang enterprise who offers her the chance to live in his house with his three grandsons, under some conditions.

At the Sky House, she meets Kang Ji-woon (Jung Il-woo), a soft hearted but lonely and wild-child rebel, Kang Hyun-min (Ahn Jae-hyun), a playboy plutocrat who does whatever he wants, Kang Seo-woo (Lee Jung-shin), a top singer-songwriter who is gentle and kind to Ha-won, and finally Lee Yoon-sung (Choi Min), the Chairman’s secretary and their bodyguard. (…read more from wikipedia)

#吴世勋亲爱的阿基米德# My Dear Archimedes starring Sehun from EXO

“My Dear Archimedes” will be coming out in 2017, starring the super famous idol celebrity Sehun.

Synopsis: from Shushengbar

The highly intelligent logician Yan Su knows everything, but yet he has extremely low EQ.

The rather clever biologist Zhen Ai is an all-rounded and good person, but yet she is often found to be in a daze. Actually, she just takes a long time to process things.

As such –

When she fails to react,
Yan Su: Your neural reflex arc is capable of circulating around the Earth five times.

When she finally has some reactions,
Zhen Ai: I feel cold.
Yan Su: That may be because your kidney suffers from yang deficiency; it may also be because of the lack iron in your bloodstream, coupled with insufficient thyroid secretion…
Zhen Ai: Oh thanks!

When he believes her,
Yan Su: Of course you are not the killer; if you were the killer, you would use a method that is more cruel and yet retains an air of elegance.
Zhen Ai: Oh thanks!

When he does not believe her, he will use his style and method to capture Zhen Ai (true love)*.

*T/N: Zhen Ai has the same pronunciation as true love in Mandarin.

Check out the book here at Shushengbar where you can find links for raws, audiobook, and a Viet translation.

I will be doing more features on this when more info comes out!

#识汝不识丁# Love is More than Just a Word

Well, you know the rules. The more you want people to stop doing something, the more they want to do it. Not sure how this will turn out in the end for the production, whether they can air the series or not, but here we go. As you know, I don’t read novels so I was surprised to learn that there is a category specifically made for novels with the focus on male OTP called Dan Mei (耽美), which means a liking towards pretty things (Lol, the crime we suffer under!) Love Is More Than A Word (识汝不识丁[Shi Ru Bu Shi Ding]) is a novel written by Su You Bing and a skim of the synopsis suggests that humor (besides the pretty boys) is its strongest draw. It’s the first drama adaptation of a dan mei novel in ancient setting (what they say.)

Read more here


Movie of the week:

#电影爵迹2016# L.O.R.D.

With many famous celebrities like Fan Bing Bing, Kris Wu, Wang Yuan, Cheney Chen Xue Dong, Yang Mi, and much more it’s bound to be great!

Given the fact that Chinese CGI usually sucks…I don’t have high expectations. Sorry! But the actors are pretty great. Heard that Kris Wu won positive reviews for his portrayal of his character!

Kris Wu and Cheney Chen Xue Dong

Relationship: Disciple and Teacher

Fan Bing Bing and Yan Yi Kuan

Relationship: Disciple and Teacher, and also brother and sister!

William Chan and Guo Cai Jie

Relationship: Strong Aggressive Lovers

Yang Mi and Li Zhi Ting

Relationship: Adoring, Drowning Lovers

Lin Yun and Xi Liu Er

Relationship: Teacher and disciple and father and daughter.

Wang Yuan

Territories in L.O.R.D.:

Snapshots from Interviews for LORD:

In “LORD”, when filming was almost ending, my head got hurt.

“When I was filming it, it made me think of a shock coming from all directions.”

“It was completely a performance without anything there, so you need a lot of ability with acting.”

“When we were filming it was not very pretty. Don’t look at my face in the trailer which is full of dots.”

“I feel like it’s really cool; we did something that no one else has ever done before.”

“I ran for about seven to eight hours. It seemed to take about twenty retakes, or thirty retakes.”

“[The director] has a lot of new thoughts that he wants to try.”

“No matter if it succeeds or fails, at least you move forward a step.”

Check out my posts here.

The Music Corner:

#亚洲新歌榜#  Go here for the official rankings

#王源自作曲因为遇见你# Wang Yuan’s First Single: Because I Met You

#王俊凯自作曲树读# Wang Kai’s first single: Ode to a Tree

#陈学冬人间沙# Cheney Chen’s Soundtrack in LORD

#张杰2016我想世界巡演# Zhang Jie’s upcoming performance. Haha I just put this in here because the video and the hash tag are totally legit

#鹿晗Reloaded演唱会# Lu Han Reloaded Upcoming Performances

Can’t miss out on any Lulu updates!



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