So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Part 2 Chapter 3 Summary

It’s Chapter 3! Moving forward, one step at a time.

Chapter 3

It’s nighttime, the gala has ended, and the company does this thing where they invite everyone to drink some wine. Zheng Wei is a little afraid that she’ll become drunk and throw her face away esp. in front of WSY, but WSY’s face is pretty much as red as ZW’s from all the alcohol.

After everyone leaves, ZW realizes that she has made it into Er Fen Company from talking WSY. WSY wasn’t placed anywhere so she got into a company that is under Zhong Jian’s influence and has some bad circumstances. This is the first time ZW feels sorry for WSY.

The first day ZW goes to work, she is called into the office. They have a chat and ZW learns that they needed someone majoring in Civil Architecture to join their company. All of sudden someone comes in from behind. It is Director Zhou. He wants ZW as his personal secretary. This means ZW will have to learn some new skills and relearn a lot of things. He gives ZW a day to think it over.

When she gets back home, she calls Ruan Ruan who sounds like she’s been crying. But oh well, RR says she only had a cold, so ZW goes ahead and asks RR what RR thinks she should do. RR says that it will be key to her development, and give her more experience after a few years. So ZW takes the job after tossing and turning at night.

The next morning, she’s very energized and goes to Director Zhou’s office to ask where her desk is. When she is situated, she realizes that a lot of her activities are easy to learn because all she has to do is answer the phone and mail stuff, etc.  Occasionally she will need to prepare some text materials and also arrange his meetings. In ZW’s mind her job is like this: Business trip: She will take the first step to see if the road is smooth or not. Eating: She will taste it first to see if the food is fragrant. Meetings: She will speak first to see if the microphone is working.

Director Zhou is one the people in charge of the whole company’s operations. As his assistant, ZW does a great job, making everyone love her and also making everyone smile. But sometimes she does make some mistakes. When Director Zhou calls her Secretary Zheng, she knows she’s done something wrong. Haha. She’s making a lot of mistakes in the beginning but later, things get better especially as she gets more meticulous and more cautious.There’s never been any rumors about DZ and ZW and DZ’s wife isn’t jealous at all or anything. DZ’s wife even tells ZW to send DZ away personally when he gets drunk at the parties (which was only once or twice).

Anyways, DZ (Director Zhou) really trusts her a lot. She’s like the only one allowed around his stuff. He tells her everything confidential and she’s not allow to say it at all even in her sleep. Haha sleeptalking.

Her first unforgettable lesson comes in six months time when a woman who is a leader of a worker’s union begins to have talks with DZ. ZW calls this woman, Auntie Li (as a sign of respect). AL either organizes events for workers to relax at when it’s been a hard year, or is lacking funds and has to ask DZ for more. When DZ isn’t available, she will talk to ZW for a while before DZ is available.

One day she asks ZW if she thinks DZ will approve the expenditure that she is planning to allow the workers to engage in activities. ZW says “…Yes?”

When DZ gets back and sees that the union is preparing for all of these extravagant activities he’s mad at ZW.

Well ZW has learned never to say any concrete thing if she isn’t sure now!

Later, she’s a little emotional about it so DZ cautions her again to think twice before she speaks.

As she passes this trial she realizes that her past self was too silly and wakes up harboring courage and bravery, leaving the desperate Jade Flying Dragon behind.

Tranzgeek: Against my earlier declarations, I will be translating/summarizing Chapter 4 and 5 …because in those chapters…something really big happens.  *Ominous*


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