Status Update

Hello guys! I would like to take the time to describe some of the changes that will be/have occurred over the past few weeks. The new column, What’s Trending: Weibo, Fleeting Midsummer (Peking Uni’s Weakest Student), Les Interpretes, To Our Youth That is Fading Away, and my new drama recap page will all be covered

First off, Fleeting Midsummer has been moved to volaretranslations. I just posted a new segment of Chapter 3.3 today, after things have settled down. Please support me back on volaretranslations and be sure to support volaretranslations as well! Many thanks to etvolare for helping me throughout the whole process.

I will be posting posts to give you a heads up of when a new Fleeting Midsummer chapter has come out on volaretranslations.

All of my drama recaps are currently being hosted on A Virtual Voyage. Thank you Kappy for helping me (a lot!) throughout the whole way. I have recapped Border Town Prodigal Ep 1-2 so far, and am beginning to recap Proud of Love aka Don’t be So Proud. The first episode recap of episodes 1-2 will be released super super soon! Show all your support on A Virtual Voyage and be sure to support Kappy as well!

Next, the new column, on What’s Trending: Weibo will be deemed successful…I suppose. As of now, I think one post per week of this is enough…I will be posting whenever I find something interesting. Feel free to contribute to this new column or make your own by either suggesting anything or helping us out a bit. You can contact us via the contact form under “Contact Us!”

As for Les Interpretes, the translation spree will have to take place maybe on the third week of October in honor of Liliywho and all of our viewers. I am stockpiling currently… Two new updates will be coming out next week.

And for To Our Youth That is Fading Away, the translation speed has slowed down quite a bit now… well so much for my earlier enthusiasm. I will do my best to try to complete the second part of Chapter 2 by next week. Just a heads up, but we have moved into Part 2 now, in case you were unaware, so when I refer to Chapter 2, it should be automatically thought of as “Part 2” Chapter 2 instead of Part 1.

That’s all for now!

Btw we are just 1 follower away from 50 total followers :3. Thank you again, for all your support!

Don’t know what we’ll do when it reaches 50… anyone have any ideas? Please suggest, otherwise we may not do anything at all 😛 My schedule (as well as I would imagine, Jeslyn’s) are both busy, so pls suggest something that would be attainable.


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