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More on…When A Snail Falls in Love Feature

This time, the feature is very very upgraded…I remember being super lazy back when I made the first feature lol. In any case, I’ve included a full baidu translation, some behind the scenes commentary, and an eng subbed trailer. I’ll have to make a new post for all stills… Let’s all cheer on Wang Kai!!! And also bask in the glory of Ding Mo’s new adaptation…of course! I’ve caught up on both the c-novels When a Snail Falls in Love and Memory Lost, so I feel a lot better equipped to take on this feature.


The male lead, Ji Bai (Wang Kai) and the female lead (Wang Zi Wen) look like cold master-apprentices on the outside, but they are actually comrades bound by life and death, especially mutual admirers/lovers. Ji Bai is a veteran detective who is very cold. Xu Xu is a new talent who is very gifted in criminal psychology. After the two people crack a hard case together, Ji Bai develops some admiration for his comrade, but no matter what he does this girl who is like a “snail” doesn’t recognize love’s signals. As the two journey, solving cases while also developing love for each other, there is a period of extreme sweetness which is accompanied by the ultimate criminal pursuit full of danger.


Wang Kai as Ji Bai

Ji Bai is a veteran detective, full of coldness. After he and Xu Xu jointly crack a big case, Ji Bai feels some love and admiration towards his fellow disciple.

Wang Zi Wen as Xu Xu

Xu Xu is a criminal genius, new to the police force. The male lead develops feelings for this pure and simple new apprentice, but no matter what he does, she fails to recognize his pursuit. This “snail” just can’t receive the signals of love.

Xu Yue as Yao Meng

Yao Meng is in the Public Security Bureau of Lin City. She is Xu Xu’s good friend, and likes Ji Bai. She is a cute blossom who dares to love and dares to hate.

Yu Heng as Zhao Han

The manager of many groups of the Public Security Bureau of Lin City. He is Ji Bai and Xu Xu’s good friend.

Zhao Yuan Yuan as Ye Zi Xi

Yip group’s CEO and Xu Xu’s good friend.

Jiang Bing as Zhao Shi Yong

From the Yip Group. He is the third in-law, Ye Qiao’s husband.

Wu Qiao Yu as Ye Qiao 

From the Yip Group. The third daughter of the Ye family.

Zhang Yan Yan as Lu Ge

Glamorous, sinister, pretender. A female drug trafficker by the Vietnam border, has a foreign lover.

Zhang Xiao Qian as Yang Yu

Guilty of the blades. An unfair rebel/traitor.


  • When the two old acquaintances, Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen began to film the drama in 2005, when they filmed the kissing scenes, it was not awkward, but it was more vexing because they would often burst into laughter due to their over-familiarity with each other. Wang Kai had to come up with a “treating guests” way to stop it, “Whoever laughs first, will have to treat the whole cast to drink water or eat.” While filming “If a Snail Falls in Love”, the two people played lovers. Wang Kai joked, “What about I sign a contract with her separately? Whoever laughs will have to suffer punishment, I solemnly swear.”
  • As for Xu Xu’s small cuteness, Ji Bai’s great handsome air, inside the drama, Xu Xu will always act overbearing. Xu Xu’s actor, Wang Zi wen said that when she was lugged around by everyone she felt a feeling of security, like a small girl being protected by a man.
  • Wang Zi Wen said that the part where Wang Kai made her run every day, it was a lot of hard work in the drama. In the end, Wang Kai even ate up all of her stuff. The two people’s interactions with each other were very naughty. They were secretly online all the time.

没有承担的人生,是不值得过的     by季白

“If there is no commitment in life, then it is not worth living.” ~Ji Bai



According to ifeng, If A Snail Loves is being thought of as a story of “The Lion and the Snail”. Haha. I don’t know if Ji Bai can be considered a lion though… The heading below totally says it all



I really really really hope that the drama doesn’t blow up Yao Meng’s attachment to Ji Bai. Otherwise I don’t know what I might do if Wang Kai is harassed all the time! X| I hope the drama follows closely to the book and doesn’t create more drama, especially in the love relationships!! Shout out to Tiffy for translating such a good book so well!

Source: Baidu


2 thoughts on “More on…When A Snail Falls in Love Feature”

  1. Do you happen to know where the series was filmed? It is a beautiful place, but I do not know a word of Chinese to try to figure it out and none of the English sites say…other than the location shooting in Burma/Myanmar.


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