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So Young 2 Never Gone Movie Review

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I actually only just watched this movie despite the link that I posted waay before 😛 Kris Wu is looking veery adorable and Liu Yi Fei is as pretty as always 😉 Anyways, this review is very biased because the book was like one of my fave books everr and the very first Chinese novel I ever read 😉

Crystal Liu Yi Fei as Su Yun Jin

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Kris Wu as Cheng Zheng

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The movie is in POV of Su Yun Jin (Crystal Liu Yi Fei), so a lot of things from the college and high school days just come in chunks since she’s remembering things from before. Also, a lot of stuff is changed (drastically)…ok well this a movie so what did you all expect? At least Cheng Zheng (Kris Wu) is kept pretty much to character. I’m pretty disappointed in Su Yun Jin’s portrayal since I imagined her more quiet and more aggressive and I’m also pretty disappointed in their first meeting. I think Liu Yi Fei and Kris were good choices for the casting but their characters in general dramatically disappointed!

It’s almost as if the movie tries to scrape over their high school and college life like it totally doesn’t matter. AHHH! I was really looking forward to that since from the trailers it seemed like it would be more light hearted and happy.

The book focuses on their maturations as they begin to learn how to love but the movie is too short to even make anything happen. It was literally like watching two people on erratic moodswings. I mean it is understandable, since the movie was so short, but honestly, just focus on one thing if you don’t have enough time and don’t try to heap everything together!!!

I cannot believe Shen Ju An’s character either! He was so terrible I couldn’t even–he was no longer as understanding as before and instead just became a rival. Why a rival? Of all things..Shen Ju An is definitely not someone to be with someone for money or to keep going after Yun Jin because he won’t let go. That’s Cheng Zheng 😛

Song Ming also changed dramatically from a very fit guy to a fatty who follows Meng Xue everywhere…yes that’s totally what I want to see in another character of all things. Does this have to be so cliche? And why do fat guys always get all the hate in Chinese films?

And what the heck was wrong with the ending?? I seem to have been mislead by the clips/trailers that they would meet in America again in the movie T_T  Where is my happy ending for my dear Yun Jin and Cheng Zheng?

I really liked Mo Yu Hua and Zhou Zi Yi’s portrayal though. However, why didn’t they just take it out if this movie is mainly about Yun Jin and Cheng Zheng? That could have saved soo much screentime!! *sigh focusing on everything all at once made everything totally too fast to follow at all!!

Overall, this was a great romance, but things progressed too quickly for me to really follow with all the feelings and everything going on. Last words wrap up: I need to look for something else to heal my internal injuries lol. I will be waiting eagerly for “Don’t Be So Proud” aka “Proud of Love”.


4 thoughts on “So Young 2 Never Gone Movie Review”

  1. Girl, I have SO been meaning to comment long ago on previous posts but I’ve not found time to actually sit down and write, lol. I think our tastes are rather similar and I regret not knowing of this lovely blog sooner (!!!)

    First off, I’d been meaning to begin reading ‘To Our Youth That is Fading Away’ for the longest time (thank you!) because XinYiWu’s writing style is so soothing. It started with my discovery of ‘You Are Still Here,’ which leads me in to the connection with this post, heehee. It is absolutely one of my favorite novels and this movie casting sealed the deal for me. The movie itself is pretty much.. disappointing. >___< I had waited weeks for this to arrive to my country and when it did, I drove a few hours to see it and left the cinema at loss for words. Literally. And I'm sure you know why. Lol. That last scene. *sighhhhhhh*

    But not everything was terrible, I do dearly love this cast–Kimi is my personal favorite and after this I came aboard the Kris ship, haha! I like the additional scenes not original to the book, but I felt they could've opted out on many things and put in other deleted scenes. Personally, I thought the donation scene during the high school years was well done and so, so super sweet. =(
    Basically the film stopped midway of the novel and turned on the cliche card, even making JuAn unlikable, noooo! What I didn't want most was for this to turn into another typical book-turned-movie flop. They changed YunJin and although she wasn't likable to begin with, I think she was somehow even worse in the movie (not sure if Crystal Liu's portrayal contributed to it) *hides under a rock* but it was to the point where if you didn't have prior knowledge in the novel, you wouldn't know why or how he fell in love with her. Poorly constructed on their part. ;( But I do appreciate them making the climax my favorite scene from the book. I've never cried reading a book, but that scene at the temple made me wipe some tears. It was something so simple yet it really shook my heart just thinking upon how innocent ChengZheng was and ultimately how he wound up because of his love for her. I personally have a soft spot for devoted men who love only one woman so I super love ChengZheng even though I don't agree with him half the time. At first I was against Kris playing ChengZheng, but when I saw the teasers I began to eat my words. I really appreciated how well he delivered ChengZheng to life. He was so perfect for this.

    It is so great of you to review this movie as I think we have similar thoughts on this. And coincidently I just racked up enough courage to watch this a second round last night. It's not so bad after coping with it for 2 months, lol. Although it wasn't the greatest adaptation, I really did hope for its success because it originated from such a beautiful book. Too bad it got brushed upon. =( I did hear last month that the drama version is getting picked up. Though I'm excited, I'm selfish and want the boys of the movie to star in their same roles for the drama too because they're so perrrrrfect!


    1. To Our Youth That is Fading Away was definitely on my read list after both the movie and the drama utterly butchered the story line. (Well I didn’t exactly watch the drama but I watched some snippets of their grown up life for Zhang Dan Feng. He was very very spiffy and coolz.)
      OMG I so agree. I was waiting for the movie like forever (since I had to watch it online) so I kinda gave up hope on watching after a while since the company was being so strict on deleting it online 😦
      Su Yun Jin was soo bad in the movie. I really hated the scriptwriter because honestly some characters could have been done better UGH. I guess the reason why I think Liu Yi Fei worked for the adaptation was that Liu Yi Fei looks quiet/sweet. I mean this may be coming from my drama experience with Chinese Paladin and ROCH 😛 I do think the castings were done really well for all the characters but the script and the characters themselves SUCKED. I was really expecting more from Shen Ju An. Whyy did he just change into a total jerk?
      Why is Kimi always on the losing end of a love triangle though(Cruel Romance, Stay With Me (upcoming) and now this?!) And then he’s always trying to get the girl back to his side even though they’ve already fallen love with someone else *vomits. Why is fate so cruel?
      I had so high expectations for the movie because the book was soo great, but was badly crushed in the process *weeps. And the trailers and teasers were really good and I actually liked most of the actors/actresses, but then nothing turned out right. Some scenes were especially good, like you said, when they went to the temple, but they took out way too much! I subbed a So Young 2: Never Gone summary on YouTube that was technically also a summary for the book, but it included so many deleted scenes, that when I watched the movie, I was utterly flabbergasted when half of the scenes the user on YouTube put in his video weren’t even in the movie! Well that really really did a lot to my heart. I mean I guess I should have expected this when in the first five minutes, Mo Yu Hua popped up out of nowhere and was soo friendly to Su Yun Jin.
      Ahh the book was soo good though. It was full of so much emotion and so much of everything!! It really did make me cry (well almost) but I don’t think the movie did justice to the book. At all. The movie was pretty great at some moments but most of the time it felt like I was watching people on steroids. Really. I mean I cringe at Cheng Zheng like half the time but the movie just made him purely irrational and childish! >_<
      AHH I claim Kris and Kimi for the next adaptation!! Haha it's okay to be selfish sometimes.


  2. Sorry to request this here but i think what you said is very interesting. However i just watched the movie and as someone who has not read the book i’m quite confused! Your review helped a lot however i was wondering if you could also tell me what Yun Jin wrote in the text, or whatever the text was, that Cheng Zheng received in the plane before he went to the States. I’m very disappointed with the ending! And especially after reading your post i am disappointed even more so. I need to be satisfied with some kind of happy ending. T T


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