So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away-Part 1 Thoughts and Early Bird Review


Though the book did progress at a fairly slow pace in the beginning, when Zheng Wei was literally glued to Lin Jing, things did change which was really really great! I think with Xin Yi Wu, if you’re willing to stick around (or just skip to the interesting part haha totally me), you will really get a huge award. I mark the chapters that you can skip (in my opinion), and I also give a synopsis of all the chapters before the skipping point so that you can decide for yourself if you want to read a particular chapter or not. I’m the type of person that hates wasting time so I understand you guys who can’t get into the slow and draggy beginning 😉

Part of the reason why there was such a slooow translation in the beginning was because it was boring (yes, I thought it was very draggy and slow). But later on it became better and better. I suppose part of the drag lies in introducing the characters fully and completely as well as the setting which is very crucial to the development of the story.

I really like how the author tries to describe everyone’s thoughts and really make you understand why ppl do what they do. It makes it more realistic and a ton easier to read because after you understand the characters (even though it may be sad for the opposing character), you kinda feel like it all fits together.

Zheng Wei and Chen Xiao Zheng’s cute moments together will be very much missed…but I’m really really excited to get to Lin Jing. For some reason I’m already shipping them instead of Zheng Wei and Chen Xiao Zheng 😛 Well part of the reason is because I’m already imagining Lin Jing as Zhang Dan Feng and I did watch those snippets from their adult life.

I like the author’s humor (the book is NOT designed to be a total comedy by any shape, way, or form- for comedy search up Fleeting Midsummer-Peking University’s Weakest Student), but she makes a great balance between angst and funny. Her angsty scenes are very sad, but her happy scenes are very happy. It’s great for someone like me who likes both angst and comedy.

A lot of people hate the two male leads. I find CXZ a little ‘wanting’ in characteristics, but I really do understand his choices and why he does what he does. Love is a very complicated thing and CXZ just doesn’t want ZW to suffer…you know? I really like Zheng Wei for not being the annoying female lead. I mean all the clingy acts she does with Chen Xiao Zheng I considered very very cute and adorable. As far as Part 1 goes, Lin Jing can just stay out of it though! I think the first four chapters were wasted on him and how Zheng Wei kept trying to find him. Wasted…

Anyhow, overall I think the author does a great job writing “To Our Youth That is Fading Away” and I think you guys should totally check it out!

For readers who like to skip the draggy chapters, I would recommend just skipping to Chapter 8 (because that’s the first chapter with Chen Xiao Zheng as well as Zheng Wei’s first exposure to porn lol. Anyways, I’ve included a brief overview of all the chapters 1-8 below so you can decide for yourself which ones you want to read (as to not totally waste your time)

I will be updating Chapters 1-4 (i think) to be the actual text and not images so that it will be easier to read.

Chapter 1- Zheng Wei is a new university student who just moves into her university. With much help from the boys and more she moves into her dormitory. She meets Lao Zhang aka the Boss/Leader for the first time in this chapter.

Chapter 2- Zheng Wei meets all her dormmates and forms all her early judgements all of them, especially Ruan Ruan! For some reason she just hates Ruan Ruan. Note that Ruan Ruan is a nickname, and her real name is actually Ruan Guan. An adorable scene with Lin Jing completes this chapter. Zheng Wei is still trying to get in touch with Lin Jing in this chapter so if you’re not so into the persistence of her calling, you should probably skip the first two to three paragraphs and the last one to two paragraphs.

Chapter 3- Ahhh Zheng Wei finally realizes that Lin Jing has left. Yup she’s a pretty slow girl (well more like, a girl who believes in the power of love). Anyways, you may want to skip this chapter if you just want to get to the main male lead!!

Chapter 4- Ruan Ruan and Zheng Wei share some moments here 🙂 They’ve finally reconciled to become friends and now they’re tighter than ever! Who knew that Zheng Wei could create some happiness out of one of the (cough) saddest moments in her life (at least for now).

Chapter 5- It’s hangover time! Zheng Wei stumbles around trying to find her surroundings lol. Anyways, today is the day her parents announce some very big news- which may have been why Lin Jing left in the first place. I would definitely not miss out on the beginning…but after her parents call her so that they can talk in person…if you’re new to the translation project, do read it to find out why all of these things happened. Just a quick spoiler, at the very bottom for those of you who want to skip the talk (yes I would definitely skip it because it’s not really anything…)

Chapter 6- Zheng Wei accompanies Ruan Ruan to class, choosing the seat in the very back (yup what did you expect from a bad student)

Chapter 7- Zheng Wei has begun to skip class more and more frequently (you can thank Lao Zhang for that too) There’s this one professor known as Professor Iron Hand, the most murderous of all the professors. What will she do when he gets mad at the ppl skipping class? Chapter 7 is rlly funny esp when Zheng Wei is “caught” skipping class lol. There’s also some more details on her latest romance- with Xu Kai Yang- although it may not be called a romance at all~

Chapter 8- Zheng Wei’s first exposure to porn (from.. you guessed it! Lao Zhang.) and her first meeting with Chen Xiao Zheng….and let’s just say it’s not a very good one. In any case, she meets him accidentally- while waiting for Lao Zhang’s delivery of the porn disc…yupp

Spoiler alert for Chapter 5 ahead!! Don’t read below if you do not want to be spoiled!! I put it farther down for a reason!!









Zheng Wei’s parents divorce because ZW’s mom and LJ’s dad are having an affair. And that’s why Lin Jing leaves- because he can’t face the truth apparently. It’s nothing that big (at least in my opinion), but ZW’s talk is embellished with tales from her mom about their neverending love and how she and LJ’s dad went to the oldest tree in Wu Yuan to seal their love promises. You should probably remember the previous sentence about how they go to Wu Yuan because that will come up in Chapter 26-27…


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