So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 26.1

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Ok what the heck is wrong with CXZ’s mom. No wonder he’s so sensitive and insecure HMPH. Believe in the power of Zheng Wei CXZ…don’t give up!! The above picture is one of his memories of Zheng Wei.

Zheng Wei stayed at Chen Xiao Zheng’s house for two days, and it got closer and closer to Chinese New Year. She reluctantly left. When she left, A Zheng and his mom, sent her off at the car station together. They didn’t leave until they saw their guest leave.

At night, A Zheng opened his light that wasn’t that bright in his own room, constructing his model little by little. He had made many building models, but this one was different, this one wasn’t any commercial or residential building, and it wasn’t a waterfront villa either. Instead it was a small building he intended to send to Zheng Wei. He never gave her flowers, and couldn’t give her any extravagant gifts. The only thing he could give her was this–their small house, which embodied their commitment in the future.

The small room had a table and a chair, that all underwent his enormous efforts. He was completely focused on the models in his hand, that he didn’t notice that there was someone standing behind him.

“A Zheng.”

Only when he heard this familiar sound, did he turn around. He didn’t know when his mom had entered the room, or how long she had watched him for already.

“Mom, you’re still not asleep?” His mom usually slept early, so seeing her at this time, A Zheng felt like something had happened.

“I slept, but I didn’t continue to sleep. I saw your room’s light open, and came over to take a look. What are you doing that puts in such a  trance, what are you going to use this model for?”

Chen Xiao Zheng avoided the subject, and said, “It’s too late, you should still sleep early. Don’t you have to work tomorrow?”

His mom didn’t leave, and notoriously laughed, using her hand to touch the model in her son’s hands, “What a beautiful house.”

He suddenly stopped his hands’ motions, and watched his own mother steadily, “Mom, do you have anything to talk to me about?”

“A Zheng, come over.”

He hesitated a moment, but still went with his mother out of the room, going to his father’s portrait. He stood at one side, watching mother skillfully light the incense, and then carefully wiped the portrait frame of a subtle piece of dust.

“Kneel, A Zheng.” She said. After a while, she turned her head to look at her son who hadn’t moved. He was still standing there, his face indifferent.

“You don’t even listen to my words anymore?” Her voice’s exhaustion brought much sorrow and grief. From a small age to now, Chen Xiao Zheng had been most afraid when he saw his mother like this, and all kinds of his miserable life were fresh in his mind. But he didn’t mean to kneel.

“I won’t kneel, because I didn’t do anything wrong. Mom, of course I’ll listen to you, but I have my own judgements.”

“That’s right, you’ve grown up, and begun to have judgement you think are correct, so after you turned in your application you began to regret.

Chen Xiao Zheng began to laugh bitterly. He knew he couldn’t hide the truth from her. Ever since elementary school, she didn’t give up on using her own ways to get information about him from school, contact his teacher, and thus, even when university began, it wasn’t an exception. She had probably called his homeroom teacher before. Such a big thing, of course she knew about it. But he would have had this day coming to him sooner or later, so he didn’t feel like it was that big of a deal.

“That’s right, I regret it. I feel that I can have other choices, and going out of the country isn’t a path I must walk.” He lowly said.

“To the end, it’s still for Zheng Wei, right?” Mother said woodenly.

So she had already known. When Zheng Wei had been over for the two days,  she hadn’t mentioned it at all, Chen Xiao Zheng didn’t know if he should have been grateful,  but he didn’t have any way to test this hypothesis. So he could only say,  “That’s right,  I acknowledge that she is one of the most important reasons.”

“Before you wouldn’t be like this, my son is so strong, from the first day of university, wasn’t   going out of the country one of your greatest goals? If it wasn’t,  what was practicing your speech skills so bitterly, and working so hard for?

We’ve had difficult times these few years, why did we save every penny? Now, it’s been hard to find good opportunities, your homeroom teacher said, as of today, there are only 3000 people from the nation that can go and become an exchange student. Giving up now, and telling me it’s only because you’ve fallen in love, so you want to throw away this opportunity and go be with her. A Zheng, look at me and your dad and say it, loudly. Is this your decision?”

“I did always want to go, there are more foreign advanced technology and a better academic atmosphere, but that time, I didn’t think that I would meet Zheng Wei. After I got with her, I knew I could have such a simple happiness.” He looked at the person who had birthed him and raised him, “Mom, I know these years have been very painful, I also continue to make myself better. But, in front of father’s face, I am not afraid to tell the truth. Maybe, I am not as promising as you guys, but I will cling to the happiness she brings me.”

His mom’s hand unconsciously rubbed her husband’s cold surface, giving a dull sigh, “A Zheng, you’re talking to me about happiness? It’s not like I don’t understand happiness. Before, when your father was still here, and you were in my stomach, we, the family of three were all together. I think I am happier than any other woman on this world.



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