Status Update

I’m back again with another Post Tally and Status Update! Thanks to all the well wishers- I’m feeling a lot better now and up for some more translating! This post will cover the chapters we will be posting this week as well some new developments on our translation team. If you’re a fan of QueenAng3l and Torinope’s Korean posts, you might want to check this out~

Les Interpretes:

Hopefully another two or three chapters over this next week! Jeslyn is currently working on the next chapter, so we’ll be hearing back from her!

To Our Youth That is Fading Away:

I don’t know about you guys but these next chapters will be heart-breaking! UGH! We’re nearing the end of their youth 😦 I hope to finish Chapter 26 and maybe begin Chapter 27…

Fleeting Midsummer (Beijing Uni’s Weakest Student):

Well…if I have time. The next part of Chapter 2 is definitely coming out though and let’s just say that Lin Lin has never lost so much face before- especially in front of the guy she likes!


How did you like all those entertainment news last week? I’ve begun translating drama information from baidu! Feel free to request or let me know if you would like something different!

Translator News:

We’ve been going through some staffing changes over the last week and that’s part of the reason why Les Interpretes has been delayed for so long. LiliyWho left; QueenAng3l and Torinope have also decided to create their own domain dedicated primarily to kpop and korean stuff. Let’s wish all of them well and support them!

We are very low-staffed right now 😦 so we would appreciate it if you guys would support us in any way you can! Not all our positions are for translation though. We offer a wide range positions for people who are fluent in another language to people who aren’t or just for people who don’t really feel like they would have a lot of commitment! We are also beginning something where you can make your own column (kind of like how QueenAng3l’s Drama of the Week and Torinope’s Song of the Week posts were made). Check out our Join Us! page. Of course, translators aren’t required to stay on for more than one translation project. If we aren’t getting more staff, we may only be updating on Saturdays and Sundays 😦

Thanks for supporting us throughout this busy busy time!

Translation News:

Firstly, since we’re pretty busy now, we will probably be separating more chapters into chunks, since this way, we will be able to post more frequently!

Secondly, the translation spree has not been given a set date yet. It will have to be postponed for a later date again. Of course, I will have to collaborate with Jeslyn!



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