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Fighter of the Destiny Feature

OMG I’ve been wanting to do a feature on something about Lu Han to make use of our “Luhan” category! lol. This looks like a great drama though with several adaptations out that include a manga and an anime…seems like a wuxia/xianxia with the typical protagonist who tries to save himself and makes many friends along the way-it isn’t your typical flower guy aka Yang Guo or Ling Hu Chong from fellow author Jin Yong who make girls totally faint every time they meet a girl lol

Lu Han (EXO), Gu Li Na Zha, the cute Janice Wu, and more all star in this interesting drama that is very much “star” themed and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a “Behind the Scenes” section with all of Luhan’s thoughts of his first appearance ever in a television series!

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All links for the manga, raws, english translation, and anime are available under “Fighter of the Destiny” on the Features Page

Drama Synopsis:

At the absolute beginning, a god stone fell from the sky, its pieces scattering through the world. Whoever obtains the legendary godstone will be able to read the secret text. The godstone has since become a sacred relic in the human world, which has caused the world to be more chaotic for a long time. Until the humans ally with the demons to chase out the sorcerers to the polar grasslands, and there begins to be peace.
The young Chen Chang Sheng (Lu Han) has a mysterious growing up experience. He was saved by a Taoist monk in infancy from the ‘dragon’s mouth’, and accepted as a disciple. In the next ten years, he accepted the Dao teachings. Then, under Chen Chang Sheng’s physical condition, he could not practice these these teachings. He will die at 20 years old. So the boy went down the mountain in his teens,going to find the godstone from the Zhou Dynasty (first dynasty of China) and survive his “Big Tribulation” in order to obtain the godstone, and change his destiny.

Winds from the tiger and clouds from the dragon. Because of fate and his own efforts, Chen Chang Sheng withstands all kinds of pressures, and stepped over the cultivation pass, through strength of leaps and bounds. He also meets the young talent Tang San Shi Liu (Ceng Shu Xi) the demon princess Bai Luo Heng (Janice Wu), the demons helped him in his mission. Under their help, he came out on top of the “Big Tribulation”. After he entered the godstone resting place, after a night of exhaustion in front of the mound of the gravestone, he felt like a phenomenon was causing vibrations. Everything was just beginning, with the new change in the pattern of the world Chen Chang Sheng couldn’t help but be wrapped into the thick of it all.

Lu Han as Chen Chang Sheng
His childhood experience is blurred- he was picked up from the river by a Taoist monk. He often read the 3000 Taoist texts. His specific physical condition will make his blood meridians break at 20-years-old and he will die. When is was 19, he knew he only had one year of life left, and decided to go down the mountain to find a way to save himself. The Taoist pointed him towards a great list surrounded by many guards that he could change to change his destiny and also informed him that he had a love matter at hand. Chen Chang Sheng carried around his marriage vows to Shen Du, beginning the rise of a new hero.
Gu Li Na Zha as Xu You Rong
Of royal blood, the moment she was born, she was a leader among all her pears, with the addition of her beauty, extraordinary skill, and she’s also a Southern saint. Thus, she has a broad vision and a bigger picture. She has clear goals: pursue the Way (it’s a Dao thing), protect the nations under the heavens. Because she carries such a heavy burden, she is always busy with practicing, but has no way to receive the comfort of a family. After she meets Chen Chang Sheng, and they go through many life and death situations, they fall in love, their love relationship filled with many twists and turns.
Janice Wu Qian as Bai Luo Heng
Cheerful and optimistic young girl full of vitality, kind-hearted and generous. She is the princess of the demon clan, and has always been spoiled by her parents, which will make her too casual, working unfettered, and being reckless sometimes. Because of a problem with the demon clan’s blood meridians that she can’t fix, until she meets Chen Chang Sheng, only then is she finally freed from all these problems, and takes Chen Chang Sheng as her master. But, the Heavens love to play around. When she falls in love with her master, and this becomes her new source of pain, like the past- only to be disguised as a little secret in her heart as a bright smile.
Ceng Shun Xi as Tang San Shi Liu
Born the richest man, with more than enough to live comfortably. When he leaves the Tang family to go to the Capital, he hates it the most when others say that he relies on his family status for his achievement. Everyday he stirs up trouble, as a wealthy person who doesn’t uphold manners. Even though he doesn’t care about the identity of the Tang heir, when necessary he will use this identity to seek power. Until he sees the desperate efforts of Chen Chang Sheng to change his fate, he thinks that his disdained daily days are filled with such gusto. So he is more curious about it all, and becomes a happy partner.
Xu Ling Yue as Mo Yu
Arrogant, cold, conceited, her ends justify her means, but is instinctively respectful of people who are strong-willed and more powerful. As the shadow to the Holy Queen, she performs various tasks for the Queen, receiving a deep impression from the Holy Queen. Towards other experts whose skills she can’t match, she will worship them, and basically her whole life is for the Holy Queen. She suffers from insomnia long-term, but leans on Chen Chang Sheng for relief. When she has nothing to do, she will sleep on Chen Chang Sheng’s bed; the two have an ambiguous relationship.
Ju Xian Hao as Zhe Xiu
A youth as cold as a wolf. He is a later generation of a mix between a human and a demon, and will go crazy at any time, and he is disowned. His reputation is great among the demon clan and sorcery clan. He helped Da Zhou Bei General solve many complications, and thus joined the human military “Zhai Xin” college in hopes of solving the problem of his crazy meridians, but he has never found a reason, and has never found anyone willing to be friends with him, until he meets Chen Chang Sheng, and helps him solve his trials one by one, caring about his happiness.
Sheng Hou as Holy Queen “Sheng Hou”
Favored, of holy blood, controlling huge armies, and will do anything and everything for the people of the world. After Taizong’s death, she uses her own son as a sacrifice, to get control over a huge starry army, and successfully resists the invasion of the Sorcerers’ Clan, becoming the empress of all things. After many years, every day has always been in the Holy Queen’s hands, as she develops a conceited, self-willed character who is addicted to power.But at the same time, she has been a mother and a warm-hearted person before, and only doesn’t show it often. She is a complex Maiden made of iron.

Behind the Scenes:

  • This drama is Luhan’s first TV series and also his first appearance in the ancient costume theme.
  • Everyday coming to the scene of the filming, Lu Han and Na Zha don’t need to read the script any more, because their overnight homework is done very sufficiently, so all the lines have been learned by heart.
  • Lu Han said that the most he wears is four layers of clothing, although the crew have air conditioning, when they film, it is still super hot. Everyone drinks water and green bean soup to cool off. At the same time, this demonstrates the greatest difference in filming movies and filming dramas, that there are a lot of words. The first two days the crew arrived, Lu Han felt that he had already memorized the script to a whole movie, and it’s extremely fast paced; every day he puzzles over remembering his lines.
  • Na Zha will watch the Olympics during her break times, and swam laps with Olympic swimmer Fu Yuan Hui before.

Haha disguising their electric fans as gourds. Notice how everyone has their own personalized fan lol.

Translated via Baidu

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