To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 24 Part 2

By the way…the sole footnote acts as a picture guide to the flowers Ruan Ruan receive and boy does she receive a ton of flowers. Too bad for poor Zheng Wei 😛 *cough cough Chen Xiao Zheng

[1] Baby’s Breath Flowers:  

It is worth mentioning that not too long after senior year began, Ruan Ruan received a bundle of Baby’s Breath flowers [1] every week from the florist. She learned from the manager that there hadn’t been any news of the sender. Ruan Ruan thought that it was Zhou Yu Yong’s small surprise and gift, but later knew that Yu Yong knew nothing of it.

She hadn’t received any other guys’s flowers before. After one or two times of just roses or lilies, the giver would always emerge; after all, they were sending gifts to tell of their heart’s feelings. This time-only this time, after a week’s of flowers, the secret giver did not appear, and didn’t even leave a card behind.

Baby’s Breath were often used for embellishment, so she would usually be matched with roses or lilies. Ruan Ruan had also never seen such a big bundle of Baby’s Breath flowers alone before. They weren’t just beautiful, they were also wrapped with a lavender paper, and was pretty chic. Zheng Wei even especially found a “Baby’s Breath” flower linguistics book, and the answers varied, and were very irrlevant. Ruan Ruan was quite surprised, when later she found a simple glass flower vase. Every week she would take the fresh “Baby’s Breath” and put on the table in front of her bed. It became attached to the scenery, in her words, no matter who sent those flowers, these flowers alone were worth the treat.

Sometimes Zheng Wei would say these things in front of Chen Xiao Zheng, with an envious tone; they had been together for so long, but don’t even talk about flowers with Chen Xiao Zheng, he had never even sent her a piece of grass before. Of course, she didn’t really like all of those plants that would eventually wither, and towards A Zheng’s wooden small dragon, she felt it was more fun. But those young girls weren’t the same- they liked to have romantic dreams, and hope that the guy in front of them would serve the symbol of love through blooming flowers. She could never hide her heart from anyone, how could Chen Xiao Zheng not know anything from her obvious hints? But he would always laugh, and not say anything.

Zheng Wei had also observed, A Zheng liked to sit quietly by himself, and began to talk less and less. She didn’t know what he was thinking about. Despite his good restraint, his brows flashing with annoyance would not be able to hid from her. She had asked him before, but he said that nothing was going on. He was that type of person, whatever he didn’t want to say, even if you asked a thousand times, you wouldn’t get an answer.

Zheng Wei actually felt a frustration and powerlessness,. She didn’t know if she was too afraid of his disappearance, but she always would involuntarily speculate on his thoughts in his heart. But many times, he would obviously be in front of her, but she wouldn’t know what he was thinking about. Maybe, because she loved him, her love made her unable to see him clearly.

Chen Xiao Zheng was like a doll that she had liked when she was young; with tremendous force, she had snatched it away from her cousin, and hugged it in the nighttime, but she had never relaxed once, and thus hugged it tightly in her arms, always afraid that when she woke up, it would disappear.

Rather, she was the invincible Small Flying Dragon, but he was her day, even her clouds. She couldn’t reach the end of the day.

That night, Zheng Wei made an appointment with Chen Xiao Zheng to go read, when she went in front of the auditorium, she saw him from faraway–and Ceng Yu, who was by his side. Ever since she was with A Zheng, Ceng Yu gradually took away her feelings for him, and was smart and had the good grace to maintain a distance from him. Zheng Wei hadn’t seen the two of them alone together in a long time. She walked forward a few steps, and involuntarily stopped. She focused on making her smile a little more sweet, they were passing by after all, they were all classmates, normal conversation was normal. But that day, she wore her contacts, and could clearly see that Ceng Yu was more excited than usual.

She faced Chen Xiao Zheng, and the two were at least a meter apart. The demure Ceng Yu, changed to violent gestures as if trying to show something to him; she looked angry and indignant, and stretched out her hand to gesture to him. Then, she pointed straight opposite of the auditorium. That direction had some construction going on, besides some building materials and some workers, it wasn’t very special. Ceng Yu had a different excitement, while Chen Xiao Zheng maintained his cool. That was the expression Zheng Wei was familiar with. To people he was more alienated from, he would be more strange and more cold. He was more calm and polite, and showed extreme patience, but it was the essence of pure indifference.

After a while, maybe Ceng Yu also felt that her mood swings were pointless, and tried to put her hand on Chen Xiao Zheng’s shoulder, her mouth still saying something. Chen Xiao Zheng replied lightly, but didn’t try to remove her hand. When he turned, he saw Zheng Wei behind him, to whom he had been oblivious to in his line of sight before, and thus, he smiled, said a few words to Ceng Yu, and walked towards Zheng Wei.

Ruan Ruan wasn’t by her side, Zheng Wei also didn’t know what to do when met with these types of situations. Maybe she was supposed to turn a blind eye, laughing; thus when Chen Xiao Zheng walked in front of her, she still asked, “What were you doing with Ceng Yu?”

Chen Xiao Zheng looked at her, and used his hand to rub his chin, “Let me guess, the Jade Small Flying Dragon is jealous?”

“I won’t, I don’t care about you guys!” She suddenly got mad, and her voice got louder. After she got away from him, she continued forward.

He seemed to laugh behind her, but he still caught up to her, and held her hand, “Silly one, I am in the same graduation group as her. Right now is the preparation phase, some of our opinions aren’t the same, so we argued a little. Don’t keep a bitter face, it wasn’t anything in the first place. When you get mad, you get ugly.”

This was the first time he was willing to explain it to her; even though Zheng Wei’s expression was unsatisfied, her heart felt a little sweet, she pointed to his nose and said, “I don’t care, animals under 50 years old must be kept at least a safety measure of three meters away from me!”

He laughed, nodding, “Her Excellency, what other commands do you have for me?”

She wasn’t polite either, “And, May First of this year, come with me to Wu Yuan!”

“Wu Yuan? Why do you want to go to Wu Yuan?” He asked, surprised.

Zheng Wei seriously said, “I must go, Wu Yuan has a very special meaning to me, A Zheng, accompany me there all right?”

He hesitated.

She began to throw out all her strength again, “All right, all right, go go, I have always dreamed of going to Wu Yuan with the person I like, I want to bring you to my mom’s old love tree, I will also let it be evidence of our love, this is my dream, and you can even come to my house. All right all right, go……I’ve already prepared all the money for the trip.”

He lowered his head to think for a long time. When he looked up again, his face was smiling, “All right. But we don’t have to use your money, I helped some companies do some modeling and saved some money. The money for our going and return won’t be a problem.”

He delighted in her laughter and said, “May first, we’ll go to Wu Yuan.”

She rarely saw his expression so serious. In the crucial moments, there would be a type of decisiveness, which made her mistakenly feel that he had agreed after a difficult struggle and hesitation, but what he was really giving her was not only his consent to go to Wu Yuan, but also an irreversible promise that would last for this lifetime.


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