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New Princess Weiyoung Trailer!

The newest Princess Weiyoung trailer came out starring the evil Wei Yang~ I subbed the trailer (no worries) since I know you guys are just as eager for Princess Weiyoung as I am 😛 I mean the fantastic OTP, Tiffany Tang Yan, and the adorable Mao Xiao Tong should be enough motivation…right?

I am totally loving the feel Tiffany Tang is giving off right now *gush gush 😛


2 thoughts on “New Princess Weiyoung Trailer!”

  1. Did you guys ever get around to watching this? It’s so entertaining and incredibly fast paced, surprisingly! However, I’ve heard that it’s not as good or what people that read the novel expected it to be, but as someone that didn’t read the original work I really enjoyed Weiyoung’s character and the story.

    Happy blogging,
    Summer at Xingsings


    1. Yup! I got around to it! Imo, Wei Yang seemed a lot more Mary Sue than I originally anticipated and the fact that every time she had to keep being rescued…plus the fact that she always fell into the scheme really didn’t cut it for me. I’ve read too many book spoilers though so it would probably have been a great drama if I hadn’t read all those book spoilers 😛 The book sounds/is super super super good though! The revenge is brought to a whole ‘nother level!

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