Les Interpretes | 亲爱的翻译官

Les Interpretés Translation Update

Topics to cover: Upcoming Translation Spree (Date TBA) and a solemn good bye

On the website updates, I believe I have completed all categorizations but I will go back through to make sure 😉

Sadly, Liliywho must go :c Thus I want to send her off with style- a translation spree! (I hope you guys all send a word of support to her there c:) I will really miss her!

I also want to rekindle all those interests and obsessions for Les Interpretés and make it up to you guys for the long hiatus. Thus, stay alert for more news on the upcoming spree

In case you guys are wondering,  a translation spree is where the translators post as much as they can on a given day through stockpiling and frenetic translating on the given day.

We will be releasing more updates in the chapters that are released soon! I hope to also update To Our Youth that is Fading Away during the course of our stockpiling.

You probably shouldn’t expect the date to be set too soon from now (otherwise the spree wouldn’t be up to par heehee)

Thank you Liliywho for all of your hard work! I wish you well!


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