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Don’t Be So Proud Feature


Okay I know I said I wouldn’t be posting any more features….but I forgot about this one! Don’t be So Proud (别那么骄傲) was such a good book! I was totally following the English Translation on Hui3r. Also, the drama is technically called Proud of Love. But the book is called Don’t be So Proud.


 In the nightly talks at the boy’s dormitory, all the dormmates all doubted the power of menstrual cycles. As for the male god, He Zhi Zhou, he had always been disdainful of these types of vulgar language, until he became a girl, lying on the bed so pale……
 In the nightly talks at the girl’s dormitory, all the girls were curious about such a topic concerning the Engineering guys (*hint hint blush blush), until she changed into an Engineering guy, and a piece of a tail fell in front of her……
A one sentence introduction: an ascetic theology of male hegemony, how funny it is that his temper is too hard to control. Too sweet and about the waves of life ……

Life is too short, some things, one shouldn’t be so proud about anything, how can one not deviate eventually?

Tong Meng Shi as He Zhi Zhou

He Zhi Zhou is the male lead from famous female author Sui Hou Zhu’s novel “Don’t be So Proud”. A hilarious story about how this aloof, most handsome boy in the school, the science tyrant, is accidentally switched bodies with the female lead, Shen Xi, and thus began one of the most confusing impersonations of a girl skilled in art .

Vivian Sung as Shen Xi/Chen Xi

Shen Xi is the female lead in the famous author Sui Hou Zhu’s book “Don’t be so Proud”.  A dazed, rash girl from the Dance Academy, because of her meeting with He Zhi Zhou which caused them to switch bodies, she began an act of pretending to be the male god, an expert in science, and majoring in engineering, thus beginning a hilarious story from an original mishap.

Guan Hong as Lin Yu Tang

A warm man, Shen Xi’s childhood crush. Being meticulous and quiet are the key characteristics of Lin Yu Tang. If He Zhi Zhou is a flashlight, carving through the darkness, then Lin Yu Tang is a lamp. Even though its light cannot project far, it has a dim but warm light that always gives people a sense of security.

Mo Zhi as Xia Wei Ye

Overbearing, arrogant, wild. Shen Xi’s roommate. The eldest daughter of her family, with glamorous looks and a great family background, she develops a proud arrogant character. She has Princess Syndrome, extravagant and wasteful, spending billions of dollars to act provocative. She loves ordering others around.

yup, no official picture…she’s in the trailer though, which can be found at the very bottom.


New trailer can be found here.

Translated via Baidu


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