So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 24 Part 1

Zheng Wei starts freaking out about birth conception. What a pair of innocent bunnies~ Ahem Chen Xiao Zheng^^ Meanwhile, Ruan Ruan’s boyfriend comes over for a visit

After the long break ended, the dormmates came back one by one, when they were washing clothes at the sink, Zheng Wei hummed a song. Ruan Ruan, who had not been expecting this watched her the whole time. She found that Ruan Ruan was looking at her neck, there was nothing on it. Before, she had looked in the mirror thoroughly, but she really didn’t know where the “love bite” in novels was, so she angrily said, “Stop looking at it, there’s nothing!”

Ruan Ruan laughed, “Why do you have a guilty conscience, did I say what I saw? Initially, I was just suspicious, but now I have decided, quickly say it. I called you at about 10:00 pm on the 2nd, and initially wanted to ask you, but who knew that no one would answer, you move fast and did something bad.”

“What bad things could I do, I was probably bathing.” Zheng Wei bluffed.

“If you didn’t do anything bad, then what were you trying to see?” Ruan Ruan laughed at her.

Zheng Wei saw that it couldn’t be concealed, and her face reddened as she also laughed, she shook her wet hands under the water, as Ruan Ruan whispered a few words to her, Ruan Ruan’s face was also red, “Oh stop, who will talk to you about this.”

Zheng Wei embarrassingly pointed at Ruan Ruan, but Ruan Ruan casually pressed her finger down, and lowly said, “Be honest, those……did you use those measures?” She saw Zheng Wei a little lost, and her heart had a 80%-90% guess, “Silly, if you’re not careful and……what will you do?” She didn’t dare say those two words out loud but Zheng Wei understood, she seemed to realize the seriousness of the problem, and got more and more worried, “That can’t be, Ruan Ruan, don’t scare me!”

“Why would I scare you, it won’t be that bad right? If it’s real, then you’ll be in trouble.” Ruan Ruan’s eyebrows looked worried.

“What should I do, what should I do, Ruan Ruan, can I eat medicine, don’t they say that everything’s fine after eating medicine?” Zheng Wei had a temper that was immediate, the moment she started panicking, she was like ants on a hot pan.

“I said you didn’t understand anything and you didn’t believe me. You need time for the medicine to work, I heard that it will work within two days, you……”

Zheng Wei immediately looked like she was about to cry, “I’m done for, this time I’m definitely done for.”

Ruan Ruan lowered her head to think,and asked her when her period had ended, “It just ended a week ago, the time suspended a bit, but don’t be afraid, being afraid at this step of the situation is no use, your luck has always been good, you probably won’t get into any trouble.”

“Will something really happen?” Zheng Wei grabbed Ruan Ruan’s hand like she was seizing the last straw.

How much more could Ruan Ruan understand than her, after she heard it, she was also shocked. After a while she said, “If something really happened, there will naturally be a way to overcome it, but you shouldn’t mention this thing again. Really, you didn’t understand, he also didn’t understand?”

Zheng Wei’s face was red, “He came towards me, at the time……at the time…..”

Ruan Ruan chuckled knowingly.

In the following 20 days, Ruan Ruan continued to follow Zheng Wei, nervously. Last week, when her menstrual cycle went away, Zheng Wei excitedly awaited her signal before the delay of its arrival. All of a sudden she was in a panic, she wouldn’t eat bad food, and couldn’t sleep well. Now one must know that in the college, intimate contact between lovers wasn’t any news, but if you brought out another “life”, the situation would be hard to handle. She privately went over to Chen Xiao Zheng’s to complain, and he felt consciously wrong and worried helpless. In the end, she could see the anxiety, and so the two made a big circle, and bought the legendary birth control paper from the pharamacy, the moment they went back to the dormitory, she immediately locked herself into the bathroom, and when she finally came out, she met the concerned Ruan Ruan.

“How is it?” Ruan Ruan asked.

Zheng Wei flattened her mouth, seeing Ruan Ruan’s shocked look, then she smiled hugely and made a “Victory” sign with her hands, Ruan Ruan sighed, “Monkey King (probably a reference to her mischievousness), you scared me again.”

This round was cleared, but it made Zheng Wei and Chen Xiao Zheng scared to death. However, the two of them were students living at the school, and how many opportunities would they really have to do it for real? The two people blushed in that period. They only held hands in that time, but they felt more intimate.

Ruan Ruan had also returned from a successful holiday trip; from her smiling face, Zheng Wei knew that she had succeeded in defending her feelings.

“What did you do, teach me.” Zheng Wei said.

Ruan Ruan replied, “I didn’t do anything, I only went to go see him, and let him bring me around locally.”

“Did you ask him what he did that night?”

Ruan Ruan shook her head, “He only looked like he couldn’t remember, so when I saw him, he also really saw me. My goal has been reached–I understand him.” (Presumably, she has done ‘it’)

After they entered their senior years, many classmates around them had already been proactive with work. Ruan Ruan’s boyfriend, Zhao Yu Yong had been given two weeks of practice, in his next flight, his practice location was S City which was close to G City. In coming like this, the two people who had longed for each other met many times. In that time, every two weeks, Ruan Ruan would ride a four hour long intercity train to S-City to see her Yu Yong, never changing. Sometimes, to take advantage of his nearness, she would leave on Friday afternoon; it didn’t matter if she didn’t go to a few classes. Thus, now it was Zheng Wei’s turn to cover for her. One time, the Professor suddenly gave a quiz over “Sewage Works”, using this method to see who had been absent. To prevent Ruan Ruan from failing, Zheng Wei gave her a breakout method, and gritting her teeth, she finished two tests in the time limit. After that, even though she complained incessantly about her wrists, for Ruan Ruan, she felt it was well worth it. She often laughed together with Zhu Xiao Bei about Ruan Ruan. Before, Ruan Ruan had been a good student for three years; she really was so obedient. But she hadn’t committed any crimes before and had thrown the guidelines away. Now it was good, once she had fulfilled the conditions, she was crazier than anyone, living frugally for a month to pay for the public transportation. Thus, they all followed suit, dubbing the TXXXX train that went from G City to S City “Ruan Ruan’s Train”.

One or two times, Zhou Yu Yong would come with Ruan Ruan to the school. It was the first time he was under Zhu Xiao Bei’s incitations, and he he even treated the whole dormitory of girls to a dinner nearby. That was their first formal occasion in meeting “Xiao Yong Yong”. He turned out to be a pretty outstanding and decent guy, when they said hi to him, he would stand behind Ruan Ruan and smile, showing deep dimples and a left chipped tooth. He was obviously at a close age, and the pretty Ruan Ruan made them almost siblings. When they ate, and he wasn’t using his chopsticks, his hand would tightly hold Ruan Ruan’s hand on the table, while Zheng Wei would “hehe” laugh at the side. When no one was noticing, she would say in Ruan Ruan’s ear, “Ruan Ruan, you have really bad taste.”

Li Wei Juan made a proposal, since the occasion was rare, and asked Zhou Yu Yong to drink a glass of beer to each of the “Six Great Empresses”. Zhu Xiao Bei passionately agreed. There were only a few boyfriends in the dorm. He Lu Ya’s boyfriend had already graduated, and had been a practical, honest person; making fun of him wasn’t interesting. Chen Xiao Zheng’s temper- who dared to laugh at him without anything to do. It was hard to meet someone so “fresh yet cute” like Zhou Yu Yong. How would they let go of him? Zhou Yu Yong’s alcoholic intake was only a little, but he accepted all the six beer cups, as they went down his stomach. Under the fierce girls’ booing, he couldn’t refuse, and could only undauntedly ask for help. In the end, it was still Ruan Ruan who helped him. She and Yu Yong shared the load, and had three cups each, to eliminate their sisters’ deep grievances of love, they were willing to drink to their faces. Sometimes it would be a little more rowdy, Zheng Wei and Zhu Xiao Bei smacked the table, and Ruan Ruan was bold, as she drained the cups, and even Zhou Yu Yong was blushing a little shyly.


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