So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 23 Part 2

Okay really…what did you expect would happen when the two of them share a bed? Well…I don’t think Zheng Wei was always exactly….the version of shameless or obedient…but I’ll blame it on Chen Xiao Zheng!! After that though…how can Zheng Wei even pretend to be innocent again >_< lol

After the light went out, and the two people lay on the bed, both didn’t seem to feel like talking. Fortunately, both of them were very skinny, and the small single bed was basically cramped, both deliberately tried to keep a distance, with no skin contact. Zheng Wei curled up in the blanket against the wall, counting sheep, she hated that she couldn’t immediately enter dark sweetness (sleeping), so that the moment she woke up it was another new day.

She felt it very strange, she hadn’t been with A Zheng for a day or two days. Besides “it”, there were supposed to be a lot of secrets kept in a love relationship, at the school appointment dates they had had a lot of other more ambiguous touches, but these moments, had never made her more guilty and embarrassed than this moment. She recognized, that it must be that this scene was too special, the “bed”, this place was already given a lot of space for reverie, and the dormitory at night was too quiet, their distance was also too close, so close that his breaths were like sprayed on the back of her neck, wave by wave, hot……

She concentrated on regarding wrongdoing with equanimity, wasn’t it just lying on a bed, how bad was that? But the embarrassing thing was that her heart was obviously jumping up and down, and could not be ignored. He kept not saying anything, she didn’t know if he had slept yet. The more she wanted to sleep, the less she could actually sleep, and gradually felt tight against the wall, and unable to keep this position any longer, but she just wouldn’t move, afraid that one move would scare him. Thus she secretly cried, wasn’t this her own sin, if she had known earlier, she would definitely be willing to hold onto Xiao Bei’s hammer that she had sent on her own bed. Being scared to death was better than being suffocated to death.

She felt her hands and feet getting a little stiff, and just when she had just slightly stretched her body, and hadn’t touched him yet, she heard his annoyed “tut” in the darkness, “You won’t sleep well, why are you moving around randomly?”

She felt extremely wronged, she had bitten the bullet for so long (endured for so long), but a small movement made him unsatisfied, she suddenly looked behind her, “I’m sleeping, not lying stiff as a corpse, who said that no one could move?”

“Knock it off, move over a little, I’m almost smothered to death.”

When he spoke, she saw his breath almost sticking to her cheek. But it was only early October, so no matter how hot and fervent it got in the morning, the nighttime would bring with it some coolness, was it hot? She doubted, she didn’t feel hot at all.

When she thought to here, she reached her hand from inside her blankets and groped around, touching his forehead, “Your body temperature won’t have a problem right?”

When she had just gotten her hand next to her nose, her hand was suddenly grabbed by him. “What are you doing, why are you touching me randomly?” His sound brought an obvious annoyance.

“Why are you being mean, I won’t touch you, fine.” Zheng Wei was also a little mad and unhappily turned against him, when she found that he wouldn’t let her move, but held her hand without any meaning of letting go. He held on to her tightly, and her hand was a little hurt, so she muttered and struggled some, but he still wouldn’t let go.

“What are you doing?” She didn’t understand, she didn’t know where she had gone wrong, her sound also got louder.

“I told you not to move around, but you just have to be like a flea.”

“Aren’t I not moving now, how am I going to sleep if you keep holding on to me?”

“You’re so loud that I can’t sleep, you better stop thinking about sleep too.”

That was the first time Zheng Wei found a time when Chen Xiao Zheng was also so unreasonable, she was angry and found it funny, she thought, you don’t learn any of my more luminous advantages, but why do you learn my shameless behavior in 10/10, but if you want to compete against me, you still have some more things to learn!

“You won’t let me touch you, I must touch you.” She said this and followed through. The hand that he had grabbed also forcibly moved, touching his nose, his chin, and by his close chest, she rubbed a handful, and laughed, pleased.

She didn’t know why, but his sound suddenly became soft, his hand still clamped in her hands, but his hands didn’t seem like they wanted her hands to let go, but seemed like he wanted her hands to press on his chest.

“Have you touched enough?” He asked.

Zheng Wei still laughed, she had taken advantages but still pretended to be well-behaved, “It’s hard, there isn’t anything good to touch.”

To tell the truth, a boy’s physique really wasn’t interesting, it absolutely couldn’t compete with the graceful, undulating curves of the rich girls, even though she hadn’t tried it before, she had seen it on the audiovisual many times, and those pretty girls were matched with ugly men, a guy’s body was too ugly.

Past their private intimate time, most of the time it was him who was curious about her body. Although it was superficial, she knew his body way more than he knew her body. When she stretched out her five fingers that she couldn’t see in the darkness, she suddenly thought of a bold idea, she really wanted to see how boys were really different from girls, was it as ugly as in the audiovisual? She was too curious.

She hadn’t thought of how she would fulfill this request when his hand began to seemed to become like her stomach’s worms. They slowly pulled her hands, little by little, not stopping. My god, my senses wouldn’t have been dominated by his limbs, right? She thought.

Until he put her hand on a specific location, he didn’t say anything, she only felt that his palm’s sweat made her hand all wet. She didn’t know if this was mischief, separated by two layers of cloth, she felt that the strange thing under her hands was so hot that it burned her hand, she just wanted to leave before he mumbled, “Don’t……”

Zheng Wei cleared her throat, so she didn’t startle anyone, “I have a small request…..I, can I ask to turn on the light.”

He didn’t say anything for a long time. This made her think that her request was very shameless and ridiculous, it was good that he couldn’t see her red face in the dark, “I’m just a little curious, and said it casually. Just take it as I didn’t say it, I didn’t say anything.”

But he silently raised his hand to the other side of the bed, and after a moment, Zheng Wei heard the light switch sound, she didn’t react quickly enough. His bed’s soft light enveloped the two people, she saw his graceful face at ease, his bottomless dark eyes, a thin line of sweat, he used those strange eyes to look at her, half leaning on him. This made her aware that turning on the light was a stupid mistake.

But, once you opened it, you could not go back, half of it was love and the other half was that she was reluctant to refuse it, this was the first time she had seen the cause of her curiosity, she half raised her face, and didn’t know that if she could make herself calm down a little, after her shame and surprise, she was indeed a beautiful Jade Flying Dragon, she still maintained her facial expressions and stretched out her finger to try touching it.

She forgot when he began to control her hands, and only remembered he seemed to say, “This isn’t fair, it’s time for me to see it and take back what I own.”

He said this right, it was that she had known after the circumstances. It was really hot tonight.

When the hurt began to surface, the game began to be no fun, every time he moved, she would yell, “Stop stop stop, Chen Xiao Zheng, I’m not playing anymore, it hurts too much.”

Her hands and feet were used simultaneously as she writhed her body around, resisting, which forced him to stop, and exit from her body. He chaotically pressed on top of her, confused, and even his tone had changed, “Stop? No, really we can’t……Wei Wei, does it hurt that much?”

“What bull****! It’s my turn to poke you to see if you’ll hurt?” She was short of breath and spoke incoherently.

“I have never stopped things halfway.”

It wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair, why was it that in this game, he was so controlled, but she only felt hurt. The fact that things could escalate to this point, broke her expectations completely. Was this the game of desire that made people fascinated? Was this the root of all lust, angriness, and resentment? The fact that these two headstrong people could become closer through this way, making their bodies transferred and inseparable, could they just stare right into the depths of the other’s soul?

Zheng Wei cried, she didn’t know if she was crying because of her pain or because she had met a change that she could never go back from. If all girls would have this day one day, then, she had to admit, that her tears also had some happiness, because she had finally completed everything, in her most beautiful moment, she had given her best years to the guy she loved most, when she thought up to here, her throbbing replaced her weak struggling and even the pain had become full of deep meaning.

God was wise, he let the girls first feel pain in the irrepressible invasion of the man, because happiness was fleeting; only pain could be kept at heart. She could forget her most strong, happy man, but she would never forget the pain, that first man had given her.

How could she forget him, her A Zheng, in the dim lights, his forehead was furrowed, his sweat like rain, would he also remember the her in this moment?

Zheng Wei hugged his back tightly amidst his actions, until his joy within the pain was satisfied, they would never be strangers again. Even if one day they lost each other, when she remembered this day, she would never have nothing.

At the moment when they had basically forgotten about their surroundings, they suddenly heard a key in the lock from the door, Chen Xiao Zheng instinctively dimmed the light. In the moment that the light disappeared, Zheng Wei felt his body violently shaking on top her body, and he then pulled the blanket over their naked bodies, quietly bending over her. Zheng Wei didn’t move one bit, she heard the door opening, and then a sound of someone coming in, it was actually Lao Zhang coming back.

Fortunately, Lao Zhang actually didn’t open the light, or else he would have noticed, and they didn’t know how they would deal with the shame. They heard Lao Zhang going to the bathroom, and seemed to puke. Then he actually found his bed, and once he went on it, he didn’t move again, and started snoring.

Zheng Wei felt A Zheng and herself give a sigh of relief. Now, was actually the time for her to settle the score, she pushed him, and lowly said: “Scoundrel, why are you still pressing me?” She heard him laugh lightly, and flip over. His distance made her feel cool for a second, and when she lifted her hands to be in the wind, she felt a sticky piece, that brought a faint smell. She yelled surprised, and immediately reacted, “Ah, so disgusting.” He didn’t react, but felt around for a tissue and carefully wiped off her and himself.

Throughout the chaotic night, Zheng Wei didn’t know how she slept in the end, but when she woke up, the sky was bright. She confusedly opened her eyes, a little unclear where she was until she saw him, already dressed and sitting on the side of the bed. All of the memories immediately rushed back. She quickly pulled his blanket around her, only revealing her eyes, those memories were too vigorous in stimulation, and made her red all over.

His hands were on the bed,calm and unruffled while she was embarrassed and said, “Your sleeping is really poor, your weight made my hands and feet numb.”

Where was Zheng Wei willing to acknowledge it, “You trickster, where’s the evidence?” She looked a bit, Lao Zhang’s bed was already empty, she forced him to turn around, and pretended to fix herself up. Right when Chen Xiao Zheng turned around again, she had already changd into new clothes, her hair was only untidy, she pretended to be naive and innocent, and he saw her lower her face, and felt his own heart had never felt so soft, but in the next moment, she lifted her chin and said to him, “You’re now mine, from today on, you have to be obedient.”

On that day, Zheng Wei met the hurried Lao Zhang on the path, and first guilt changed to blushing to panic, Lao Zhang looked normal, but she asked once, admitting her guilt, “Lao Zhang, did you hear anything last night?”

Lao Zhang confusedly shook his head, “I didn’t see anything.”

She laughed, “Then that’s good, then that’s good.”

When they were about to say goodbye, Lao Zhang added superfluously, “What could I hear, your guys’ bed creaked around for the whole night, I could only hear the creaking, I couldn’t hear anything else.”

Zheng Wei immediately began running. She even heard the damned Lao Zhang yelling behind her, “Wei Wei, don’t worry, I really won’t come back tonight.”


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