So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 23 Part 1

First off, school is in session for all of us translators, so I ask that you bear with us for the Les Interpretes translation and new updates for this translation as well// Zheng Wei has officially moved over to Chen Xiao Zheng’s dorm…oh the possibilities; nothing naughty happens as of yet, but something is bound to happen, considering that they’ve been forced into sharing the same bed.

The second day, Zheng Wei carried a bulging travel bag with a small purse on her shoulder, hurrying to Chen Xiao Zheng’s dormitory. The moment Chen Xiao Zheng saw her battle, he laughed to the point of tears, “You didn’t move your whole house here right?”

She said, “How do I only have these things,” while taking out her stuff and putting them onto his bed, he glanced over at it, from slippers, pajamas, toothbrushes, and towels to the cosmetic bottles and jars that a girl needed.

“Are you sure you’re going to live here?” He asked again.

Zheng Wei put on a straight face and said: “Do you not like it. It’s not like I could have prevented it, what happened yesterday, almost made me have schizophrenia.”

“But as a girl, if everyone knows that you came over to my dorm, that won’t be too good.”

“What else can I do, here, I don’t have any relatives here or anything, before they come back, I am not going back to my dormitory, if you don’t take me in, I’ll go to an internet bar by myself.”

Chen Xiao Zheng confronted her drastic image and reluctantly said: “Going to an internet bar is even more outrageous, like you don’t want to live. Okay, the dormitory only has me and Lao Zhang now, and I haven’t seen Lao Zhang in a long time, if you must live here then live here, and I guess we just can’t prevent other people from thinking things.”

Zheng Wei viciously elbowed him, “Don’t say that your dormitory has never had any girls over, didn’t the guy on your upper bunk take his girlfriend over to spend the night?”

Like all the other universities, G University’s male dormitory wasn’t as strict as the female dormitory, sometimes girls would stay over at the male dormitory, it was a surprising thing, but as for the first time Zheng Wei had come over to see Chen Xiao Zheng, she saw a girl wearing pajamas climbing down from his top bunk, going to brush her teeth without any change in expression, making her (Zheng Wei) stunned for a second. She wasn’t afraid of the sky or the earth, but she didn’t even dare think of these kinds of things, openly living together under many people’s watchful eyes, how humiliating. If she hadn’t been terrified last night, she definitely wouldn’t come here, she thought, she was only forced by the situation, temporarily staying in his quarters, what difference was it from that girl from the top bunk, added with Zhu Xiao Bei’s words, no matter where she went, she was pure from the inside out.

When she thought to here, she asked secretively, “A Zheng, before when the girl from the top bunk was here, did you hear anything at night?”

He gave her a look of contempt, “Who is as boring as you, asking around for this in her spare time?”

“It’s so quiet at night, on the top bunk and the bottom bunk, I can’t hear anything, and I don’t believe that you’re not curious, are you not even a little tiny bit curious?” She said confidently.

Chen Xiao Zheng felt a little embarrassed under her questioning, “Sometimes I’ll hear a little…..don’t ask this all the time all right, can you say something a little more interesting and healthy?”

Zheng Wei lowly said, “If I don’t say it then I’m not healthy.”

Chen Xiao Zheng often acted as if he had nothing to do in the morning, Zheng Wei watched him from the side, and could not help but smile, she had heard that the most serious men were the most charming, and she hadn’t believed it, but now she knew it was really true.

But really, to build a building model, one needed to go through many cumbersome processes, he was particularly more prominent in this regard, with his patience and carefulness. If it had been her instead, she would definitely have been less effective.

The two ate at the big cafeteria for dinner, during break, the cafeteria windows were a little closed, and there weren’t as many choices. After she hastily finished, she followed him back to the dormitory, while he was busy, she played games on Lao Zhang’s computer.

She didn’t know when it had become 10:30 pm, Chen Xiao Zheng rose his head and glanced at the time, “How late is it, Lao Zhang won’t be coming back, go bathe.” Zheng Wei obediently went. She looked for her clothes on his bed a bit and hugged her clothes she was going to change into, in the bathroom. She had just taken off her clothes when she heard someone lightly knocking on the bathroom door.

The dormitory only had the two of them, by knocking on the door now, what did he want? Zheng Wei suddenly reddened, and her heart jumped erratically, even her speech was stammered, “What…..what are you doing?”

She thought she heard some coughing sounds from outside the door, “You……your thing dropped.”

“Really?” She looked over her items hanging up in the bathroom, her small flowery pajamas and towel was still there, even the water for washing her hair were there, her showering gel and facial cleanser were also still there. She looked at her naked self, and vigilantly hid behind the door, “You liar, I didn’t drop anything at all!” She thought of a nursery rhyme from when she was little, the wolf impersonated the mother and tricked the small bunnies into opening the door quietly, I won’t open it, I won’t open it, before mom comes back, I won’t open it for anyone.

When he heard her words, he couldn’t help but say, “Trick you? Am I sick. Your underwear dropped outside, don’t leave!”

The moment Zheng Wei heard this, her face reddened like a ripe crab, she looked again, and she actually was missing something, her heart yelled, wasn’t this losing her family’s reputation, she had been afraid he would see it before, purposely using a towel to cover it up before going to the bathroom. She must have not wrapped it tight enough, and walked too hastily. She didn’t even know when it had dropped out, and he had actually picked it up. She dabbed at her sweaty face, this was the first time she was living with him. How did everything get so out of hand?

She carefully opened the door a crack, stretched out her hand and grabbed onto the thing she wanted, the door was closed tightly, and she shook her head. It was only a small occurrence, it wasn’t much, wasn’t much. She opened the water and tried to calmly take a bath.

When she had finished changing her clothes, she couldn’t help but lower her head. He was half reading in bed, and the moment he saw her, he said, “You must change your forgetful problems.” Zheng Wei hollowly laughed a few times and went over, he estimated she was too embarrassed to go on about this topic again and went to go bath after her.

After he finished bathing a cold bath, he saw her wearing her pajamas, innocently on the edge of the bed, he didn’t know what she was thinking about. He used a dry towel to wipe his hair while asking, “What’s wrong?”

Zheng Wei uncharacteristically hesitated, “Are you sure we can both fit on this tiny bed? My bed usually feels too narrow, I feel like I often roll around…..”

“I’ll sleep on a different bed, you can sleep on mine.” He said decisively.

“No, no, you can still sleep on your bed, I can sleep on another bed.” She finally realized what happened when a dove flew over a magpie’s nest. Saying this, she went to his neighbor’s bed, and flipped the blanket over, immediately letting out a “Wow wow”. Underneath the blankets were too many pairs of socks that hadn’t been washed for days, she plugged her nose and yelled, “This is too outrageous, too outrageous.” After she finished she went to the opposite bed, and saw the sheets that were as shiny as a mirror, but was shocked yet again.

“I thought I was considered messy, it turns out that there is a stronger one in the midst of experts.” Now she felt that no matter who slept in this bed, they all needed incredible bravery and determination, to make anyone of them sleep on such a bed was too cruel.

“It’s very clear, the only bed where people can sleep is that bed. Then…….really, I want to say that I don’t mind squeezing a bit.”

He was a bit confused, as if thinking about the feasibility of her request. She had already flown to his bed. He was free to make any decision, but to make her sleep on any other bed would make her willing to die, he couldn’t blame her shamelessness. A fellow immortal would die but a poor Taoist wouldn’t (appraising her character; as the poor Taoist, she has less to lose and thus, less reputation to worry about while the fellow immortal would definitely take the situation differently).

When he sat by her side, her head emerged from the blanket, and befittingly drew him in fakely, as she said seriously, “Let’s first get this straight, even though the beauty is in front of you, you are not allowed to move a finger, and quickly destroy that thought from your heart!”

He laughed, “I should be saying this to you.”


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