Status Update

A general overview of what is going to happen over the next month as circumstances change…

Translators’ Update:

School is currently in session for all translators, complete with final exams and more….which means less time for the blog 😦 Translations may begin to lag a bit compared to our summer speeds, but never fear, for we will do our best! 😀

Les Interpretes Update:

First of all, sorry to all fans for the huge delay! We did not forget about you (don’t worry), but all of us on the Les Interpretes team had some real life issues- as many of you know, blog translators do have their own lives away from posting. Do look out for two new sponsored chapters this week, as we now have  2 new followers and 100 likes!! Hopefully, they will be out by 8/13/2016!

Scroll down to the end to find out more about new post changes to all of the Les Interpretes categories.

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Update:

As I am working with both Les Interpretes and To Our Youth that is Fading Away, you may begin to see some lagging as Les Interpretes is reignited and as school returns, however, I will continue to post, hopefully once every week. Just know that I am doing my best!


We promised we would add some teasers to the site and we will deliver! A chapter of Let Me Look At You by Xin Yi Wu (same author of To Our Youth That is Fading Away) is currently in progress. “Let Me Look At You” stars Han Shu and the returning Zhu Xiao Bei (who is now a minor character). Let Me Look At You has been ranked the top Xin Yi Wu book by Peanuts and Lidge back on hui3r here, so we hope you’ll check it out!

We’ve interpreted teasers as beginning chapters of books that we want to share with you, so please let us know what you think! (Please do not expect full books to be translated in our teasers)

Website Changes Update:

I am currently creating new tags and categories for all posts I have posted before. Here’s the overview:


For all features, I will be adding them to the Feature category and the type of film it is. For example, if the feature is a movie, I will be adding it to the Feature and Movie category. If it is a drama like Legend of Chusen, I will be adding it to the Feature and C Drama category.

I will be adding all tags for the actors/actresses’ names and the name of the author.

To navigate to the ‘Features’ page, either click on it at the top of the website, or click on it in the ‘Library’ column to the right of the page. (The Library column is currently going through some malfunctioning issues so don’t be surprised if it isn’t working until 8/13/2016)

Les Interpretes

For all Les Interpretes posts, I will be making new categories named “Les Interpretes” and “情爱的翻译官”. You can expect these new categories to be added by the end of next week (8/20/2016).

If you have any questions or concerns, comment below to let me know!


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