So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 22 Summary

It’s the next year, and Zheng Wei is gushing to Chen Xiao Zheng about how they’re going to graduate together and make a family… :3

Chen Xiao Zheng is taken aback and goes like, “That’s too far in the future. I can’t think about that yet.”

She asks where he wants to go work. He says if he must choose, he’ll choose the China State Construction Group inside China (does anyone else find that ironic)

She says, “As long as you can get in, I can get in.” He’s like allll right. “But I can’t watch you the whole day, before work, and after work, otherwise I would really be annoyed to death.”

She’s like, “You admitted that you’ll be with me in the future!!”

He laughs, “If you want to enter the China State Construction Group then work harder for me.”

She thinks about it and thinks that as long as she can get to that stage and make it in they can stay together forever.

That night, Zhou Yu Yong calls and this is the first time, Ruan Ruan just happens to be bathing, unable to answer; I guess all the previous times, Zheng Wei got to answer bcos she was fast enough lol

So they talk a little and Zhou Yu Yong says that he’ll call back later. He talks to his friend (still hasn’t hung up yet) and Zheng Wei asks where he is. he says he’s at a KTV event because it’s a friend’s birthday.

Ruan Ruan comes out of the shower and calls him. She says that he had to hang up because he said he was at a friend’s house.

Zheng Wei nods before remembering that he actually said he was at KTV. Ruan Ruan says she probably remembered wrong but Zheng Wei really remembers right.

Zheng Wei suggests they go to KTV to check it out since it’s nearby, but Ruan Ruan suddenly goes all fierce on her (very unexpectedly) and Zheng Wei drops it with a bit of resistance. She’s mad that Ruan Ruan won’t believe her.

Anyways, they begin a passive battle.

The next day she tells CXZ what has happened. He doesn’t worry about it since “Ruan Guan is different from you, she’s a smart person,” implying that Zheng Wei is dumb. Zheng Wei is offended and dumps all the veggies she isn’t planning on eating into his plate.

CXZ tries to comfort her with the ‘Law of Conservation’; in other words, everything is conserved and nothing is reused. Recycle more. Apparently that’s why dumb people are paired up with smart people 😛

Later, Ruan Ruan makes up to Zheng Wei. She says that she knew that Zheng Wei didn’t hear wrong, but she also knew that she didn’t hear wrong and that she just didn’t want to face the truth.

Zheng Wei goes like, “I thought you guys were doing great.”

Ruan Ruan says that she knows that distance can really hurt a relationship. Zheng Wei asks why she doesn’t ask Zhou Yu Yong and Ruan Ruan says that she doesn’t want to break up yet. Sad but true 😦

I think everyone leaves for elsewhere because it’s come around to the next school break, so Zheng Wei is all by herself now. Oh how many possibilities… (I am totally not thinking on the dirty side right now)

Now it’s nighttime. Zheng Wei hears a commotion in the darkness- a guy in the girl’s dormitory?! Well she’s blown away.

They’re outside the dorm so she prepares herself to stampede out. When she does stampede out she finds out that it’s a couple

They’re trying to cover up their tracks from doing ‘it’. They’re in the process of putting evidence outside Zheng Wei’s dorm to blame ZW for doing it instead of them.

She yells at them and threatens to call the dorm auntie who’s in charge of everything since they’ve stepped over the line.

The dorm auntie actually comes and mistakes what they left in front of their dormitory for Zheng Wei’s since she happens to be there and makes her clean it up.

In the end, tho she doesn’t do anything against them because she thinks that they are just trying to spend as much time as they can together.

Then she calls CXZ and tells him what happened. She feels safe as soon as she hears CXZ. He tells her that she was dumb to stampede out by herself because she could have been hurt.

She cries “I don’t care. I just can’t stay here any longer.” (I think it’s either the scare that she received or the events that occurred that make her motivated to move away)


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