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Memory Lost Feature

It’s another book by Ding Mo that’s being adapted into a drama! The book is Memory Lost (美人为馅) and is featuring leads Yang Rong and Bai Yu. First off, the drama and the book look completely different. Of course, I wouldn’t know anything about it because I didn’t read the book 😛 but I heard it was good.

The book is available at Lil’ Bliss here. The book synopsis from shushengbar is as follows:

When in the presence of strangers, Han Chen was always handsome and cold, making it difficult for others to get close to him. He was like the frosted snow – pure, and slightly chilly. Yet, he was also like the river flowing in the dark night – quiet and moving. To many, he was akin to an unequalled and untouchable god.

Only in the presence of Bai Jin Xi would this famous top police superintendent expose his deeply hidden shameless nature .

“Come and sit nearer to me, I won’t eat you. At least, not now.”

“I have never touched other women before. Do you want to check my body?”

“Bai Jin Xi, never ever leave my side. Every year, every month, every moment, every minute, every second.”

In his heart, there exists an obstinate old man – one who has tirelessly loved her throughout all these years.

Drama Synopsis from AVV:
Memory Lost follows our male lead as he suffers from amnesia and struggles to find his lost fiancee – a woman confirmed by everyone around him that she does not exist. He’s described as taciturn, as cold as ice, and as calm as a lake at night. His search leads him to a small town where he meets a girl full of personality working as a detective. Similar to him, she’s equally mysterious with a blank background for the last five years. After meeting him, she’s constantly entangled in complicated murder cases, and facing near-death situations. As they confront the lurking dangers, they gradually uncover the secrets to their lost memories as well.

Yang Rong

 photo Memo 38.jpg

Bai Yu

 photo Memo 37.jpg

And all the killers- there are no official pictures for them but the actors are Qi Ji, Merxat, Zhang Yi Jie, He Feng Tian, Chu Jun Chen, Tian Mu Chen,

Everything I’m finding on trailers look like music videos so until it officially releases, nothing for now. So below I have uploaded a playlist of BTS videos. To find all eight videos click on the three lines icon in the upper left hand corner.

Videos will change immediately after another video’s completion. Sorry- no subs!


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