So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 20 Summary

anime guy "what if" 的圖片結果

It’s a new school year; and Chen Xiao Zheng gets on Zheng Wei for having the messiest bed. Since he’s all about appearances (rolls eyes) he goes over to help her clean up.

He sees the book of Anderson’s Fairy Tales at the head of her bed and asks her if he can borrow it. She thinks about its meaning to her but still agrees, and makes him promise her that he’ll give it back.

It’s Saturday and the two agreed to meet to go to the bookstore (if you remember from the last chapter, the worst time that he made her wait was from 8:30 to 10:30 and they had an appointment to go to the book market/book store. When he finally comes she tries to comfort herself and not get mad,

But Chen Xiao Zheng is really cold and acts like such a jerk that she can’t help herself. Chen Xiao Zheng returns her the book that she let him borrow and she takes it back, thinking that this may be the reason that he was unhappy.

She flips through it and actually find a photo from Lin Jing. She was too distraught back then to actually flip through the book, so she never found it. It was taken by Lin Jing’s cell phone in their hometown and has their backs in it to the camera. Lin Jing wrote “To my flying dragon” on the back. So CXZ probably misunderstood what was going on.

Then, she thinks about what she’ll say to CXZ if he asks about it and wonders why she could fall in love with CXZ after Lin Jing left. She thinks that maybe she didn’t love LJ enough.

Back to CXZ, and it turns out that he’s one conflicted person. At their next appointment, Zheng Wei doesn’t wait for him, and he finds that he’s actually very scared that this will happen.

Then, he remembers the picture that made him unable to sleep. He thinks that if that person is still alive he doesn’t know how he will compete with him and is very scared that this person will reappear again.


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