So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 18

At last…their relationship takes a new level. This is definitely considered a new story arc 😛

Ruan Ruan and Zheng Wei returned from shopping, the two girls would often have some shopping momentum on a spare weekend, and today was no exception, one day was down, the two were very productive, as they walked in the corridor; the clothes and small trinkets were all very cheap, the best part was that for them, these young girls, when they came back, they would put all of the things in one bed. No matter whose it was, everyone would try it on, and give a mutual review to see who was wearing the best clothes, and who was the best looking, thus the whole dormitory became a little chaotic and even though many of them had many silk clothes, trying on clothes was a delight, even though the clothes were mostly cheap, which youth needed quality?

Zhu Xiao Bei took out a small cherry patterned underwear and laughed, “Wei Wei, only you could wear these kinds of underwears.”

Zheng Wei took it back with one motion, and put it in front of her chest to compare, “It’s good looking right?”

Li Wei Juan stood in front of the mirror, wearing one of Ruan Ruan’s new dresses, “This is pretty cute, but it’s not sexy enough, how would this make anyone start nosebleeding (Chinese people tend to take hotness to the next level…).”

“What are you talking about?” Zheng Wei rolled her eyes.

Zhu Xiao Bei joined in, “That’s right, what is that, our Wei Wei is pure, as white as snow.”

“Who are you kidding, we’ve been together for so many months, stop pretending to be pure, Wei Wei, tell your sister the truth, how much headway have you made with all your friends?”

Zheng Wei was stunned, “Headway?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know, I don’t know how much porn you watched, stop pretending, hugging and kissing is definite, let me ask you if you’ve done anything worse than that?”

Zheng Wei was thrown off for a second, and her face suddenly reddened, but her blush wasn’t because she was embarrassed but because she was ashamed, if Li Wei Juan didn’t say this, she wouldn’t have thought about this, she had been good with Chen Xiao Zheng for a while now, and everyday they spend a lot of time together, but she found that they had actually not held hands before, she hadn’t even thought there was anything wrong! But it was that little part that was wrong.

“Say it, being secretive isn’t in your personality.”

“I haven’t done anything at all.” Zheng Wei shamefully bowed.

“Impossible, is something wrong with Chen Xiao Zheng? Lu Ya you’re from out of town, do you think it’s possible?”

“Ah, me?” He Lu Ya’s face reddened and she said, “How would I know…..but he probably wouldn’t.”

“Look, even He Lu Ya thinks this way, moreover you’re Zheng Wei?” Li Wei Juan had a triumphant expression.

“I…..” Zheng Wei panicked and didn’t know what to say.

Ruan Ruan sighed, “Ai ya, these kinds of things are not speakable, you shouldn’t be saying these things.”

Zheng Wei shook her head, “that’s right, that’s right.”

But that night when they were bathing, Zheng Wei saw RUan Ruan by her side and suddenly looked around, and made sure the other two people wren’t there to get in the way, “That, Ruan Ruan, let me ask you, you…..have you done ‘that’ with Zhou Yu Yong?”

Ruan Ruan smiled, “What ‘that’?”

“Ah, the thing that Li Wei Juan was talking about today, have you guys hugged and kissed?”

Ruan Ruan lightly nodded her head.

“Ah?” Zheng Wei yelled, so everyone had done it but she hand’t, was she not normal? “When did you do it, what phase?”

Ruan Ruan put her fingers to her lips, “Um… let me think, I think it already existed when we got together, kissing and hugging, as for this I forgot but it’s a very natural thing, a matter of trajectory.”

“Then when will my time come, we haven’t even held hands yet, is that abnormal?” Zheng Wei asked with a bitter face.

Ruan Ruan was a little surprised, “It’s like this, I thought you held hands before, that is a little weird but the fact that you can make such a thing so serious, it could be that Chen Xiao Zheng is slower to become a little passionate, everyone has different circumstances.”

“What, I’m afraid that he’s not slow to passion at all, but doesn’t have passion at all.” Zheng Wei climbed onto the bed and flipped around but couldn’t sleep. She had never thought about such a question so hard before, and today, Li Wei Juan’s words made her wake up, that was right, they were already together, it shouldn’t be that nothing happens, but right now, even though she and Chen Xiao Zheng were closer, they only had common friend interactions most of the  time and had never done anything in an intimate manner–besides the way he knocked on her head all the time, but she couldn’t feel his mind at all to derive any clues. Ruan Ruan and Zhou Shi Yong had done it, He Lu Ya had even done it too but why hadn’t she? She didn’t feel that two mouths against each other was something fun, and din’t feel that it was any good at all, but if the other person was him, it would probably feel very good.

This kind of thing should have been more proactive with the boys, but he just wouldn’t budge, was it that she was unattractive, that couldn’t be! Even her Jade Small Flying Dragon couldn’t even make him budge….even though she was a little more skinnier, and her head was smaller, and she was less feminine, these couldn’t be his excuses.

Before going to sleep she asserted that this phenomenon was very abnormal!

As of today, the the day had also helped the small flying dragon! When she woke up, it was raining. Zheng Wei had no classes in the morning, and only had class on the fourth class, Chen Xiao Zheng was the same, she grabbed two small flowery umbrellas and stood in front of his dormitory, waiting. When she saw him coming downstairs, she waved at him. Chen Xiao Zheng had an umbrella and walked over, Zheng Wei helped him put his umbrella away, and he felt that this was strange, “Why push two people under one.” But when he saw her persistent appearance he was afraid of complications so he didn’t argue with her and put away his umbrella, walking to her side.

He said, “Let me carry the umbrella.”

She saw that he was already carrying another umbrella in his hand, “No need, no need.”

He gave a “tut”, “You dwarf, you keep touching my hand when you hold the umbrella.” Zheng Wei could only give him the umbrella and help him hold his umbrella. Chen Xiao Zheng suspiciously looked at her. He hadn’t seen her so proactive before.

The two people were really crowded under one umbrella, in order to avoid the rain, they had to stick very close, her hand was near him, as they walked towards the classroom, her heart kept meditating, grab my hand, quick, grab my hand…..but his hand that was close to her was holding the umbrella, Zheng Wei was helpless and ran to the other side of him, he changed his hand, “Are you sick, you ran to this side, do you want to have a cold?”

“Don’t change your hand, don’t change your hand.” She looked at him, panicked, and saw him, oblivious. So she stuffed the umbrella back into his left hand. Chen Xiao Zheng felt that competing for an umbrella in the rain was really strange but he still followed her request to keep it in his left hand, not allowing both to be exposed in the rain.

All right, now, his right hand was finally next to her left hand, but the teaching building was already in sight. Zheng Wei gritted her teeth, and motionlessly closed the distance, and looked ahead, when he suddenly raised his hand, to brush off the water on his textbook, Zheng Wei’s brain went on fire, and directly took his hand.

Chen Xiao Zheng was taken aback, “What do you want to do now?” She didn’t reply but grabbed his hands, and didn’t let go. The umbrellas by his side all passed through. Chen Xiao Zheng slightly struggled, finally hesitated and held her with greater intensity. The two people walked along the road, until they got under the teaching building, never letting to. When he lowered his head to accept the umbrella, Zheng Wei laughed, thus he looked at her and said, “Dumbass.”

She turned around and carefully looked at his expression, so his mouth was also lifted. Zheng Wei was very happy, “Chen Xiao Zheng, you are the dumbass.”

When they walked in, Ruan Ruan saw her carrying two umbrellas, and surprisedly asked, “Did you grab those two umbrellas to play with?” Zheng Wei took care to look at her delicate hands, Chen Xiao Zheng, how will you escape my clutches this time?

The teachers were right, Chen Xiao Zheng was a good student, no matter what question they asked him, he would comprehend the analogy and never abandon it. From the moment Zheng Wei grabbed him, he had also become accustomed to having her by his side, and would tightly hold his hand. Girls’ hands and guys’ hands were really not the same, Zheng Wei’s hand was so delicate, and warm, besides her right middle finger that had a bump from holding her pencil often, she didn’t have any blemishes, her skin was white, her nails rounded, it was a beautiful shape.

Chen Xiao Zheng liked Zheng Wei’s hands, these were hands that had never gone through any hard labor and were not weathered. When he was tired from reading he was accustomed to playing around with his palm, and she would always complain that he was too addicted to dating her hand. That was because she never knew that every time he held her hand, he would ask himself, Chen Xiao Zheng, can you keep these hands as delicate as they are today?


The month that Zheng Wei’s 20th birthday was to come, she reminded him at least once per day, “A Zheng, what are you going to send me for my birthday?”

He would only lightly say, “What should I send, I think I haven’t thought of a suitable gift yet.”

The day her birthday officially arrived, her dad and mom all gave her some money for her activities, and Zhu Xiao Bei clamored that being 20 was a meaningful day, and they must have a big celebration. Thus, that night, Zheng Wei invited many many closely related friends, and made an appointment at a cafe near the school, and treated everyone to dinner.

Her popularity had always been good and that day a full table of people all sat down, she simply let the shop owner and switch it out for some square tables put together, it was still pretty crowded, there were two sets of beer that had been prepared and everyone toasted to her birthday, laughing, Zheng Wei’s face was red, but she didn’t forget to greet them cheerfully, “Classmates, eat well and drink well.” Everyone there were basically people she was acquainted with except for her dormmates and a few close classmates, like Lao Zhang’s dormmates and the people from the Go Club. She greeted them naturally, the scene chaotic. After they drank enough alcohol and ate a full mael, Ruan Ruan whispered, “Where’s your Chen Xiao Zheng? Why isn’t he coming?”

Zheng Wei’s tried to wave away her disappointment, “He said that he had to help the Department teacher with something, and when he finishes, he’ll come over immediately.” When she finished, she raised the volume, “Guys, let’s not wait, quickly insert the cake candles, I can’t wait.”

Everyone was busy lighting the candles, when they sang the birthday song, Chen Xiao Zheng rushed inside, and pushed the door open, he saw a roomful of people, and was a little surprised, Zheng Wei quickly passionately greeted him while complaining, “Why did you come so late, I’ve waited for you for a long time.” Chen Xiao Zheng smiled in silence.

After they blew the candles out, everyone tried to ask her what her wish was, she opened the gifts one by one, Xu Kai Yang was the last one, it was a beautifully packaged box, when Zheng Wei took it out she said, “Wow, what is this, it’s a little heavy.”

“Won’t you know after you rip it open?” Kai Yang smiled.

The people around her all saw her open the present, “Then I’ll really open it.” Zheng Wei was also a curious little child, and tore the wrapping paper neatly, it was actually a new Nokia phone.

At that time, for a student, a cell phone was a very expensive present, Zheng Wei was also thrown off, “That’s too expensive right?”

Kai Yang used his hand to rip off the packaging paper, “Presents are from the heart, no matter what it is, the meaning is the same.”

“This……” Zheng Wei secretly looked at Chen Xiao Zheng, his face was light, and she couldn’t see anything palpable.

“If you feel it’s too expensive, you can send me the same present.” Kai Yang half jokingly said.

“But I don’t know what to send you?” Zheng Wei bravely replied.

“Ummm…..” Kai Yang thought about it for a long time quickly pecked her face, “What about you send me this.”

His unexpected bold act quickly made the people around them soundless, everyone all watched the expressionless Chen Xiao Zheng and watched the dazed Zheng Wei, like a little child who lowered her head like Xu Kai Yang; everyone didn’t know what to say.

“Xu Gong Zi‘s western etiquette has been learned fully, this city that has never seen kissing between friends were all shocked.” Ruan Ruan suddenly laughed.

“That’s right, that’s right, Zheng Wei I want some too.” Zhu Xiao Bei quickly added on.

Lao Zhang looked like he was drooling, “A Zheng, I want to line up, do you have any complaints?”

Chen Xiao Zheng laughed, before Zheng Wei could come around he said, “Line up and give me your money.”

Everyone laughed, the embarrassing traces from just now disappeared, Lao Zhang continued to ask, “Wei Wei, do we still have a second time?”

Zheng Wei didn’t have time to speak before Xu Kai Yang slowly said, “What about I’ll bring us to the KTV on the opposite side, it’s Wei Wei’s birthday, I’ll pay a little……Wei Wei, if you have complaints then you’re not treating me like a friend.”

“Oh…’s like this.” Zheng Wei looked interested as she looked around at all of her friends, “Then all right.”

All the billing had been completed, as they made their way to the door, Chen Xiao Zheng said, “Sorry, I promised Professor Zhou that I would finish a job for him, what about you guys go, I’ll return first. Have fun.”

The moment he finished, he nodded to everyone and turned and left.

“A Zheng!” Zheng Wei didn’t plan on chasing him, but suddenly thought of something and ran back, and grabbed that phone and shoved it back into the box, putting it in Kai Yang’s hands, “Kai Yang, thanks, I accept your well wishes, the item is too expensive so I can’t have it, so I’ll…. take that friend’s kiss as your present.”

Zheng Wei ran to catch up with Chen Xiao Zheng. “A Zheng, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing much, didn’t I tell you that I had to come back because I had stuff to do, why did you come, today you’re the main lead, and they’re all waiting for you.” Chen Xiao Zheng said as he walked along.

“Normally, when the male lead leaves, the woman lead will also leave.” Zheng Wei laughed, and found that he didn’t feel like laughing and said, “Are you mad?”

Chen Xiao Zheng disagreed, “I would be looking for things to be mad at, why would I randomly get angry?”

Zheng Wei turned in front of him, “You said it yourself, you wouldn’t get mad. Where’s my present?”

He didn’t look at her and said after a long time, “I’ve been busy recently, so I forgot about it, sorry.”

Zheng Wei watched him intently, his eyes were unable to hide, “Don’t block me, I really have things to do.”

“You tricked me!” She said with conviction.

“You can believe it or not.” He also lost patience, “Did you hear me when I said stop blocking the road.”

Zheng Wei lost her patience as well, and stood, “Take it out, quickly take it out.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” His extended hand pushed her aside.

Since he wouldn’t listen, Zheng Wei decided to use her actions to make up for her words, she thrust her hand into Chen Xiao Zheng’s pocket and felt around.

“What are you doing!” Chen Xiao Zheng was embarrassed and tried to stop her groping hand.

“Why do you conceal it, won’t it all be good as long as you just take it out obediently?” Zheng Wei used both of her hands,; she successfully collected her item, before he could get mad.

She took the thing in her hand, and carefully looked at it, it was actually a wood carved small dragon, unlike the valiant traditional dragon, this dragon was very naive, very likable and had fine workmanship, every piece of the dragon was carefully carved, this was definitely something that would have taken a lot of time.

“Haha.” Zheng Wei twirled the dragon around, “Very interesting, see you really did trick me.”

Chen Xiao Zheng was a little embarrassed and said, “Don’t feel too good, who said that this was for you, I made it for myself.”

Zheng Wei squinted her eyes like a fox and said, “If you don’t send this to me, then I’ll miss it every day that it isn’t around. But it really is very pretty and cute, looking at it is like looking at me.”

Chen Xiao Zheng glanced over at her, “All right, all right, if you want it you can have it, such a cheap thing, and you still flaunt it around.”

She carefully put the small dragon in her hand and grabbed his hand, “A Zheng, I am very happy.”


“I’m really very very happy.” She said strongly.

“All right, can you let go of me now?” He said with exasperation.

Zheng Wei shook her head, “You can go, I drank a few cups of beer and feel a little woozy, I don’t want to go sing anymore, I’ll just go walk around the school and clear my head.”

He didn’t leave, “But what time is it. A girl all by yourself is going to be swinging around blind ah.”

“Do you want to come with me?” Zheng Wei always knew of the appropriate time to play off the snake with the stick.

Chen Xiao Zheng hesitated for a moment and finally said, “All right, I’ll accompany you for a moment, after my alcohol disappears when the wind blows me a bit, I’ll go back.”

Zheng Wei nodded her head like a tiny bird, and held his hand, walking around the school with no particular place in mind. As they walked they reached the school’s outdoor basketball court. The two people stopped; the big court only had a far away lamp that was lighted, leaving everywhere else dark, the good part was that the moon was very bright in the sky, and the moonlight lightly sprinkled down onto the cold basketball court, reflecting on the bodies of the young man and woman.

Zheng Wei looked around with wide eyes, and suddenly cried, “A Zheng, look, they’re kissing over there!” Her sound was very bright and she wasn’t afraid that she would disturb the two mandarin ducks (usually they call two lovers, mandarin ducks), and Chen Xiao Zheng hurriedly put a hand over her mouth, “What are you yelling about, why are you caring about others?”

She used force to take his hand and mumbled, “Over there, over there is also another pair, I’m just curious.”

He said lowly, “What is there to be curious about, besides those pairs, no one comes here in the middle of the night without having anything to do.”

She suddenly couldn’t speak. This sudden inexplicable quiet suddenly made him uneasy, his hand was still on her lips, she blinked, suddenly closing her eyes.

Chen Xiao Zheng calmly looked at her pure cheek, this was the first time he felt that he had lost something. Her long curling eyelashes shook under his gaze and her eyes opened, a sober look with misty eyes, a bit upset and frustrated, she murmured, “I thought you were going to be like them.”

His throat suddenly tightened and stopped, gently touching her face, he had always had the idea, to use his hand to forcefully pull at this powdery face and see how she made it, that she could actually get this crystalline, fragile appearance, but when he put his hand on her face, he suddenly felt feathers and was afraid that if he pulled too hard, water would come out of her skin.

She was a little embarrassed and her head naturally hung down, he lightly lifted her chin, “Just now, I really wasn’t planning to do that…..but now I do.”

When he kissed her, the two were of the same heart, this was the first time in this lifetime that she knew that people’s lips were actually so soft and hot. It was Zheng Wei’s first day of being 20-years-old, and she was still grabbing onto her wooden dragons, her right hand on her beloved’s chest. She felt like she had to hold onto something, she had to grab onto something, or else all her joy would have no way to take refuge. But it was a pity she only had two hands.

He repeatedly sucked her lips and briefly pulled away, “Zheng Wei, can you not keep a stiff upper lip?”

“Oh.” She was really an obedient child.”

A long time afterwards he put her in front of his chest, when they breathed in the fresh air, she complained, “You are wicked, how would you know to use your tongue……say it, who taught you.”

His chest made gentle vibrations when he laughed, “Being stupid, that’s a guy’s strength.”

“Why can’t I do something like that?”

“Then you must begin early, practice more.”

Zheng Wei’s rebuttal disappeared, and she only remembered something he said later, “Why must you keep looking with your eyes open?”

She said, “I want to remember tonight’s moonlight.”

Really, that night, the moon was too bright, the sky was a normal color of dye, there were no stars to be seen, the moon would be contaminated by the clouds and dim.

That was the brightest moment in her life.


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