So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 17 Summary

QueenAng3l is also working on Chapter 17 as well…the line up is Chapter 15, Chapter 17, Chapter 20, Chapter 22, Chapter 25 for her. And she’ll be finishing all of those by December so I guess we’ll just have to wait for those updates. I guess stockpiling for the translation spree is equivalent to stockpiling up for winter lol 😛

After all of the terrible things that Zheng Wei has gone through, she has finally succeeded! And Chen Xiao Zheng now likes her (officially)!!

Now it’s Chen Xiao Zheng’s time to be conflicted. He thinks about all the things she says and tries to convince himself that he doesn’t like her (Ummm suuure).

Meanwhile, the triumphant Zheng Wei makes a dramatic entrance into her dormitory and says “Ruan Ruan ,I succeeded!”

Ruan Ruan asks what she’s talking about and Zheng Wei says, “In pursuing Chen Xiao Zheng”. Wow this is such a powerful moment that I don’t know what else to say lol; but after all her endurance and power she finally gets him!

Zheng Wei decides to call him , and she asks him if he can escort her home. Of course, he says no. But then they exchange phone numbers.

The funny part is when Zheng Wei says, “You must miss me!” and Chen Xiao Zheng just goes like “……”; Zheng Wei says, “You must always miss me!!” and Chen Xiao Zheng just goes like “……” He finally says that he’ll miss her though; awww.

Even after Chen Xiao Zheng hangs up the phone, she keeps calling him lol

Ruan Ruan and Zheng Wei both live at the southern side even though they can’t really meet often

Later, she’s on the way home and her mom asks her if she really forgot Lin Jing. Zheng Wei is like “uhhhh” and her mom says “Do you blame me?”

Well knowing her mom’s stress she just goes like, “No.”

She tries calling Chen Xiao Zheng’s house but a really weird woman answers. Anyways, he calls her back and says that he’ll be calling her from here on out.

The moment break ends she rushes back to school

Chen Xiao Zheng is still on his mission of “Self discovery” and in this chapter he really does find out that he likes her, although it was just beginning in the last chapter.

Zheng Wei at the end wonders just when did he recognized that she was his other half.


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