So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 15 Summary

girls running from rain anime 的圖片結果

Well guys…QueenAn3l is still working on this one so I’ll give you guys a summary so that we can ease into the next chapter and will update you guys when the chapter is finished.

So on a typical midsummer’s day, Zheng Wei, Ruan Ruan, and Zhu Xiao Bei go to the South Mountain Park (if you remember from the previous chapter, Zheng Wei forced Chen Xiao Zheng to promise that he would go). Zhu Xiao Bei doesn’t think that he will come but Zheng Wei just believes it- last night she had called Chen Xiao Zheng and he had promised! Ruan Ruan also makes fun of Zheng Wei by comparing her to a concubine about to be married off.

Don’t worry he does keep his promise…but…

Anyways, Xu Kai Yang makes an offer to drive her over but she thinks that since Chen Xiao Zheng will be going by bus, she’ll go by bus too.

The weather changes, and Zheng Wei’s dormmates want to leave, but Zheng Wei won’t budge because she hasn’t seen Chen Xiao Zheng yet and how can she miss him even if he’s terribly late?

So they keep looking around for him even though it’s evident that a big storm is coming.

Then, Chen Xiao Zheng calls them (apparently Lao Zhang came with him) and he says that he didn’t forget his promise and he actually went….but he already left the mountain the moment the bad weather started coming in, and just in time, thunder sounds. *smacks forehead. Zheng Wei starts crying, but the rain quickly begins and they run for their lives.

They go on the bus and Zheng Wei feels guilty for pulling all her friends into this. They encourage her to go back and yell at Chen Xiao Zheng and make him feel terrible. Yes!! Definitely go!!

She goes back, and explodes her anger. Right when she’s about to leave, she bumps into Xu Kai Yang who said that he actually drove over to look for them since he hoped they wouldn’t be caught in the storm. Zheng Wei just calls him a fool and pushes him aside. #brokendreams


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