So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 11


As you can see from the GIF, Zheng Wei has changed into another person. You can just ignore the “I only feel alive when I’m killing someone” because she’s killing virtual chickens not people lol…(you’ll begin to notice that she plays games to vent her anger, hence the chickens)  but finally finally, she knows that she’s in love ❤

Over a continuous two days, Zheng Wei didn’t speak to Ruan Ruan at all, whether it was in class or out of class, they didn’t go hand in hand like before, Ruan Ruan didn’t try to explain to her again. The other people in the dormitory all got their own clues from the proceedings, but Zheng Wei was obviously in a bad mood, no one dared to end up with a bloody nose at some time, when they asked Ruan Ruan she only said, “It’s nothing much, she only couldn’t think through some things.”

On Friday afternoon, Ruan Ruan went to class, Zheng Wei didn’t go. It just so happened that Zhu Xiao Bei skipped class, and Li Wei Juan didn’t have class, the dormitory had added three people.

Zheng Wei was the same way the next few days, contrary to the talkative, excited way she had been before, not talking at all while playing the game “Roaring Chicken”, Zhu Xiao Bei lay on the bed reading books, hearing the shots ringing out, she couldn’t help but walk over and glance at it, she only saw her eyeing the screen, a flying (computer) mouse with white she shot chicken-by-chicken down with despserate cries, Zhu Xiao Bei knew that she wasn’t feeling well, but couldn’t help it, she said, “Does the mouse not need a wire, don’t be so hard with it, ah, seeing you this way to vent anger, violently. In the end who bothered you, and made you so bitter and vengeful.”

Zheng Wei ignored her, and continued focusing on killing those poor birds, Zhu Xiao Bei didn’t care, and asked, “Say it, who bullied you, big sister will go to get revenge for you, it won’t be that……oh Chen Xiao Zheng again right?”

Zheng Wei glared at Zhu Xiao Bei, annoyed, “Chen Xiao Zheng, Chen Xiao Zheng, why do you guys keep mentioning him?”

Zhu Xiao Bei had a baffling appearance, “How do I mention him often, hey, the person who mentions him everyday is you, okay?”

“Really? When did I do that!” Zheng Wei denied it.

Li Wei Juan lay on the bed, closing her eyes she said, “If you didn’t mention him that would be strange, in one day you mention his name at least 10 times, why don’t you find someone from our dormitory to ask.”

Zheng Wei was thrown off for a second, then she muttered, “That can’t be, so exaggerated.”

“We’ve discussed it behind your back, you fell for Chen Xiao Zheng, didn’t you?” LWei Juan added.

Zheng Wei didn’t even play her game anymore, she threw the mouse aside and stood up, in a crazy way, she screamed, “You’re lying, why would I like that piece of scum?”

Zhu Xiao Bei busily put her back onto the chair, “Calm down, calm down, impulse is the devil.”

Li Wei Juan had also been scared by her, she sat up and said, “Finish listening to me, before I thought about it like this, but later, after I thought about it, there’s no way you would like him.”

“Why.” Zhu Xiao Bei had a confused appearance, “Didn’t you often praise him before, and even make him into an idol? To tell you the truth, I also think that Chen Xiao Zheng is pretty good, he’s pretty good looking, even though he’s not really very handsome, but he’s very resistant, I like boys with that temperament, his grades are good, he’s very promising, our Department has a lot of maidens who mention him.”

Li Wei Juan gave a snort from her nose, “Xiao Bei, you don’t understand this part. He is not bad, but what use is that. In the many hot guys in this school, he isn’t really that outstanding, his grades are good, he’s promising, who knows of these things, maybe the day lily is cold (maybe his potential is not there). I heard that his background isn’t great, in finding boyfriends, you have to find someone with a background that is a little good, why would our Zheng Wei like him, the people in front of our eyes are the most obvious, she didn’t even like Xu Gong Zi, why would she like Chen Xiao Zheng. Where is Xu Kai Yang lacking when facing Chen Xiao Zheng? His looks aren’t lacking, the key are who their parents are, what their house setting is like, who would be that foolish?”

She was so clear and analytical, that Zhu Xiao Bei, who was used to bickering with her all the time couldn’t help but nod, “That’s right, Xu Kai Yang is indeed great, don’t even mention his background, and he’s total obedience for Zheng Wei.”

Zheng Wei stared, not knowing what to think, what they had just talked about had nothing to do with her. Li Wei Juan continued to play with her ability of knowing everything, “As I was saying, Chen Xiao Zheng looks like he already has an accurate girlfriend.”

Zhu Xiao Bei’s hand was still on Zheng Wei’s shoulders, she seemed to be a little shocked, and she and Zheng Wei simultaneously asked: “What’s an accurate girlfriend?”

“It starts from a youthful love that stems into the intent of making her his concubine, but at the same time they haven’t broken past the paper to become boyfriend/girlfriend. That girl is from our student council, his classmate, her name is Ceng Yu, she’s considered pretty compared to other people, when she entered the school,  lots of people pursued her, but it was obvious that she has Chen Xiao Zheng in her eyes.”

“Chen Xiao Zheng also likes her?” Zhu Xiao Bei asked nosily.

“I don’t know this, but he isn’t annoyed by her at least, he’s very arrogant, most people don’t know how to handle this, but he’s very good to Ceng Yu, she’s the only female that he has a better relationship with, Ceng Yu’s grades are pretty good, she’s very bold, anyways, the two of them are pretty good matches, I’m guessing that neither of them have the courage to open their mouths but this should be something that will happen sooner or later.”

“Stop, stop, stop, don’t talk anymore, why do you always talk about that abnormality.” Zheng Wei used force to get out of her chair and stand up, “it’s more disgusting than eating flies.”

While she spoke, she went out of the dormitory, the door banged with a sound, even the glass shook, Li Wei Juan was bewildered, “Who provoked her again, she’s probably eaten the wrong medicine.”

Zhu Xiao Bei laughed “haha”.

Zheng Wei walked out of the dormitory walking around the school randomly, right now it was classtime so there weren’t a lot of people around, she walked quickly, it seemed this way she could see a little more clearly, and throw her unnecessary emotions aside, but it backfired, she was rocking around (inner emotions), and she became more and more upset.

Li Wei Juan’s words, just now, what was it that had made her heart sour and bitter, it felt like the day in the cafeteria, the first time she had experienced that feeling. She had an extreme dislike for this feeling, and didn’t know how to vent her anger, she could only contain her anger, but she didn’t know why she was mad. And, the meaning of what Ruan Ruan had said, “Unless he is your……” Unless he was what to her?……If he really was hers…..she suddenly covered her face and didn’t dare think about it further. It just so happened that there was an IP phone stand nearby. She ran over, flying, and called her mom’s phone number. After her mom and her dad divorced, she moved out, and went to rent a house to live in, the phone rang for such a long time, but no one came to pick it up, she called her mom’s work place. The familiar voice came over the phone and Zheng Wei shouted out “Mama”, and almost cried.

Mother was scared to death, and asked her what happened, she blew her nose and said: “Mom, I want to know, if I think of one person everyday, thinking about him in the morning, and even dream of him at night, I obviously hate him, but I can’t help but miss him, when I see him, all of my nerves tighten, and I feel very happy, opposing him, but when I see him with another girl, I will have an unspeakable uncomfortableness, even my good friends can’t take it. I  hate him, but I don’t like that he hates me, when he says that I’m annoying I want to cry, mom, in your opinion, what is wrong with me?”

Mother didn’t speak for a long time, Zheng Wei panicked, “Mom, are you there, can you tell me quickly, what’s wrong with me?”

“Who’s ‘he’?” Her mom’s sound had a strong surprise.

“Don’t ask his first, quickly tell me what’s wrong, I’m so uncomfortable.” Half of her was full of chaos, the other half was feeling voice choked.

“You dumb child (this is usually said affectionately. I know it sounds weird but people don’t say that usually in English) did you fall in love?”

“Mom, say it again.”

“I said, did you fall in love with someone, quickly, tell mother.”

Her mother’s words seemed like a finger, lightly poking through Zheng Wei’s heart’s thing layer of silkworm screens, so many that she felt faint, but she didn’t dare think of it, and didn’t dare to break out the answer, facing this answer, she felt shocked, dazed, unwilling, embarrassed but she had no way to escape it.

“Darling, answer mother, are you or not?”

She energetically nodded her head to the phone, and continued to nod her head, at the end she cried, “Yes, mom, I like him, but he just said that I shouldn’t appear in front of him again, what should I do?”

She and her mom talked for a whole hour, only when the phone got hot did she put it down, after she heard her words, besides her initial surprise, she was also anxious. She had no way to stop her teenager daughter from falling in love with a guy, she had also been young, and knew this, but who could do everything, she was only worried, and had a faint premonition, her daughter that had been spoiled so much would perhaps eat bitterness this time.

She was clueless for so long, it turned out that she liked him, all the way, all of her half answered questions had an answer, everything came so suddenly. The young Zheng Wei was a straight-hearted girl, towards her feelings for Chen Xiao Zheng, once she knew what she was feeling, she quickly made plans for her next steps. She hadn’t really liked others before. About her love for Lin Jing from childhood, those feelings invaded her heart, she didn’t even know when she had started liking Lin Jing but only knew that this was her long dream. Before Lin Jing, that dream was always perfect and sweet, she would always laugh sweetly in that dream, but towards Chen Xiao Zheng, it was different, strong and turbulent feelings instantly swept through her, suddenly he swept her away so that she couldn’t think of anything else. She had mixed feelings when she thought of this person, there was bitterness, sourness, and spiciness but more of it would return to sweetness.

When she walked back to the dormitory, her distraught self gradually swept away, in front of her was a path, she had no doubt of the place she wanted to go, she needed to think about how to get there, but no matter how she walked, she believed, this long road led to Rome, one day, Zheng Wei would walk into Chen Xiao Zheng, that rascal’s heart, and there she would stamp her red flag.


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