So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

To Our Youth That is Fading Away Chapter 9 Part 2

Let’s all imagine that’s Zheng Wei

And this is Chen Xiao Zheng (A very fitting picture considering it came from the archives of the “coldest anime characters ever” lol

I’m actually really liking their interactions with each other; Zheng Wei is the girl who exaggerates everything, has a stubborn hide, and won’t stop until she gets what she wants versus Chen Xiao Zheng who is super cold, super arrogant, and tries to avoid conflict in public, but he still goes get mad when he can’t help it and is super cutting with his words. Ruan Ruan said that apparently a lot of the girls like him lol

Who will win out in the end? *chants Jia You or Go Go Go Go. I can’t find myself taking either side because both are making absolute terrible cases but their interactions are pretty cute (the fierce way) because we have total opposites here who share one common trait: stubbornness. This chapter will thus be affectionately dubbed: “The Power of Stubbornness” 😉

When walking to class, Ruan Ruan felt that Zheng Wei’s feelings were obviously bad. Yesterday, the moment she returned, she had pulled her into the hallway to discuss what had happened previously at Lao Zhang’s dormitory. Ruan Ruan displayed adequate sympathy and contempt towards the evil parts, but usually Zheng Wei’s temper came and gone quickly. This time, she still had the incident in mind even at night; it was estimated that the problem was more serious.

Thus, when Zheng Wei said, “Where’s the balloon? It flew away right? Yesterday when I went out, you were here waiting, when I came back you were still here waiting, you come again in the morning! You’re not interesting at all!”, Ruan Ruan  only looked at the boys innocently, who in turn responded with sympathetic eyes. (In my understanding, Zheng Wei is yelling at the guys for being outside her dormitory all day, every day since the author did mention something about how she’s the most popular girl in the school)

“They all aren’t any good.” Zheng Wei saw Ruan Ruan laughing secretly, and said this embarrassingly.

“The fact that this could make you like this, is also very rare, I would like to see what the story is behind it.” Ruan Ruan said.

“That jerk, don’t let me see him……evil thing. During the day you must not speak of the person, and during the nighttime you must not speak of the ghost, wait for me a moment.” Zheng Wei rolled her eyes, in the middle of all the students she suddenly came to a decision, stuffing her books into Ruan Ruan’s hands. She was like a small fire arrow that was shot out.

To Zheng Wei, finding a person that made her teeth itch was not that hard. Chen Xiao Zheng didn’t have any classmates or dormmates with him, and walked fast, holding his books, his tall figure and long legs were dominant, Zheng Wei ran for a while before catching up to him, and coldly turned around him, cutting him off. Chen Xiao Zheng who had only been thinking about making it to his class, didn’t think that in the middle of the path, he would meet a murderer intent on getting revenge (lol), he almost stepped on her but it was good that his reactions were still quicker. His timely received foot was stopped by an unknown object.

Zheng Wei lifted her head to look at him, “Little guy (mild insult), don’t think that I won’t recognize you with a pair of glasses on. What happened yesterday still hasn’t ended, I’ll give you an opportunity. If you apologize now, I, the master, will let you, the midget, go, and forget about it.”

Chen Xiao Zheng tried to recall what had happened, and only then did he remember who this murderous girl was, he chose to silence her provocative response and automatically began to move around the obstacle and continue walking.

His cold reaction further stimulated Zheng Wei, she felt like a piece of dung in front of him, that he disliked and was trying to avoid.

“Stay where you are!” She chased him up and said this to his back.

He pretended that he completely couldn’t hear what she said, the more she yelled, the faster he walked. Zheng Wei was too enraged. She had initially only wanted to chase him to scold him and let him go after letting our her anger. But who knew that his reaction would force her into holding her breath (from more anger), she couldn’t breath out or in. How would she give up so easily?

The place where he was going looked like the same place she was going to have class, Zheng Wei caught up to him by the Civil Engineering College, that cold building (implying that she hates it. “cold” refers to how much she dislikes the place), she used what she had learned before, and grabbed him from behind, making him turn around and frown.

Chen Xiao Zheng finally had no way to purposely ignore her, “Have you had enough?”

“You’re too impolite, I told you not to continue on, did you not hear me? I haven’t finished my piece yet.” The Zheng Wei whose face was red from trying to keep up with him, still had an arrogant attitude.

“I don’t have anything good to say to you. Please stay away from me, I am going to go to class.”

“Let me tell you, if you don’t apologize, this won’t end.”

His face was a mix of a tolerant impatience and boredom, “I have never seen a girl like you, but let me tell you, I don’t think I did anything wrong, so it is impossible for me to apologize, don’t talk to me about manners too, if you had manners, you wouldn’t pull guys around in public.” When he finished, he used two fingers to latch onto her clothes, and heavily shoved her away.

“You……” He had actually looked like he had eaten flies, and was even unwilling to touch her hands. Zheng Wei had a time where she couldn’t speak. She gritted her teeth glowered at her. He didn’t show weakness and coldly looked back at her. The two people just stood in front of the Civil Architecture College Floor, confront each other. At this moment, it was currently the high tide of the school hour, and a lot of people walked by and noticed them, Ruan Ruan finally also caught up, and she glanced at Chen Xiao Zheng, and then said to Zheng Wei, “Forget it, we’re almost late, let’s leave.” Zheng Wei didn’t respond, still glaring at him, virtually hacking him up into pieces.

Chen Xiao Zheng also had a few classmates that he knew walk by, one of them even asked, “Ah Zheng, what is the matter?” He (Chen) was a bit embarrassed, no longer bothered her, and walked forward.

Zheng Wei’s face whitened for a second, his flash of an uncomfortable moment made her catch a glimmer of the enemy’s weakness, she cunningly laughed towards his back, saying, “Chen Xiao Zheng, I’m going to say it again, saying hateful words to me don’t work on me, in the future, don’t haunt me!”

This sentence successfully gained a lot of attention, and she was aware that his back paused, taking three quick steps away and disappearing in the staircase. Even if had only paused for a moment, she knew that her trick had worked. This evil rascal was unmoved by force or persuasion, and seemed invincible. So it turned out that he loved his appearance (not beauty wise but more like status or how other people see you). That was great, Zheng Wei didn’t have many strengths, but the best strength worth mentioning would probably be her thick skin (stubbornness), if he didn’t apologize, there would be even better times ahead.

When they went together to the classroom, Ruan Ruan asked, “That evil guy that you were talking about yesterday was him?”

Zheng Wei froze, “You know that jerk?”

Ruan Ruan nodded, “We don’t really know each other, but I’ve seen him at the English Corner a lot, and talked to him a bit, but I never knew his name, I only know that he is a sophomore in the Civil Engineering Department, his speaking is very good, I heard that his foreign languages classes and his engineering classes are pretty top notch in his department.”

“How would you know?” Zheng Wei curiously looked at Ruan Ruan.

“I heard the other girls around me say it before, he speaks well, and is pretty good looking, there, he was probably more noticeable, but he just ignores people most of the time, usually he only talks to those foreign languages teachers more.”

“Hmph,” Zheng Wei was angry, “It’s always these people who have good grades who are more twisted, this isn’t really a big deal, the arrogant way he is? Ruan Ruan, don’t be with these kinds of people.”

“What are you saying. You dumb child.” Ruan Ruan laughed, “But then again, returning to the matter, just leave when you see him, just now, you also made him furious, why are you fighting with him? Just let it even out.”

Zheng Wei took her books from Ruan Ruan’s hands, “I don’t know why either, but every time I see that rascal who needs a spanking, I’ll just get mad, I have never hated anyone as much as I do now.”

Ruan Ruan thought about it like this, “Hating a person really wastes the feelings of one’s heart.”

Zheng Wei’s sound was still bitter, “No matter how many more feelings I expend, if he doesn’t let me live well, I won’t let him live well either.”

Please note: When I talk like (this) that is to enhance the translation. It is not in the actual translation. Thanks.


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