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Legend of Chusen: 3 Minute Trailer and Characters

Legend of Chusen stars Li Yi Feng, TF Boys, Zhao Li Ying, and soooo many others (being an wuxia) and will be coming out August 2. But there are sooo many big names. It will be broadcasted on the Hunan channel. I believe Angelababy was rumored to being the female lead, but Zhao Li Ying took her place. Well to all TF Boys fans (hello QueenAng3l :P) have fun gushing over the cast.

(Honestly I can just imagine screams every time Wang Jun Kai appears on screen from his more…hardcore/devoted fans lol.)  I made the mistake of telling Wang Yuan off in front of his more…avid follower in Taiwan…and am srsly regretting it *sigh. Well…it technically wasn’t my fault because I asked her if she was a hardcore fan of him and she said noo.  But just so you guys know, I will take this opportunity to bash Wang Yuan

Drama Synopsis (baidu): After total destruction of his village, the young Zhang Xiao Fan (Roy Wang) from the Grass Village, is taken into the Qing Yun Sect. To repay the kindness of his Masters, Zhang Xiao Fan works hard at learning, but because of his stupidity (Lol Roy), he is unable to be anything. Confused and lonely, he is lucky to have the Ghost King’s daughter Bi Yao (Zhao Li Ying) and his best friend Lin Jing Yu (Wang Jun Kai) there for him, during the most hopeless stage of his life. Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin Jing Yu, Lu Xue Qi, fights for good and against demons. A time of rough ordeal has made Zhang Xiao Fan (Li Yi Feng) grow older, to love Bi Yao, with the feelings of togetherness growing increasingly profound. But, the Ghost King resurrects to take down the Qing Yun Sect, and sets a comic plot. Zhang Xiao Fan faces his enemies, and at the point where his life hangs from a thread, Bi Yao blocks a deadly sword for him and ends up in a seriously injured coma. Xiao Fan brings her sleeping body with him as he wanders the world. The Ghost King refuses to rest, and tries again, in the end, Zhang Xiao Fan’s bravery, strength, and confidence allow him to foil the crafty king and eliminate the dispute between the two sects, Lin Yu Jing also helps out. Under the joint efforts of the two teenagers, they finally exchange destruction for a beautiful picture of mountains and rivers, and fertile stretches for thousands of miles.

Li Yi Feng as Zhang Xiao Fan (we have a good and a bad poster of him sooo both) He’s looking pretty good.

Zhao Li Ying as Bi Yao

Yang Zi as Lu Xue Qi

Totally badass…

Transitions to…is this a sword?

Cheng Yi as Lin Jing Yu

Looking out yonder for no reason whatsoever

Notice my snake-eyes as I prepare to cripple my enemies…but at the same time, am not attacking or trying to get my enemies away…

And…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…TF Boys. I will be seriously disappointed if I don’t hear any screams and fainting lol

Wang Yuan as the young Zhang Xiao Fan

I am going to pass by this with no comment.

Wang Jun Kai as the young Lin Jing Yu

Why that pose man? At least you’re better than your old pal Ron.

And my fave Jackson Yi as Xiao Qi, who doesn’t have to pretend he’s cool (don’t bash me guys)

And the trailer…(In my opinion the three minute trailer is sooo much better than the 19 minute trailer but I translated the 19 minute trailer anyways…watch out for it in the next update!)

Also, I recommend that you open two windows so you can watch the trailer and read the subs at the same time. I was feeling too lazy to put the subs in the video 😀

I love how his voiceover is like debating evil and good at the same time…

0.01  In the peaceful village in the mountains

0.03 a great killing spree

0.05 In the Qing Yun great temple

0.08 one takes a Teacher and learns the arts

0.10 to aspire to decapitate demons and get rid of devils

0.14 Ask the world:

0.16 What is the point of working for order?

0.19 What is the point of working for the magic way?

0.21 From what I can see

0.23 it is all slaughter

0.26 Everything is finally going to end

0.30 No

0.31 I won’t do this!

0.33 Start over

0.36 The peaceful village in the mountains

0.37 a great killing spree

0.40 Two youths that depend on each other

0.41 go to the top of Qing Yun Mountain to gain Teachers to learn the arts

0.44 To decapitate demons and get rid of devils

0.45 Nine hidden remote souls

0.47 in the magical heavens

0.49 My blood and body

0.51 regarded as a sacrifice

0.53 But

0.54 Who can see through the clothes of

0.58 the heartless

0.59 Of 10,000 animals only to become a dog

1.01 People live in this world

1.03 but what is it for?

1.05 This sword

1.07 No!

1.10 Start over!

1.12 The sound of the bells consumes

1.13 Hundreds of withering flowers

1.15 A person’s figure gradually becomes skinny with the coming of the frost

1.18 Deep feelings result in bitterness,

1.19 a lifetime of bitterness

1.12 Infatuation is only for having no bitter feelings

1.24 So,

1.26 it turns out that foxes (probably a reference to the Nine-Tailed Foxes that turn into women and try to seduce men) also have tears

1.28 Demons also have feelings

1.29 Tell me

1.32 What is order?

1.33 What is justice?

1.36 You have always been tricking me

1.37 I want to have an ordinary life and live simply

1.39 But I have been rolled into the magic way’s disputes

1.40 I want to be noble

1.41 But I became a demon and followed their evil ways

1.43 I was willing to be true to people

1.44 But that became a type of wrong rooted feelings

1.46 Exactly

1.47 what relationship do I have with the citizens under the sky?

1.50 No!

1.51 Start over again!

1.52 What does it matter even if it is the Qing Yun way?

1.55 What does it matter if it is the evil way taught by the devil?

1.57 I,

1.58 with one stick,

1.59 how would I fear going against the whole world alone?

2.02 I don’t have any fear

2.03 I had never intended anything

2.26 I finally understand

2.27 The moment I was accepted into Qing Yun Sect

2.31 there was no way to turn back again.



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