Les Interpretes | 亲爱的翻译官

Les Interprètes Chapter 29

Qiao Fei

I don’t know how I returned to the school.

As soon as I got back, I slept. I only woke up when my brain grew dizzy. In front of me was Xiao Dan’s big face.

“What are you doing?” I pushed her aside.

“I heard about some things.”

I sat up: “It really is that good things don’t get heard, but bad things go to thousands of places.”

I wanted to go to the restroom, but Xiao Dan put her hand on my shoulder: “Good brother, walk your own path, and let others say whatever they want.”

I felt that what she said was different from what was going on right now, but I knew that she had a good heart in saying these things, so my heart felt very warm.

I carefully sat in the bathroom, smoking. I heard someone outside talking outside the restroom.

“Did you hear about it? The girl from the French Department. Ful of skin and her studies are actually pretty great.”

They were probably talking about me, I laughed a while and waited for what they would say next.

“She used to be a miss. And was even a mistress at one point.”

“Ah, I heard this. I also heard that she even aborted two times.”


“I didn’t think that she would have so much money. She wears average clothing.”

“Helloo, if you support handsome guys, money ah, how do you earn it, and how do you spend it?”

Pretty well,plus five episodes of drama.

I sighed, I was afraid I had become notorious, but after thinking a little more, what could this do? If I only came here a year, and changed where I lived, no one would recognize me.

A new beginning.

I wouldn’t have too much emotional turmoil because of this psychological shadow, this thing wasn’t enough to defeat me. I know a lot of people hated me, some people set me up, but this was good, because I had to be kinder to myself, otherwise my loved ones would be in pain, hatred, this outweighed the benefits.

But what made my heart hurt was Cheng Jia Yang.

He had been so good to me.

But, our breakup was coming sooner or later. Why couldn’t it have come earlier? Long suffering was worse than short suffering.

I finished smoking, and put a piece of chewing gum in my mouth.

Bo Bo carried a basket in: “You’re here, let’s go, let’s go bath.”

They were probably afraid I would commit suicide, I laughed in my heart. Forget about it then, a good brother’s good intentions, I would not decline it for the time being.

“All right, let’s go together. We can look after each other’s backs and save money.”

I first took off my clothes and went into the bathroom, it was the weekend, there were many girls bathing, about three people crowded under one showerhead.

When I entered I knew there were people who eyed me.

No one knew that my studies were good, the fact that I was very good looking didn’t matter in the Foreign Languages Department, my calligraphy was very good, no one knew that I had written good news for the French Department, but, my scandal, in such a short time I had become the school’s well-known figure.

Even if I take off my clothes, I’ll know you!

It really was terrifying.

I got closer to a showerhead near the steam room, the next two girls kept moving away. Did they think I was dirty?

Good things like this actually happened?

I looked at them and continued to get closer. These two people finally took their own bathing supplies, and contrived to talk to other people, and so no one dared to share with me.

Bo Bo came in at this time, I watched her and waved my hand:

“Come over, come over, over here.”

“You’re so good, let’s share one, Qiao Fei, give me a kiss.” Bo Bo came over, and kissed my forehead lightly.

“All of them are pretending to be sanctimonious nuns when they are in fact the bad water from one’s stomach.” Later, when Bo Bo talked with me, we bought a hamburger, french fries, lamb skewers, beer, and sat on an overpass, “Look at the others who are so poisonous, their hearts full of disguised pleasure, Well, how many are good people?”

I watched the cars under the overpass, lights from near and far, as I thought in my heart, this city had a lot of money and wealth, and it had the most radiant houses, but cash flow was surging under unpredictable social life, as for myself, I was the tiny dust particle.

    Cheng Jia Yang

I sat in the office dazed. I think I wasn’t clear about what had happened between me and Qiao Fei. Had we broken up like this?

When we were together we had lived so happily, and now we had broken up so cleanly.

Her one sentence made my impressions deeper, she said, I would find a good woman, and she would definitely find a suitable man, with this sentence, she blessed me in walking my perfectly normal path while she had to walk her difficult path.

Best vows in breaking up.

That day, my tears were outrageous, I felt as if I had lost control, a great man, cried like that.

I remembered back when my heart was really scared.

After I was with her, my life went through many changes, I had a different life from before, but now I was beaten back to the first model.

But, because emotional setbacks were unusual, decadent, even abusive, it was already not my age to do these things. I felt, as an adult, there were always things to do, roads to catch, lives had to continue, but it was only that my heart was cooling down layer by layer.

After a week, I was sent to the Daya Bay, the French Academy of Sciences as a translator.

Their academy line was prized, Daya Bay itself was a Sino-French cooperation in civilian nuclear technology demonstrations, there were newsgroups with us. I went and saw Wen Xiao Hua.

We worked together for three days, and it was actually happy.

When Wen Xiaohua worked she had a capable chic style, there was sufficient capacity to influence and prestige of the team, an early leader. In just three days, I had peace of mind to act as her subordinate.

In these three days besides work, there was nothing else that we could talk about.

When we had to go to the academy, and I saw the airplane that we would be boarding for some days, she finally breathed, and said to me:”Last time I asked you for help with translating my materials, I have not thanked you yet.”

“It’s a small thing. It’s nothing much.” I said.

I always had bad entertainment skills, so when I used Chinese I wouldn’t say flattering words.

I wanted to leave this place, quickly return, but who knew, our airplane would be postponed by the big rain and that we could only linger here for another day.

It was some subtropical weather, stuffy rain, in my hotel room I went on the Internet and, encountered “I don’t believe I can’t register for it.”

We played some games of pool again, and I won each.

It was deep into the night and we talked a little.

“You seem better now.”

“What else would I do?”

“Time and work are good medicines.”

“That’s right. But I wish the potency was higher.”


These two internet friends went offline quickly, I was by myself on the internet and found that the rain had stopped.

Someone knocked on my door.

I lingered for a long time before going to open the door.

It was Wen Xiao Hua, she had changed out of her professional clothes and wore a dark red dress with smashed flowers, her hair came down and she looked pretty good.

“I’m hungry.” She said.

“Call the waiter.””

“Did you come to Huizhou before?”


“Let’s go eat at the big foodstalls.”

I couldn’t think of anything I could say to reject her, so I could only agree.

The city after the rain had a salty taste that floated around, the night sky was spotless, the stars were very visible.

I drove my work car, under Wen Xiao Hua’s pointing, arrived at the brightly lit street.

We called for some mochi [1], and small boiled seafood, Wen Xiao Hua had a good appetite and dipped her food in rice vinegar and ate a lot. I drank a little bit of beer.

“Didn’t you also eat nothing for dinner?” She asked me.

“I’m not hungry.”

She put down her chopsticks and used her napkin to dab at her mouth: “Do you know you are a very emotional person, Cheng Jia Yang.”

“Oh? I watched her.”

“Everytime I meet you, you always feel different. When you’re happy, you’re happy, when you’re unhappy, you won’t even be willing to say anything. Do you know that when we came to this road you didn’t say anything.”

I laughed a little: “Sorry, I didn’t notice.”

She laughed too, and watched me, and didn’t say anything more.

After we finished dinner, we drove back to the hotel, I sent her back to her room, said good night, going back by myself again, bathed, and lay by the window, and heard the sound of the tide outside the window. I thought of Qiao Fei again, did she feel something for me again?

[1] The real Chinese was 逆糍 but I had no idea what that was so I translated it as mochi since it looks like mochi and the second word is the Chinese for mochi.

[1] “mochi”

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