Ten Deadly Sins Feature

The book was actually pretty popular in China because it detailed actual crimes that happened there. The raws can be found here.

Book Summary:

Absolutely shocking character arrangements, four super cops, facing unique skill, selected from the national police force, investigating crime cases. From extremely distorted crime perpetrators to murdering rapists, disfigured people, fetishists, transvestite, abnormal youth, murderers who mutilate the bodies, hobos, people who sell kidneys, psycho killers, perverts, beggars, the mentally ill, the people to kneel in the street from day to day……ten extremely strange murders: cellar prisoner slaves, rainy night specters, legends of predators, psychiatric hospitals, physical snowmen……which is more terrifying, which is more shocking?

The author’s foreword was srsly creepy soo just an excerpt~

Excerpt from the Author’s Foreword

What kind of people are written about in this book?

he people written are: police, strong xx murderers, disfigured persons, thieves, transvestites, abnormal youth, mutilated bodies, vagabonds, gamblers, people who sell kidneys, psycho killers, predators, beggars, the mentally ill, people who kneel in the streets all day……

From God’s point of view, these people are also our brothers, siblings, parents, spouses, and sons and daughters.



If you want to come in, first leave your hopes outside the door–Dante

The year 2000, the Beijing suburbs of Huaihua opened. Huge branches of Sophora japonica (Chinese scholar tree) hung down, the floral scent made one drowsy, two floral workers lay on the bank, with head in their shoes and fell asleep.

After a nap, dark clouds rolled in from the sky, chilly, with sudden snow, as snow and wind fell at the same time.

Two shivering workers, talked about the winter:

Last year’s winter was so cold, my hands froze, my feet froze, and even my ears froze.

Yes, my hands froze, and my feet froze, but my ears didn’t freeze.

Did you have a hat?

I don’t have ears!

The person without ears above, used to be a vagrant, he also used to be a worker who paved the roads, and he also used to be someone who dug in the sand, and he would become a strong xx homicide offender.

In order to accurately describe this bizarre case thoroughly, we should take a look at his butt.

He sat on the riverbank, mud under his butt.

But what was under the mud?

A train!

A subway train passed under his butt, passing through our district’s downstairs, passing through the entire city.

The year 2007, he sat on a bamboo forest, the riverbank had been filled along time ago, expanding into a stadium, the venue was responsible for getting rid of the bamboo, and went to build an open-air swimming pool on a vacant lot. Thus the construction project team was invited.

The engineering team dug three meters underground, but a ground subsidence (The gradual caving in or sinking of an area of land) accident occurred, a dark hole appeared in the central subsidence.

After the engineers’ head investigated further, he didn’t even want the wages, but left, panicking.

The stadium manager pointed to the hole, what was underneath?


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