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Les Interprètes Chapter 26

Translator: Tranzgeek

Editor: LiliyWho

Chapter 26

  Cheng Jia Yang

Once we’ve finished playing, I wanted to end the socializing as soon as possible. I told Xu Dong I still had things to do and took Qiao Fei away. We found a different place to eat, although Fei didn’t eat much.

I asked, “Aren’t you hungry after playing?”

“I’m not hungry.” She wiped her mouth and drank some ice water. “I have to wait until after I go back to school, and I still have tests next week. I have to go back to study.”

The food in my throat stopped for a long time and didn’t go down.

“You seem to be even busier than me now.” I said.


When I drove her back we didn’t speak at all. I knew that her heart wasn’t very happy, I knew that she wasn’t willing to entertain my friends, I thought about this, and on one hand I felt sorry for her, but on the other hand, I felt quite resentful, I had let her come out, let her visit my friends, because I really thought of her as a friend and thought of her as my girlfriend. Now she was unhappy, was I not inhumane?

But what had made me like her so much? I had no strength to resist.

I laughed: “Ah I forgot to ask you, do you know who Xu Dong is?”

“Your friend.”

“He is Wu Jia Yi’s ex-boyfriend. It was him who dumped her.”

She looked back at me, shocked: “This is your best friend. Who did I think he was? Such a playboy, and I even played tennis with him. What is this?”

“Ai, don’t scold my friend.”

“Scolding him to you is selling him cheap, if I knew, I should have scolded him just now.”

“Qiao Fei!” I said, “Your anger is inexplicable, what relationship does that female celebrity have with you? Are you worthwhile? You only know my friend dumped her, but do you know what she did behind his back?”

“You want to say that all people have a shameful history right?”

“Why didn’t I think of that. I just want to say that you shouldn’t be so loud at me for other people’s problems.”

Qiao Fei stopped, her sudden anger had made her cheeks red.

I really shouldn’t have said that sentence, if I didn’t have anything to say I shouldn’t have said that it was Xu Dong who dumped Wu Jia Yi. But I felt that there was no reason for their sudden attack.

She lowered her head and looked at the dirty juice stains on her white skirt: “Well really, I bought new clothes just to meet that person.”

I pulled the car over, and looked at her: “What’s wrong with you? What’s the big deal? I’ll buy you ten sets! Go, go, go to the mall, let’s go right now!”

“You don’t have to give me money! Cheng Jia Yang. I know you have money, you go buy it, you go buy it now, go find someone else to wear it!”

As she said this she hopped off the car, and took big steps forward, never turning back.

This was Qiao Fei’s first time to be mad at me. I didn’t know that the warm, happy her could so suddenly become angry.

But my sense of injustice exceeded my shock.

What did I do wrong, what did I say wrong, to make her get mad at me over a stranger?

I had done many things; I had always wanted her to be happy.

As of now she had changed to be this way towards me.

I touched my pocket, looking for smoke everywhere, but not finding it, I fiercely slammed my fist on the steering wheel.

I went home to drink, I went online and played billiards with “I don’t believe I can’t register for it” (This is an internet name), losing in a blur.

He said: “Brother (Not related, a friendly term), why aren’t you in the mood today?”

“I’m not.”

“Did you fight with a girl?”

“……How would you know?”

“When a man’s heart is chaotic, and you ask for a reason, but they don’t have one, then that means that it’s over a woman. Don’t be too mindful, if you like her, you should lower your guard, if you feel like you don’t care, then you should find a different one. As the saying goes, there are plenty more fish in the sea, and you cannot keep hanging yourself over one tree.”

“I understand the meaning completely. If I put it completely on myself it will be useless.”

“Ah you’ve already been lured by her to the point of no return.”

“I carefully tried to please her, but she still got mad at me. She fought with me over someone else’s issue.”

“This person’s temper is not good?”

“There will never be anyone else who has a better temper than her.”

“You must have poked into her pain.”

“I didn’t take it seriously, but I also want her to forget it.”

“Ai ya the situation is complicated. Is it a long story?”

“It’s a little bizarre.”


“I don’t want to talk about it, my eyes are sore.”

I told “I don’t believe I can’t register for it” good-bye, I logged off. I dazedly lay on my bed. I had drank a lot of wine, and my body heated, it seemed that I had returned to a year ago, when I had met Qiao Fei for the first time, her young passionate body made me lose myself.

When I pressed my body there was a reaction, I used my hand to help myself resolve it, and a stream shooted out from my xx, my eyes basically blacked out. I flipped over and my tears started flowing.

After that we didn’t talk for about a month.

I didn’t go to find her, she didn’t go find me.

My work was very busy, I basically couldn’t breathe.

In late April, the Ministry had a routine medical examination. It was my turn, on an afternoon. Finally I snatched half a day of rest. I had a peace of mind in the hospital’s outpatient department queue.

Jia Ming worked in this department of the hospital, when I was outside the chest surgery door, I saw him come down from the stairs. He greeted me quite unexpectedly, and knew I was here for my routine examination, and called: “Are you in a hurry? I can let you go through the backdoor, get you examined quickly, and get it finished quickly.”

“No need, no need, I want to rest here.” I said.

He looked at me, sitting at my side: “Oh, just now I finished my surgery, I should also rest a while.”

“Have you been okay recently? You haven’t returned home for a long time.”

“It’s been okay.” I said, “It’s just that my job is a little busy. Especially last month, you know, I just finished going to two conferences.”

“Did your stomach hurt again?”

“Not yet it seems.”

“Oh, it’s your turn.”

I entered the chest surgery department, and the doctor gave me a simple examination, wrote out a list, and let me go follow the instructions. I came out and Jia Ming was still waiting there: “I’ll bring you to the radiation department.”

To go take the picture, we had to go to a different building floor, we passed by the main entrance of the clinic, an ambulance stopped at the door, people from the car carried the stretcher over, the patient on the shelf wore a respirator, blocking her face, I felt a little familiar with the image.

At that moment, I heard the nurses speaking to the emergency doctors from the hospital out loud to say to the patient: “Wu Jiayi patient, 26 years old, gas poisoning, blood pressure 40,60 ……”

Jia Ming watched me and said: “Wu Jia Yi? Isn’t that the woman celebrity?”

I also froze in my steps.

  Qiao Fei

Zhouxian Fu sent me out four units, the receiving location was the prime location for a foreign trade company in a big streetway.

I left the documents for the secretariat, signed my name, and opened the receipts.

Right when I was about to leave, I saw an old friend come out, he looked at me and laughed, I wished that I could find a place to worm into. It was Liu Gong Zi.

Being in front of him, this situation leaked my identity. Thus, not too long afterwards he found me and I wasn’t surprised.

That day I was at gym class, it was standardized testing, and I had already ran 50 meters, and ran another 50 meters for another classmate.

When I was going to the cafeteria with some girls, someone parked by my side. Liu Gong Zi sat inside and said to me: ”Fei Fei, I told you to call me, why didn’t you?”

I told my classmate: “You go first.”

After I saw them walk far away, I bent my waist towards Liu Gong Zi and said: “Say it, what do you want me to do? You want to embrace me, let me tell you, our assistants are inside that office, I’ll tell you where the dean is too, go find him, tell him that I was at the nightclub counter, joking around. If you’re willing then go.”

He sat inside the car and watched me panic.

“You want to tell Cheng Jia Yang? Then go. He doesn’t know anything. Let me tell you, I don’t care.”

Liu suddenly laughed.

“Tell me what could I get from that?”

“Humph.” I straightened, air coming out from my nose, I looked sideways at him, I had never been in such evil company, “What can a man get from a woman?”

“Fei Fei, are you okay, you’ve never gotten so mad before.” He got off the car and said to me, “Who did you get mad at? Say it, what’s wrong? Did Dumb Cheng do anything? Last time I told you, don’t be with him, be with me, Dumb Cheng is the most uninteresting person I’ve ever met.”

I watched him, this person under the sunlight. When he talked about the price with me, it was in a very sincere way.

I was dazed.

He seemed to feel that I was thinking about it and said: “Talking about the price is no fun. What about our old feelings? When big brother (referring to himself as a friend) went to “Allure” wasn’t I good to you? I took you out and didn’t you get introduced to them? Why did you hook up with that rascal later? Fei Fei, to tell you the truth, after you, no one has made me laugh from a joke.

I was clear on one thing now.

A person’s history was like a country’s history, there would always be people to help you remember it. After so long I had been with Cheng Jia Yang and we had played until we forgot our form, but there was finally someone who reminded me that I couldn’t forget who I was, I couldn’t forget that I had been a waitress before.

Fei Fei, I won’t force you, think about it carefully okay?” Liu was still laughing as he talked, he came onto the car, “This time I won’t be afraid you won’t call me, I’ll always find you.”

That afternoon,I ate a lot myself, a rice, chicken, beans, cakes;in the afternoon I went to my spoken language translation course, I did well, and was praised by the teacher.

That night I memorized vocabulary words while jump roping, I vowed to study well, live well. Myself.

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  1. CJY internet friend is true, he has poking her pain. she always feel insecure and have a low self-esteem because of her background and her CJY talked about xu dong ex-girlfriend who even though has accomplished a lot still inferior compared to the wealthy xu dong because of the difference of background


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