Border Town Prodigal Feature Part 2 (Excerpt)

The drama (not sure when it comes out exactly) stars leads Zhu Yi Long (Love in Three Lifetimes) and Viann Zhang (Romance of the Condor Heroes). It looks like a great wuxia and is in the Flying Dagger series.

The book, Border Town Prodigal (边城浪子) by Gu Long. You can find the complete book in Chinese here.

If you haven’t seen Part 1 of the feature yet with a complete eng-subbed trailer, you can find it here.


Way to make a great impression thooo. Totally not ominous.

Prologue: Hong Xue

The room didn’t have any particular colors, only black!

Even the sunlight that came in transformed into a very unlucky deathly grey.

Even when the sunlight hadn’t came in, she knelt in front of the black shrine, on top of a black cushion (about).

A black mantle fell over it, no one could see what worship gods lay inside, and no one could see her face.

Her face was covered with a black veil, her black robes scattered across the floor like clouds, only revealing two withered, old, ghost-like hands.

Her hands were together, and she even muttered a low chant, but she wasn’t asking for more prosperity, but was cursing.

She cursed God, cursed the world, cursed everything between the heavens and the earth.

A youth clothed in black bowed behind her, it seemed as if since ancient times he had always bowed here. And he would always been able to bow until everything had been destroyed.

Sun shone on his face. The handsome contours of his face were prominent, but it was fashioned like the faraway peaks of the icy snowy mountains.

The sunset was dim, and the wind whistled.

She suddenly stood up, and ripped open the mantle in front of the shrine, and held out an iron box.

Could this iron box really be the idol that she believed in? She held it firmly, veins bulging from the back of her hand, but still couldn’t stop trembling.

On top of the divine chest there was a knife, with a black scabbard and a dark handle.

She suddenly drew out her knife, and split open the iron box.

Inside the iron box there was nothing else, only a handful of crimson powder.

She grabbed a handful: “Do you know what this is?”

No knew — besides her, no one else knew!

“This is snow, Hong Xue (Note that Hong Xue literally means Red Snow)!”

Her voice was crisp, sharp, as the ghosts’ cries in the night: “When you were born, snow was red, red with blood!”

The youth in black looked down.

She walked over to Hong Xue and sprinkled it on his head, shoulders: “You must remember, from now on, you are god, the god of revenge! No matter what you do, you cannot afford to regret, no matter how you treat them, it is as it should be!” Her voice was full of a mysterious confidence, as if the heavens and the earth had an evil supernatural curse, the pinch of the crimson powder had already attached to the youth’s body. Then, she put her hands in the air and murmured: “For this, I had already prepared for 18 years, a full 18 years, and now it can be said that I’ve finished preparing everything, you still won’t go?”

The youth clothed in black looked down, and started: “I……”

She suddenly unsheathed her blade again, and stuck the blade in the dirt in front of him, and snapped: “Quickly go, use this knife to cut off all their heads, and then come back to see me, or else not only would the day curse you, I would curse you also!”

The wind was whistling.

She watched him slowly walk outside, and go into the black night, his body seemed to merge with the night.

The knife in his hand also gradually melted into one body.

At this moment, the darkness enveloped the Earth.


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