Les Interpretes | 亲爱的翻译官

Les Interprètes Chapter 20 Part 2

Qiao Fei

I returned to my bedroom, and put my new bra into hot water, washing it clean, I dried it on the patio. I made some of the Tang drink and drank a few sips, warming my stomach. Ever since what just happened, I always felt cold.

I recognized Jia Yang’s friend, the mister. He used to be a young customer at “Allure”[1] who would often raise his hands for more.

The world was a small place, not without reason.

Of course I recognized him. He chased me to the the outside of the bathroom, and grabbed my arm: “Fei Fei, weren’t you not going to introduce us?”

“Your hands and feet moving around like this, I’m going to yell for Cheng Jia Yang.”

Guys had no fear: “I saw you in the ballroom with Cheng Jia Yang, and almost thought that I had saw wrong.”

Really, I almost thought I had escaped last time.

“You’re going to yell for Cheng Jia Yang? What about I call for him and we judge this law suit.”

“Say something logical, Liu Gong Zi. Is there anyone who talks nonsense like you do?”

This guy stuck out a finger to roll my hair, “If you go, there will be no one else to say jokes.”

“Go away.”

“I can do so. But you have to call me.” He shoved his card into my purse. He walked away, and I was relaxed, he spun back again: “Where is stupid Cheng better than me?”

“Haha, if you keep going on like this I’m going to laugh.” I said hatefully.

He pushed my forehead with his index finger and I backed up against the wall.

I washed my hands for a long time at Kentucky Fried Chicken, I felt as if I had actually swallowed poison. But I couldn’t lose Cheng Jia Yang’s face, and I was even more unwilling to begin a fight, so in the future I would be careful.

But this man’s heart was like the swirling wind in the autumn. When I returned, his whole face had changed.

What had I said to offend him?

To be fair, on Chengjia Yang’s body, there was no weirdness, but I think that some of the bones could not conceal his demeanor and temperament. For example, his self-confidence, pride, and sensitiveness. All of these factors potentially showed, and since I was the opposite, I felt uneasy.

Bo Bo finished bathing and returned, and saw me lying on my bed looking to the sky, and felt very surprised.

“Whoa you’re actually home? Didn’t you go to your family’s house?”

I crawled over: “Ai ya, seeing you washed up, you’re just in time, right now you’re the best fortune-teller around, help me look at it, am I going to have nothing to do this weekend?”

She opened the computer and operated the fortune teller software, “Wow, Qiao Fei, you’re pretty good, the teacher has allowed you to graduate.”

I was shocked.

Later I had a period of time in which I didn’t see Cheng Jia Yang or call him. In our intensive French class, the teacher recommended Francoise Sagan’s book, “Hello, Sadness”.

It talked about a father and daughter who lived their own lives and had received a transformation, because they thought that they change their previous life with enough pain, in the end, they actually continued their previous life.


We studied hard, did our homework, and met a French exchange student, her name was Aude (Aulde) Ferlande (Let’s all thank aeternelle. Thank you! :D), she lived in the Mediterranean city of Montpellier in France. Throughout the course of the exchange program, we helped each other learn French and Chinese.

Aude talked about her hometown, a blue sky and yellow sandy beaches, the freshest ocean air, the highest palm trees, the dark pretty Mediterranean people, her French was very heavy which made one aspire to be her level.

“Fei, if you become an exchange student, you may not be the first choice.”

“I agree completely.” I said. But to me, this was a problem.

I was already a junior, after another half a year, I would graduate. If I could also gain this good opportunity, if I could go overseas to learn, even if I wasn’t as great as Cheng Jia Yang, perhaps I could become an okay interpreter.

Cheng Jia Yang, Cheng Jia Yang.

What was he doing?

Cheng Jia Yang

Wen Xiao Hua made an appointment with me at a suitable time, and I made my preparations, going on her show.

Prior to the show I had to apply make-up, face powder, and painted my mouth. I was down-hearted, merciless to the makeup artist.

(The show has started) Wen Xiaohua came: “Why don’t you seem very happy today?”


“You aren’t the best.”

Under the lights, this female lead was a little prettier, she could ask any sensitive question easily, giving compassionate advice, a champagne lady’s style.

“But you will also meet some questions that are hard to answer right?”

“Of course.”


“One time, the foreigners were talking about Argentine Peron, and the words weren’t new, but I didn’t understand the essence of the words, when they left this topic after three more sentences, I felt that I hadn’t translated very well.”

“Does this happen often?”

“No. Each time I will do better than the time before, gradually making up for my deficiencies.”

“Do interpreters have any hobbies?” Wen Xiao Hua wanted to change to a lighter topic.

“Reading, smoking, travelling.”

“You’ve travelled the most.”

“What you’re talking about is work, sitting on planes, going to another place. What I’m talking about is travelling, talking, you don’t have to speak in foreign languages.”

“You’ve basically travelled the whole globe right? Where do you like best?”

I thought about it, “Dalian.”

Qiao Fei

I finished studying for the night, my stomach was a little hungry so at the cafeteria’s Si Chuan section, I bought a spicy soup.

I told the master: “I don’t want any tofu skin, put a little more seaweed, peppers and chili.”

At the other stall, Xiao Dan got some black rice, she took a tray and went to go find a seat, then she yelled to me: “Come quickly, it’s Cheng Jia Yang.”

The cafeteria TVs were on a conversation show, the high level interpreter, Cheng Jia Yang was the feature, he had told me this before.

The him in the camera was a little young; like the Taiwanese actor, Winston Chao, he was very refined.

I laughed a bit, my brain had a little thought, I’ve even seen this man naked.

The pretty host asked him the place where he liked going the most.

He said Dalian.

I asked the chef: “Did you put in the spicy sauce? No? Then I don’t want it anymore, I’m afraid my face will grow pimples.

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  1. I know french ! I think her name’s Aude (Spelt also Aulde) Ferlande. Not sure about the last name either if it needs an “e” at the end or not since both works.


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