Les Interpretes | 亲爱的翻译官

Les Interprètes Chapter 19

Sorry for the delay, I was very busy.

Cheng Jia Yang

When I was in my office translating, I got a call from Wu Xiao Ping. Ever since the time when I went with Qiao Fei to work there, I introduced many connections to him. Recently, his business was doing very well, and he called me to treat me to a dinner as a way of saying thanks.

Initially, his travel agency’s foreign tourists stole some cultural artifacts from China, and was caught by the police. After further investigation it was found that they were actually retired Chinese public servants, their expertise was not low, so though he enjoyed diplomatic immunity, this forced him to go through many legal procedures, to make a declaration, and he did not want to lose face, and even more did not want to move to a different building, this tricky situation fell on the travel boss Wu Xiao Ping. Thus he begged me for help.

I saw a cartoon once as a kid, that talked about the Allied Forces invading China after China opened its doors, a bald old missionary deceived the Chinese people, traded cultural treasures, and was finally drawn in the fish bowl of what things the fairy had learned. I wished that I could have taught those kinds of foreigners myself.

“You can treat us, he’s not been caught yet? Ah facts did not constitute a crime, you brought out the criminal, I’ll thank my pal well today.”

When Wu Xiao Ping offered to treat me to seafood, he also wanted to me to bring Qiao Fei. But I was not willing for her to be involved in this situation and so I didn’t call her.

We talked about things from our childhood,even though he spoke in crude tones, he was very interesting, after we drank three drinks, we spoke of Qiao Fei.

“This girl is really not bad, you have good judgement.”

“What are you saying now?”

“Did I say something wrong? You guys are unrelated, why are you so passionate? You don’t have to hide anything from me, help me do something, 8/9 out of 10 this involves Qiao Fei’s face.

I did not deny it.

Wu Xiao Ping had guessed correctly, and laughed, suddenly he thought of something: “But, this thing really does concern her.”

I watched him.

“Don’t be nervous. It’s just that those foreigners who came to China last time were led by Miss Qiao.”

What did I take it as. I lightly laughed and poured myself a cup of wine.

“The time in September. ” Wu said.

“Impossible.” I said, “She did a different one.”

“I’m her boss and you’re trying to argue with me?”

“She didn’t do any before? In early September?”

“No. At that time I had no tourist groups so I have a deep impression, after the summer we had an offseason. What? Is there something wrong?”

“No, no.”

We finished eating, I had eaten quite a bit. Wu Xiao Ping was going to send me home but I said, no need no need, I parked the car in front of the restaurant and went onto a taxi.

“Will you be okay? ” Wu asked.

“No problem. ” I waved to him, and let the driver drive.

Then I opened my cell phone.

Inside, there was the short text I had kept from Qiao Fei.

September 2, Saturday, 8:12 PM.

Four mice were boasting…

That day I had went to go see Wu Jia Yi’s premiere, she (fei) said she had to work. But Wu Xiao Ping had said that in September he had no tourist groups.

I didn’t close the car window and the cold air blew in.

I didn’t know what happened but it was actually late autumn.

Leaves, yellow lights, travelers by night.

The taxi driver asked me, Sir, where would you like to do?

Even though it was the weekend, today I had no appointments with Qiao Fei and of course, I didn’t want to return to my parents.

“Could you please bring me to the CTS Hotel (Travel Agency of some sort. I’m assuming this is Wu Xiao Ping’s agency).”

I stumbled up the stairs in a blur, and looked at myself in the elevator mirror, my face was red from drinking so much, and I felt this was not a big deal, it could have been Wu Xiao Ping’s loss of memory, the situation had passed for so long already, and there was no need to pursue it further. I told myself in the mirror: ‘Laugh.’ I grinned, looked funny, and I actually did laugh.

When I opened the door, I saw Qiao Fei’s shoes at the lane entrance.

My heart jumped.

I received a text from Fei: “I have given you some time to allow the female by your side to leave.” (Literal translation)

This really was an unexpected gift, Qiao Fei was waiting for me here.

To the unwarranted “Female by my side” I said: “Oh no, my wife is at home. What about you go first. We’ll change it to another day.”

Then I made a motion to open the door.

At the same time, Qiao Fei ran out from her room, holding what could have been used as a weapon like a brick, the Lacrousse French big dictionary,”What person dares to take away my guy?”

I hadn’t even taken off my shoes but I hugged her in one motion, she was very warm and gentle, and had a special fragrance which made one’s heart feel good.

“Who could compete with you?” I said.

She lifted her head from my embrace and looked towards my eyes. I saw her black cat eyes, her red mouth, and it really made my heart itch. I had to kiss her.

She suddenly grasped my unsuspecting chin, her fingers pressing until I hurt: “I dare you.”

When it was just us, I felt that the world was only this young girl’s body, safe and sound.

Qiao Fei

Sex brings supreme pleasure, but was also conducive to the health of the young youth, I was thus energetic, ruddy, but sometimes just flat trouble like last night because of too much stimulus. My bra was broken by me and Cheng Jia Yang.

I woke up this morning clothes, wanted to bite him, but watching him sleep naive, I didn’t have the heart, and dropped the idea.

I wanted to wake up but the guy pretending to sleep suddenly pulled me down on the bed.

“You still want more.”

“Oh really, yesterday you were too crazy, my clothes were ripped off.”


“Look at it.” I let him look at the broken lace, “I’m not talking to you, I’m thirsty.”

“You mad?”

“A little bit.”

“I’ll send you a new one.”

I did not speak.

“Let’s go shopping. Like, the home dads and the home wives, all right?”

I watched him, his arm was around my neck, and at a closer look, his skin was white and thin almost like trying to squeeze in water. I finished, and throughout this lifetime I would be held down by this male.

“All right.”

In my spending power and standards of living, 200 yuan per bra was the gift that I had originally planned to send to myself in the new year, I had already seen a good set, a blue lace, lily pattern, woven cloth, good elasticity, and it was also very strong.

Cheng Jia Yang said: “Then isn’t this one better? I heard the staff say that this is made of real silk, from a famous designer, style, and look here, hollow and elegant, and it also prevents breast cancer.”

“Of course its good, 1680 yuan, rich women would wear this.”

“I’ll buy it for you.”

“No, I want to pay for it myself.”

“I broke it, I want to make it up to you.”

“That’s not worth it, Cheng Jia Yang.”


“Think about it, 1680 yuan, will you still play as crazily next time? Will you still dare to rip apart my clothes?”

He really did think about it.

“I will definitely be careful, plus, if we buy two sets, we can prepare for future events. You know, I have some times when I cannot control myself at all.”

“Annoying!” I grabbed his arm, almost coaxing him,saying: “Asking too much.”

He looked at me: “All right then, pick it yourself.”

I didn’t choose the 200 yuan set, but instead chose a little more expensive set.

But I would always remember, that set’s expensiveness. The silk material shone a lovely sheen. Moreover, it would be of interest to Cheng Jia Yang.

After we finished buying the bra, we went to the male dressing section again, and Jia Yang bought a jacket which came with a set of English porcelein.

After we walked around the shops, Jia Yang wanted to go to the jewelry shop, when we were in front of Kentucky Fried Chicken, I held him: “I’m hungry, I want to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

“We’ll just go around and then come out okay?”


“I’m begging you.”

“Be careful that you don’t actually become a home dad.”

“I agree.”

I was half dragged half hugged inside.

The staff saw the bright and shining radiance of Jia Yang and was very warm. He looked at me like I was the ugly duckling riding with Prince Charming, and though he had doubts, he could only patiently greet me also.

No wonder one had to judge others based off of their work, unless you were some sort of snob.

Jia Yang carefully picked out a necklace.

I sat on the high chair, carefully looking at my fingers.

I thought, this was a question I had prepared for a long time.

Money, the thing that had become attached to us, but was also the thing to create the greatest distance between us. I had always walked gingerly but today it made an unexpected appearance.

“Fei, I want to give you this. Come and look, do you like it?”

This is not bad, your face is little, wearing this thin one would be the best.

Come and see this.”

I didn’t move. He finally looked at me and laughed: “Come over.”

“I’m hungry.”

“After we buy a necklace we can go feast.”

“I’m hungry now.” I said, “I don’t want to buy the necklace.”

He walked over, his hand on my shoulder, as if he wanted to say something.

Cheng Jia Yang

I did no good in coaxing my beloved girl, I knew that the money involved, was a sensitive matter for us.

What I couldn’t say was that from last night to today, I had some confusion, and I want to return for a little more security.

I said: “I want you to be happy.”

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