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Les Interprètes Chapter 17

Summary for people who did not read the last chapter: So QF and CJY take care of the tourists. One day they pass by some divers and the manager among them looks upon Qiao Fei. CJY gets jealous and keeps wanting to beat that “bastard” up. This will come into play later in this chapter. 

Cheng Jia Yang

Most of the time we stayed at home.

We rolled out of bed, and climbed onto the table and fell to the ground again. I brought her back onto the bed. In the bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom, I hated to leave her young sexy body. It wasn’t just a supreme physical pleasure, it was also more of a spiritual consolation. I felt like I had sailed alone for too long, and was surprised to find a fertile island, almost like a prehistoric paradise.

Eve [1] was the sweetest apple, her sweetness and beauty was incomparable.

Between us, we went out a few times, buying water, buying things, I came back, and opened the bag, and there was actually still a “Red Bull”.

“Did you buy this for me?” I asked Eve.

“Ah, I was afraid you would have muscle strains.”

I squinted at her: “Don’t trick me.”

She eagerly ran over: “What are we going to cook today?”

“A plate of vegetables, and a fish. All right? I’ll stir fry the vegetables and you can make the fish.”

“Then isn’t my mission too big? What if I don’t make it well?”

“Well I’ll eat it anyway. I’m so hungry that I could die.” I said.

While Fei was busy in the kitchen, I put the dining cloth over the table. Plaid tablecloth, yellow candles, the dry red of the Great Wall. When she cooked she sang a song (I have no idea what the song is so I will leave it out), when she finished singing, she called me: “Jia Yang, quickly come and taste a bit.”

I told myself to remember this moment, because I was very happy.

At night we ate ice cream while watching TV. On the TV, there was a movie of Ge You with longer hair with numerous pretty ladies, the chief culprit of disclosing confidential information was the cell phone. I suddenly thought of something, my phone still had the mice joke that Fei had sent to me, I really liked that joke, and I could never bear to delete it, so I opened my phone and looked at it again.

September 2, Saturday, 8:12 PM

Four mice boasted to each other……

“What are you looking at?” Fei asked me.

“The joke that you sent to me last time. The time when I had to go to the premiere and got you the celebrity’s autograph, it’s so funny.”  (Honestly the joke is probably a Chinese thing so I guess I’ll have to look into why it’s sooo unbelievably funny but I think for the moment we can just assume that Cheng Jia Yang laughs at anything since it’s kind of true)

“It’s drizzling. I’m the best at saying jokes.” She looked at me, “Especially dirty jokes.”


“I love these the best (dirty jokes). My favorite book is even a new book of jokes.”

“Then I’m better than you in this aspect, I love to read Story Collections (This is Gushi Hui in Chinese), while eating peanuts.” I said.

“I just love to watch Ge You.”

“I just love Zhao Ben Shan.”

“Everyone watches Wilson nowadays.”

“That was my apprentice.” I bickered with her sentence by sentence.

She came up and pinched my neck: “I dare you to keep bickering with me.”

I hugged her with one movement: “Don’t go, in the future, just live with me here.”

“Are you going to take a concubine?” In my embrace, she watched me.

I didn’t know how to reply.

She laughed again, and sat up, hitting my shoulder: “Annoying, I’m still watching dramas. Haha, look at him, he’s been discovered.”

On the TV, Ge You called someone in the bathroom, and was discovered by his wife, he stood up and the phone fell on the floor.

The day Fei returned to the school, we did some very intense moves, she didn’t allow me to send her off.I didn’t try to force her.

After she left I smoked some cigarettes, the normal kind. I was a little tired and a little muddled. However, my heart was happy. I walked around my rooms naked, drinking water, smoking, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought of that diver whose finesse had been not bad. I said to my mirror self: “I beat up that bastard.”

Then I laughed, I smoked some more and felt a lot like myself, living in the moment.

"Then I thought of the time when I asked Qiao Fei to stay, her response, when she said, “Take a concubine?”

Concubine, concubine

I played around with these four words carefully (concubine is for words in Chinese) , these words were ambiguous, indulgent, and struggling, selfish, hopeless

I thought of her but what I could give her?

Not long afterwards, I received an even greater admonition.

I returned to my home, I mean, the home where all my clothes were, the house where my parents lived.

My big brother Cheng Jia Ming had actually returned home and was living on my floor.

When I ate breakfast, I saw him sitting by my mother’s side looking at the newspaper, very relaxed. He saw me and said: “Hi, I almost thought you had disappeared.”

“I went out to travel with a friend.” I sat down. My mother poured me my favorite milk tea.

“And you didn’t say anything to your family.” She rebuked, her eyes smiling at me, “You weren’t worked too tired right?”

I directly ignored her, and I didn’t reply, but asked Jia Ming: “You’ve moved back?”

“Yep,” He organized the newspaper, “Living alone is too boring, so I came back to live for a couple days, I’ll leave first.”

I didn’t understand, didn’t he argue with my parents just a few days ago, Cheng Jia Ming wanting to fight his War of Independence?

I looked at my mom, she laughed, in a very rewarding way: “What’s there to look at? People grow up, and will eventually understand things, your big brother understands now.”

“That girl. The one you talked about last time, the pregnant one…..”

“Don’t say things like that. Be careful of your father.” My mother used a piece of bread to block my mouth. I began to hate her being like this more and more, making me into a little kid, I took the bread.

“Jia Yang,” she was used to saying things with an ‘earnestness’, “Remember, there is nothing that cannot be solved. There is also nothing that can be kept secret.”

I sneered.

“Your big brother was arrogant enough, but how is it, he still returned home nicely.”

I watched Jia Ming drive his white Jeep away, thinking that my parents had finally forced him into submission but he didn’t look unpleasant at all.

I went to work and found that a lot of things had changed. Lao Li who was responsible for a new translation had not come but he was never absent. He didn’t appear for the whole morning. When we ate lunch, I asked big sister Ma: “Big sister, why haven’t I seen Lao Li at all?”

“He had full appointments, so he went job hopping. He was tired to death, and didn’t really earn enough money so he went to Shanghai to work, in a short period of time he’ll be able to get a money to buy a house, but of course, for young masters like you, you wouldn’t know about it.”

“Look at what you’re saying.”

We were all senior interpreters here, there were only a few of us and we were all handpicked. Now that we were missing a person, there would have to be another new person trained to take up this director position that would hurt the whole department (like if anything goes wrong or anything happens suddenly cause Lao Li just left, leaving the department in ‘chaos’)

In the afternoon, I grabbed my documents and went to go get the head’s signature. He was anxious to see me, and saw me come in, he said to me: ”What about this Jia Yang, the senior translating department can’t have nobody there, go to the foreign languages department and grab some interns.

I specifically went back to school and went to the French department, when I saw the head, Professor Wang, I explained the situation and tried to use these small means to bring Fei some new opportunities.

The interns had just came in, and the head tested them. Fei’s written portion was actually better than her speaking portion, the total score was above average, she was assigned to follow around a big sister to go out of Shenyang to cooperate on some cases between the French city of Lille.

When I came back, I asked that big sister coworker about Fei’s work situation.

She said: “That girl, she’s actually not bad, she has very solid foundations, when she does things she is very serious. Sometimes she will translate things into the night, her strength is like that of a guy’s strength.”

I was very happy, I felt that hearing others compliment Fei was better than gaining compliments for myself.

That weekend, we were together, I asked her how she felt about the recent interpretation jobs, at that time her back was to me, and she was reading, memorizing vocabulary words. She heard me ask her and thought about it. Then she said: “The road full of fortune is long, happiness and earth.”

I walked over and sat next to her: “Tomorrow, I have a summit meeting (a meeting between the government heads of state or government, usually with a lot of media coverage), I am doing simultaneous interpretation, do you want to come and see?”

“Can you?” She was very happy.

“Of course, how hard can it be? I’ll give you a worker tag, you wear it, and whatever anyone asks you to do you don’t have to do it, just watch me.”

“Ai ya, too great. Come, kiss me.”

I was willing to do anything that would make her happy.

[1] According to the second chapter of Genesis, Eve was created by God by taking her from the rib of Adam, to be Adam’s companion. She succumbs to the serpent’s temptation to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is most often depicted as an apple. ~Part of this is from wikipedia

If this doesn’t make sense lemme know but it’s some Biblical references.

Qiao Fei

The European summit leaders were seated on stage, 3000 people of every country filled the hallway. There were blue-blooded elites, Western suits, every person’s seat had a bit of black on it, which connected to the interpreters’ voices at the back.

English, French, German, Spanish, Japan, Russian, Arabic……every language’s most supreme translators sat in pairs in their allotted work spaces, alternating calm and orderly work.

Passion, intrigue, cooperation and appeasement, self-satisfaction, intrigue, maneuvers, the world changes.

It was nothing more than stable interpreting from the interpreters’ mouths.

I took the opportunity to go out on behalf of a bathroom when, secretly using his French translation channel, I heard Chengjia Yang’s cool, water-like voice fluently say: We will work to promote Asia-Europe cooperation in the field of economy and trade to the deeper level, a wider areas of development. . . . . .

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  1. or maybe, he’s just confused what fei status in his life, a lover, a girlfriend or just a mistress, because when fei asked him if he’s taking a concubine, which i believe fei referred to herself. he just keep silent. in ancient time if some young master took a maiden home without proper ceremony it’s same as they taking a concubine.


      1. i think so too, probably fei just joked around. but he take it seriously because considering the difference of their status. will his parents just accept her like that. when i read the chapter about his parents opposed his brother relationship. i wonder will their relationship became like his brother’s


  2. Omg came back to see 2 new chapters. Awesome thanks for the speedy translation.

    Qf knows that JY status is up there . I think that is why she doesnt want people to see them together hence why she said concubine.

    Interesting, i really want to see how his family will come into play.

    Thank you again.


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