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Les Interprètes Chapter 7

Since this chapter should probably be rated PG-13 I will refrain from translating the PG-13 parts (sorry hehe) but in any case, I never thought that this book would have this type of content in it. Guess we can all blame it on Xu Dong.

I’m not sure if this chapter would be considered going past the PG-13 mark so please let me know if you think it does…? Thanks ^_^

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Qiao Fei

I found the designated room within the guesthouse and used the card to open the door.

The room was very luxurious and romantic. The furniture was painted a light blue, with a golden rim. In the middle of the room there was a small round table that held a big exalted princess of a rosy color. It felt fresh and cute as the light breeze blew in from the window, emitting a faint fragrance of roses, blowing the light blue curtain. There was also the same colored bed screen. The large round bed lay in the afternoon sun, quiet, elegant, but not the slightest feeling of lust.

Who said that money was a jerk? Money could buy the loveliest things.

A sound of water came from the bathroom. A man was bathing. Thinking of it, my heart couldn’t stop beating.

A wealthy guy. This intuition came from the suits thrown around on the floor, from every button to every buckle, one could practically see the the individual threads on each suit. I organized his clothes, and looked a bit, this guy wasn’t fat. This was good, there wouldn’t be any heavy pressure on the body.

I went to the window, and looked out to the massive sea, the sky-like color was bright and sunny.

The water stopped, and the guy walked out from the bathroom.

I didn’t look around, and continued to stare at the big sea before me, in the further direction. In my 20 years of life, this was the first time I lost courage.

I didn’t want to talk, but also didn’t know what I should do. If this was a skilled client he would probably now how to guide the woman, and there was always some way, from cruelness to gentleness. It should not be me doing the thinking.

Cheng Jia Yang

Note: This is Xu Dong’s present. 

After I bathed, I came out from the bathroom and saw a young woman standing by the window. I couldn’t see her face but the blackness of her hair made me think of someone who probably shouldn’t have been here. That person was playful and lively, clever and easy to laugh, and her body had some enviable characteristics.

I didn’t know how to handle these types of situations and said, “Hi, do you want to drink something? Juice, champagne or tea?”

I saw her slowly turn her head, and then, we both stopped in place.

She first looked at the card in her hand, and then looked at me, confirming that she hadn’t went to the wrong room. She wanted to say something, and opened her mouth, but she also didn’t know what she should say.Her face turned crimson and she touched her own hair, and quickly ran towards the door.

Right when Fei walked past me, I reached out to grab her arm. Her head looked downwards, not looking at me. My mood was complex, but today I didn’t want to be alone. I lightly said, “Since you’ve come, stay a bit.”

No one knew how Fei felt in this very moment.

Later I asked her, and she said she had forgotten.

She was still unwilling to look at me. It looked like she quietly took a deep breath, and took of her shoes, sitting on the windowsill. She wore a slender pair of blue high heels, she must be tired.

There was a moment of silence. Then, I said to her, “After you saw me, did you make a mistake?”

She didn’t talk.

“I also didn’t know it would be you. This is,” She thought about it, “A friend’s plan.”

“But did you feel surprised, why would it be me?”In the end, Fei was Fei, she was good with people.

I nodded. I admit, I was surprised.

“I saw you in the Ye Zong Hui.” (Last time Cheng Jia Yang called Qiao Fei, Ye Zong Hui’s daughter which was equivalent to ‘nightclub’)

“Oh?” I didn’t go to that place often, but I was actually seen by her? Looking at it now, could it be destiny, “What was I like?”

“Dead drunk.”

“What did I say?”

“A woman.”

“She married today.”

“No wonder,” she finally looked at me almost pityingly, “So you had to vent your anger?”

I had no way to respond. The answer was evident.


“Are you asking me why I would be here?”


Fei lightly laughed. That was the person I knew, that type of laugh, autumn grass, desolate, and forlorn.



“What else would it be?” She continued to look outside the window. “I needed money, at such an anxious time, after I got this job, I could make money fast. The pay is not bad, of course, saying that it is not bad, there is also no way that it could pass your discernment. So you were absolutely right, I was surprised to see you.”

“How long will you be willing to give me?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Until you’re satisfied?” She knew she had spoken frivolously, shook her head, embarrassed, “I have no other plans today.”

I walked over, and looked down at her side, “Afterwards, we can both forget this happened. But this afternoon we will both have a good time, all right?”

She looked at me.

Summary: Then they do it. Not going to go into more detail than that… Afterwards though…

Qiao Fei

Note: Julia has a higher rank in the business after all. She seems to be a manager. But to Qiao Fei methinks she’s still considered a coworker sooo

It hurt a lot. However it wasn’t at all like how it always was in books or dramas. The woman would always cry out, but I didn’t cry out. But as I looked at Cheng Jia Yang, it was not regarded as sensual pleasure but as a skillful man. Throughout it all, I felt his body had an apricot scent. I hurt all over, and I was made very confused by him, but I remembered the words of my manager, Julia and I looked at his eyes. I had an extravagant wish that he would remember me.

Afterwards, I didn’t leave. I went to the bathroom to bath. Cheng Jia Yang sat outside.

“Does it hurt?” He asked.


“Are you hungry?”

“A little.”

“What do you want to eat?”


“Do you want me to call something up or do you want to go out to eat?”

I didn’t talk. Before, we had reached a general consensus. All other things, would not escape this room.

I said, “What did you say?”

“Ah, nothing much. You want to eat noodles? What kind of flavor, I’ll call them up. What about fruits, what do you like? Strawberries or mangoes or watermelon…” He sensed his slip of the tongue.

“Stir fried noodles.” I said, “With a pan fried egg covering, two , two.”

When I came out, the table was prepared full of food. My waist was still sore, but I didn’t want him to see it, so I lifted my head and walked over, I said, “Fantastic!” There were hot noodles, pan-fried eggs that were soft on the inside and burnt on the outside, and there was also a small can of olives. This was for me. Otherwise, there was also a plate of fruit and a bottle of red wine.While I ate my noodles in big bites, Cheng Jia Yang drank wine, and ate his steak (That apparently came from nowhere).

“Does it taste good?” He asked me.

I nodded, it wasn’t too convenient to answer right away.

“Can you eat it all?”

“You asked for them all up. I’ll try.”

“Don’t force yourself.”

I laughed, and lifted my head to look at him, “Do you want to eat?”

He put down his own knife, “What you’re eating sure is fragrant.”

Believe me, for a girl, this was not a compliment.

“I put down my chopsticks, “I can’t eat anymore.”

“Really?” He came over, and sat on the other side, “Then let me try some.”

Saying this, he used his chopsticks to dig into my noodles.

“This is average.” He said, “There isn’t much flavor.”

“Then if you don’t want to eat it, I’ll eat it. I think it’s very good.”

“You don’t believe me…?”

PG-13; read at your own risk or at your own liking******: [In the next second, Cheng Jia Yang used his own mouth to grab my mouth. I only felt him hankering after my noodles, and thought about what I could do to combat this sinister intrigue. But his tongue, was really ecstasy, flexible and flipping around in my mouth. Before, I saw little from him, I thought I only knew the “kiss the family portrait to death” kiss.

I struggled to grab two strawberries from the basket, and there was only a small distance away from him. As I struggled, I put the strawberries into our mouths.]

“This taste is good.”

“Strawberries have seeds”

What followed, I had little impression of. My body was still sore but I still did it again with Cheng Jia Yang. (okay we can stop there…)

Later I had a period of time in which I suspected I could have remembered wrong. I heard Cheng Jia Yang put his head in my embrace and say, “Fei, thank you.”

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18 thoughts on “Les Interprètes Chapter 7”

    1. Thanks! I didn’t want to go too overboard hehe. I so agree. I’m watching the drama right now too and the book is turning a whole other direction. They really tuned down on Xu Dong’s attitude in the drama. But not to mention him, all the characters are soooo different. It was a little surprising to be honest.


  1. hahaha love it. you can put spoiler for things over pg13. =) im reading this while imagining yang mi and huang xuan . so different from the drama. so qiao fei is a hostess as well? or is her first time with jia yang?


    1. Oh Qiao Fei’s friend Julia asked her to help her out because she was already in the business but needed someone to cover for her because she had a ton of big clients and so she couldnt risk not taking a customer. So in return she would give Qiao Fei 60000 dollars. Im not sure if its her first time or not though….but she definitely doesnt often entertain customers… Sorry if it was confusing! And yea same. Totally imagining the actors doing this but its so weird because the characters are so so different… 😛


        1. Haha yeah i though it her first time too… So different from the drama but more fun to read.. They really tone these 2 characters down in the drama i guess it the censored in china it will never pass if the main lead girl act this way..even if he’s her first… This scene remind me of Pretty Women.


  2. “Then they do it. Not going to go into more detail than that”

    *cries* I feel cheated! 😥 LMAO j/k Thanks for the translations


    1. Well I didnt want to go too overboard….. because this novel is a lot more pg13 than I thought it would be….but in future chapters I’ll definitely try to make more of those scenes available to viewers. Following curiousme’s idea I might just put them in spoiler brackets. 😉


    1. Yea. I decided to translate those scenes later and I put them in the ‘spoiler brackets’. No worries 🙂 I actually had no idea that it was a mature novel before I started translating so I was a little surprised…Nevertheless, you can expect the full translation in the future.


  3. Well, it sure is different than the drama. Also i was surprised at what the job was as i didn’t get at all that Julie was asking her to do that kind of job. Also i am surprised that she is so nonchalant about losing her virginity while making some extra cash. She acts like it is no big deal and he also. Very different than their on screen characters. I guess for TV everyone has to be a lot more moral. thanks for posting this.


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