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Les Interpretès Chapter 6

The Offer- from a “friend” to another friend

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Qiao Fei

Summary: The beginning was a bit irrelevant but in any case a new character appears who you can consider Wu Jia Yi if you’ve watched the adaptation. Her name is Julia and she is really close to Qiao Fei so she refers to herself as Qiao Fei’s big sister. Well they’re coworkers so they probably should be pretty close. Qiao Fei basically laments about how she has to struggle through life while Cheng Jia Yang is born of such a high social standing and then she goes to work at the winery “Allure”.

“Fei Fei.” She called me as I was preparing to leave, “Slow down, your big sister has to talk to you.”

There were no mistakes, especially in such a suitable place and time.

“Help your sister a little, I need to cope with some big clients.”


“This is a credibility problem, I cannot let them make fun of me. Just help your sister out a little, 60,000 dollars, all for you, I’ll give it to you for free.”

60,000 dollars.

I frowned, as this type of big money made me uneasy. However, Julia misunderstood me, and felt that I was not sure. She grabbed my hands in one motion and instantly became tearful.

“Fei Fei, speak. After you come, big sister will still be counted as loving you right? When you weren’t happy I comforted you. When the big aunt came(Big aunt as in someone who was super mad at her) I even let you borrow my napkin.”

I quickly said, “Stop. You grabbed that napkin to use as a handkerchief. All right, I can do it, but I do have two conditions.”

“Talk to your sister.”

“Big sister, I want the money first.”

“I saw that you would have an offer. No problem. Next one.”

Summary: They just talk a little and then the chapter ends. Nothing important, really. Qiao Fei doesn’t technically have a second condition but that’s pretty much it.

Cheng Jia Yang

Summary: This chapter has been officially rated PG 13 but anyways… Read the next part of the summary at your own risk ***[ So apparently Xu Dong, being the playboy he is does some first-timers and told Cheng Jia Yang about the “amazing experience” for no reason at all. And then Cheng Jia Yang talks about how he had also done the act two times in college to his classmates. Dirty dirty thoughts. Honestly.]

But finally, FINALLY he actually starts talking about relevant stuff as with Ming Fang, the woman that he loves and he goes to attend their wedding.

I had never thought of her happiness, but I only thought about my unhappiness if she didn’t accompany me. I didn’t want to smile in front of her and I would rather her keep a cold countenance like me. I didn’t want their wedding to succeed, but it was almost a full house. I hoped that while they married there would be a tiny happening, just right of a disaster, and that the garden would turn into an island, leaving just me and Ming Fang.

But, at Teacher Ming Fang and Zhou Nan’s luxury and warm wedding, the pretty bride laughed, entertaining the many guests that attended, as of now, the sky was fine, cloudless, the grassy gardens filled with a grassy scent and the permeating perfume smelled like Lily. The long tables were pieced into a horseshoe shape, which was a symbol of luck. Ladies and gentlemen carried soft conversation, with greetings and congratulations. The best gown, a Western dress hung in loose folds and made a rubbing sound.

I drank some champagne, and finally heard Ming Fang and Zhou Nan turn towards me. My mother gave them the selected gift and held their two hands, jubilant, congratulating them she said, “I wish you guys happiness, 100 years of unity.”

“Thank you, thank you,” the two said together. It really was marital harmony.

The banquet began. It was not a buffet. Each dish was put on the table one by one, I drank a lot. I heard the nearby gentleman say, “Jia Yang is really good at keeping wine down.” (uh no.)

“The wine is good, is it fitting for your sorrows?,” the girl beside me spoke.

I turned to look at her. This face, it was obviously unfamiliar but there were feelings of deja vu.

Summary: The next part was a little pointless because it was just his interactions with the girl which were a little beside the point. I mean I think we all know he’s at a wedding. Anyways though

Finally, there were people who began to leave. I followed, preparing to leave as well. Ming Fang had already changed into a pale purple mini dress, her hair coiled up, revealing a beautiful neck, greeting guests in the garden.

I felt a surge of emotions well up, as I watched her, and watched her. In three steps, I rushed up, and held her hand. Why should I act like a gentleman? Why couldn’t I be myself? Loudly, I said, “Ming Fang, I love you. I want to be with you.”

And then her tears, which fell into my embrace, her whispering voice, “Jia Yang, I have waited very long for you to say this to me.”

And then we would completely forgo these occurrences. We would go somewhere far away.

But, on this beautiful day, none of things happened. I hid within my hypocritical self and walked over. I shook Zhou Nan’s hand and hugged Ming Fang. In her ear I said, “Your happiness, to me, is very important.”

I didn’t know if anyone felt touched. When I had went to the marriage scene, my eyes were moist.

I called Xu Dong and he agreed to send a present that would make me ecstatic. I said, “I want it, right now.”

“Right now? In broad daylight?” Xu Dong laughed in the phone, “You are really eager.”



5 thoughts on “Les Interpretès Chapter 6”

  1. So basically, the drama and the novel are entirely different except the title and the name of the main characters?! Why make an adaptation then? 😦


    1. Lol that’s what they do with pretty much every drama nowadays…attach a book name to it to make it more popular and then totally change everything. Of course, there are those good exceptions like sound in the desert and eternal love…but for real! I have no idea what’s wrong with scriptwriter nowadays


      1. Glad i found the novel translation ty — i only like the otp in the drama the others were so annoying…. They should of be more faintful to book like eternal love then it would of been even much better…qf/cjy relationship are so complicated with their diff background and value…wonder why script writer dont just keep to orginal source more faintfully and only pick out elements from it to do the adaption.


  2. Why the summary? It’s weird for me to watch or read manga when I can enjoy the book. Ty to the team that translates heartily the whole work.

    Pd. Right now my brain is a mess. Then he has intercourse with someone random?


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