So Young | 致我们终将逝去的青春

Translation Project! To Our Youth That is Fading Away (So Young)

“Although new friendships and new love await her, a college freshman (Zheng Wei) discovers that university life is not as simple as she had hoped.”~ Synopsis


Anyways, I’ve decided to begin a translation project on So Young in anticipation of the new adaptation (#wishing i could rant). As my first project, I hope everyone will bear with me as I try to update in my spare time, being super busy most of the time. >_<

I’m super excited to kick off my translating ‘career’ though and hope that you guys will wish me the best of luck as I do my best to bring you guys the best translation there is to offer. The book has two parts, so I’ll mark the part where the second part begins.

I hope to update So Young every week or so, depending on how busy I usually get (but I’ll give it my best chance to make it great)

We hope that no one will take our work and publish it elsewhere as it is subject to change and was made from our “sweat and tears”(like literally) lol

Chapter 1


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